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Chapter 1584: The Hardworking Fatty Qu

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Bi Sheng and Li Liang Cai didn’t intend to stay in Sima Clan for very long but Sima You Yue said that she wanted to reply to the letters to everyone in the Valley so they stayed as she needed some time.

As there were some Ancient Stones in her Spirit Pagoda, she pushed back the journey for a few days and extracted some of the Ancient Spirit Beasts in the Spirit Pagoda. After taming them, she fixed up the cages for these Spirit Beasts and looked for an interspatial ring to temporarily keep the Spirit Beasts in and passed it to Bi Sheng.

This kind of Interspatial ring had air inside. It allowed the Spirit Beasts to breathe but it was limited, so she asked Bi Sheng to return to Paramount Valley straightaway.

Both of them who were always calm were astonished when they heard that there were Ancient Spirit Beasts in the interspatial ring.

“I’ve tamed some of the beasts for those with status. Their names are on their cage, so don’t mix it up.” Sima You Yue reminded them.

“We won’t. We’ll set off now.” Bi Sheng knew that there was a limit to this kind of Interspatial ring, so he was ready to leave immediately.

Sima You Yue was worried and gave him two of the same kinds of interspatial rings. It could help extend the time if they couldn’t get back in time. She was still not assured and gave them another two, so it was a total of four Interspatial rings.

Fortunately, the Sima Clan had a lot to do with Beast Taming so there were a lot of interspatial rings.

As this was important, Bi Sheng and Liu Liang Cai rushed for Paramount Valley right after they left Sima Clan.

They both were on the edge for the whole journey and were afraid of making even the tiniest mistake. Both of them only felt relieved after they got back to Paramount Valley.

They went straight to the discussion hall when they knew Ximen Feng and Liang Wu Ming were discussing something.

“I wonder how the Elder Sister is doing. With regards to the development in inner regions, we’ll have to hurry up.” Ximen Feng said.

“Then we’ll have to start extracting the Spirit Stones.” Liang Wu Ming also wanted to extend the forces into inner regions. As water flows downhill, everyone would go up higher!

“Eh? Old Bi and Liang Cai are back?” Old Man Devil sensed that someone was at the door and let them in.

Bi Sheng and Liu Liang Cai came in straightaway and bowed in greeting to Liang Wu Ming.

“Old Bi, aren’t you in the inner regions? Why are you back?” Ximen Feng questioned.

“In reply to Valley Master, we came back with the order of Deputy Valley Master, Sima You Yue.” Bi Sheng replied.

“Elder Sister asked you to come back? What is the matter?” Ximen Feng sounded urgent when Sima You Yue was mentioned.

“There’s actually some important matter.” Bi Sheng spoke as he took out an Interspatial ring and got someone to pass it to both the Valley Masters. “I passed her the things that we’d prepared and she gave this in return.”

“What is this?” Old Man Devil knew his precious disciple was someone who wouldn’t stop right there, but if she continued, it must be something extraordinary.

Liang Wu Ming took a look at the Interspatial ring and was shocked when he saw what was inside.

“Valley Master Liang?”

Everyone was shocked when they saw his reaction and was curious about what was inside.

Liang Wu Ming came back to his senses when he heard them calling him and took out the items in the Interspatial ring.

The cages appeared in front of everyone one by one. Fortunately, the discussion hall was big enough that the cages didn’t seem to be squeezing in the hall.

Everyone was curious when they saw little Spirit Beasts lying in the cage.

These Spirit Beasts looked odd, they hadn’t seen it before.

“Old Bi, what are these Spirit Beasts?”

Bi Sheng went up and broke the Spirit Barrier outside the cages and the aura of Ancient Beasts flew everywhere, stupefying everyone.

“These, these are Ancient Spirit Beasts?!”

The news of Ancient mines was spread throughout the whole Continent, Up till today, everyone still didn’t understand when they saw this.

“I didn’t expect that the Deputy Valley Master would be able to get so many Ancient Spirit Beasts. The other forces would be angry if they knew.”

Many people went there, but not only did they not get anything, they lost a number of people there.

“You Yue said these Ancient Spirit Beasts are tamed, and the cages have the names that she allocated these to.” Bi Sheng said.

They immediately knew Sima You Yue’s intention when they saw the names on the cage.

Everyone in the discussion hall had one. Liang Wu Ming and the rest stopped the discussion and got everyone to look for their Ancient Spirit Beasts and asked them to bring it back to establish a contract.

“Oh right, You Yue wrote a reply to everyone’s letter.” Bi Sheng took out the letters and passed them down to everyone.

She wrote in her letter that she would come back to visit after settling the problems there. Everyone was elated upon receiving their letters and the mood in the Valley was heightened when they heard that she intended to come back to Valley.

Everyone in the Valley was impassioned knowing that she got someone to send Ancient Spirit Beasts and the disciples looked up to Sima You Yue even more.

It seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t do!

Fatty Qu and the rest felt their eyes redden when they received Sima You Yue’s replies and Ancient Spirit Beasts.

Other than the Leaders in the Valley, only them and a few of Sima Lie had Spirit Beasts, even the Deputy Hall Leader didn’t have any.

“You Yue asked us to cultivate quickly and look for her in the inner regions. She…. still remembers the friendship from last time.” Wei Zi Qi muttered as he finished reading the letter.

“Of course, no matter where she is, how her identity changed or how powerful she is, You Yue will be You Yue and she won’t change.” Fatty Qu said in all laughs, “I really didn’t think that we’ll be able to have Ancient Spirit Beasts. Speaking of which, we’ve been through so much more than anyone else, it’s satisfying.”

“It would be really satisfying if you could increase your power.” Ou Yang Fei poured salt on Fatty Qu’s wound.

But Fatty Qu was thick skinned. It didn’t affect or hurt him, instead, he said with all smiles, “In regards to power, it can be slowly increased. Anyway I’ve a long way to live, it’s enough to get there.”

Bei Gong Tang extended her hand and poked his head, “If you’re the only one who is short of cultivation that results in having the shortest life, you can’t participate in any interesting things we’ll have when you’re dead.”

“That’s right. Anyway, there will be many happenings when we follow You Yue, but you won’t have the chance to see it. I’ll keep that part in my mind for you.”

“Huh?” Fatty Qu was astonished, it seemed like it mattered. If he only lived five hundred years and they lived to a thousand years, then wouldn’t he miss out on the other five hundred years? No no, he couldn’t be too far off from them.

So, from that day onwards, Fatty Qu who had initially sunk into Armament changed. He threw aside his love for Armament and spent more time cultivating. Once in a few days, he would step out to refine weapons so that he wouldn’t feel unfamiliar with them.

He had his tendons and marrows cleansed by Sima You Yue when he was young, and he had his talents. With that, his productivity for cultivation slowly increased.

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