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Chapter 1585: Love Heaven Ridge

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As for the reaction from Paramount Valley when they received the thing, Sima You Yue did not know. Because she and Sima Liu Xuan were already away.

However they did not directly go to the Lost Place, instead they walked around a mountain.

“Father, are you sure the map that was given to you is here?” Sima You Yue and the others did not find the place Sima Liu Xuan pointed to after going around a few times.

Before leaving, Sima Liu Xuan realized that they were going to Love Heaven Ridge, so he mentioned it. Everyone decided unanimously to stop by this place first to see if they could find the treasure.

The Love Heaven Ridge was not the Love Heaven Ridge that Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu previously speculated. It was just an inconspicuous mountain range that could be seen anywhere on the continent. After a few rounds, everyone started to suspect if he remembered wrongly.

“Did you become dim-sighted from old age and remembered wrongly?” Feng Zhi Xing patted Sima Liu Xuan earnestly.

“It can’t be wrong. When I traveled here with your mother, I accidentally discovered an ancient tomb. At that time, we commented that the two mountains there looked like a pair of lovers.” Sima Liu Xuan pointed to the two mountains in the distance.

Since the place was familiar and the place should be correct, why weren’t they able to find it after searching for so long?

Sima You Yue scanned the surroundings except for the two mountains. The memory of spirit masters was excellent. There couldn’t be a mistake in their memory. That meant there was something queer going one.

“Father, where is the place that you found it at?”

Sima Liu Xuan thought about it carefully and pointed to the direction of the two mountains. “It should be in that direction.”

“Could it be that the mountain was hidden by an illusion array?” Han Miao Shuang suggested.

However, Sima You Yue shook her head. “There is no trace of the array here. No matter how big the illusion array is, it is impossible to include a whole mountain range. I also did not detect any fluctuation of an array.”

“Where did the mountain go then?”

Everyone couldn’t understand why. There was no illusion array; the place was correct; there was no truncated mountain; where did the mountain go?

Sima You Yue also encountered this situation for the first time. She couldn’t guess why for a while.

“It’s getting late now. Let’s find a place to rest first. We will continue tomorrow.”

They were all tired after going around the mountains for so many days.

“I know there is a cave ahead of us. Let’s go there to rest.” Sima Liu Xuan said and led them to the two mountains.

At the foot of the two mountains facing each other, there was really a cave, which once again proved he did not remember wrongly.

They cleaned up the cave and made a fire. Han Miao Shuang asked Sima You Yue to barbecue to pass the time and went to assist her.

Jiang Jun Xian found a place in the cave and dropped off to sleep. Since Sima You Yue started giving him treatment, he had less time to sleep. He hadn’t slept for so many days since they had arrived at Love Heaven Ridge. He soon fell asleep when he relaxed himself. He didn’t wake up until the next day.

Sima You Yue not only prepared a barbecue, but also added a hot pot. Sima Xiu Qi, Huang Ying Ying, Sima Liu Xuan, Feng Zhi Xing, Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang joined in with relish and they all ate and drank until late.

As for Jiang Jun Xian, sleeping was more important than eating. They didn’t wake him up.

After eating their fill, everyone set up beds and rested. After Sima You Yue put everything away, she saw Sima Liu Xuan alone at the entrance of the cave. The moonlight shining on him revealed his bleak emotions.

“Father, are you thinking of mother?” She walked over and stopped beside him, imitating the way he looked up at the moon.

“Mm.” He looked sideways. Looking at her beautiful face, he saw a person in his memory. “Your mother and I stayed here for a while. Now visiting this old place again, I don’t know where she is suffering.”

“Father, mother….she…is not in danger.” Sima You Yue wanted to say that she knew where her mother was. But she didn’t know if he could bear to hear what she said.

“Do you know? Do you know her whereabouts?” Sima Liu Xuan was clever. He guessed the meaning of her words immediately.

“When I was in the Immortal Land, I met my cousin Di Zhe.” Sima You Yue hesitated for a moment.

“You met the Ghost Clan?” Sima Liu Xuan was surprised. “True, the Immortal Land is a place anyone from the Human, Devil, and Ghost Realm can go to. It’s not surprising for him to appear. Did he tell you where your mother is?”

“Yeah. he said that mother was suppressed somewhere in the Abyss of Hell. He had wanted to collect souls within the Hundred Ghost Banner. As a result, he encountered Blacky which swallowed all the souls, in which he returned without success.” Sima You Yue briefly about the immortal land. “I think since my cousin found out, it should be true.”

“Abyss of Hell….” Sima Liu Xuan murmured. If he broke his oath, would he be able to find Ke Lou there?”

“Father, don’t do stupid things.” Sima You Yue guessed what he was thinking from his expression and grabbed his arm. “If you break your oath and go to the Abyss of Hell, and by then when I rescued mother, you won’t be able to leave. Do you want me and mother to accompany you forever in the Abyss of Hell?”

Sima Liu Xuan did not expect Sima You Yue to strongly dispute it. “I just thought about it. How can I let you two be there with me? Don’t worry, I won’t do that.”

Although he wanted to, wanted to….

Sima You Yue let go of him and continued to persuade him. “Father, I already told my cousin to continue investigating my mother’s whereabouts and find the specific place where she is being suppressed at. When I have enough strength, I will go to the Ghost Realm to save my mother. Don’t worry, I will definitely save my mother. If you do something stupid, I would have to go save you?”

Sima Liu Xuan was not angry that she ignored his own ability and nodded. “I will listen to you. But when you go to the Ghost Realm, you must bring father with you. This way, we can reunite earlier.”

Sima You Yue finally smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

By then, she could just put him in the Spirit Pagoda and let him come out when needed.

Sima Liu Xiuan pondered for a moment before asking, “Do you know how to get to the Ghost Realm?”

“They told me a way to get there, but I am not going to tell you.” Sima You Yue knew what he was thinking so she couldn’t tell him the method.

“Di Zhe told you?” He heard Yu Ke Luo talked about Di Zhe before and knew of his position in the Ghost Realm.

“No, it’s another friend.” Sima You Yue recalled Mo Yu, this fellow was a teacher and friend, neither good nor evil. He taught her a lot of cultivation skills back then. Now thinking about it, it was a long time ago. She didn’t know when she went to the Ghost Realm, would she meet him.

She knew she was going back to the Ghost Realm sooner or later. But she never expected that she would use that method to go over there so soon.

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