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Chapter 1586: Heaven’s Halberd is restless

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Sima You Yue and Sima Liu Xuan chatted in the cave for an entire night. Most of the time, Sima Liu Xuan was the one speaking while she listened.

Although Sima Liu Xuan had been back for many years, they very rarely talked about Yu Ke Luo before this. If not because it was a night similar to this that caused him to be rather emotional, he probably would not have said some things to her.

On the second day, Sima You Yue let the scarlet bees out to search and see whether or not they could find the mountain that Sima Liu Xuan talked about. As for them, they would remain in the house and wait for results.

If they couldn’t find which direction it was in, it would be a waste of energy even if they went out.

However, her scarlet bees who had always been good at scouting for information were actually unable to showcase their usefulness this time. They didn’t find a single useful piece of information even after two days.

Sima You Yue asked Sima Liu Xuan about other places that he was familiar with, and as long as it was not the direction of the ancient tombs, the scarlet bees could find them.

“It seems that the problem lies in that area.” Sima You Yue wiped off the things on the floor.

“Yue Yue, there’s movement with Heaven’s Halberd, I won’t be able to suppress it for long.” Ling Long cried out from inside the Spirit Pagoda.

Sima You Yue’s consciousness reached inside and she realised that Heaven’s Halberd had turned the house into chaos, and it was even flying around chaotically.

“What’s up with it? Does it want to destroy the storehouse?” She cried out with shock. She had never seen Heaven’s Halberd so… restless before!

The last time this guy had any movement, it was during her examination at the Heavenly Sect. It flew to the Heavenly Pavilion on its own, but it wasn’t as big of a reaction as now!

It was as if Sima You Yue had suddenly thought of something as she grabbed Heaven’s Halberd and took it out.

When Heaven’s Halberd left the Spirit Pagoda, it immediately flew out from her hand. It was a good thing that she had set up a barrier when she took it out, and Heaven’s Halberd didn’t get too far.

“You Yue, what is this?” Nobody had seen Heaven’s Halberd before, and they didn’t know why Sima You Yue had taken it out.

Sima You Yue saw Heaven’s Halberd moving chaotically around inside the barrier and laughed, “I’m thinking that I know where the ancient tomb is.”

“You know? Is it because of it?”

“Mm, it’s Heaven’s Halberd, and is a spirit artifact that Emperor Qing Dao had used before.” Sima You Yue explained, “However, I only have the top part of it. The other part is missing. Emperor Qing Dao mentioned before that there will be a resonance between the two parts of the spirit tool.”

“So you’re saying that the tomb belongs to Emperor Qing Dao?”

“That’s not for certain. However, I’m guessing that the other part of Heaven’s Halberd should be inside the tomb.” Sima You Yue said.

“Is that reliable?” Su Xiao Xiao asked.

“Don’t you feel like no matter how it strikes, it keeps heading towards the direction that my father spoke about?”

Once she said this, everyone realised that this truly seemed to be the case.

“That’s what I guessed that the other half of Heaven’s Halberd should be inside the tomb.” By this point, it was no longer just a guess. “However, Emperor Qing Dao’s location is unclear, so I’m guessing that when he passed away, it probably wasn’t by his side. As such, this tomb might not belong to Emperor Qing Dao. However, to say that isn’t too accurate either. It’s possible that someone used it to find the tomb as well.”

“Whether or not it is, we will know once we go over and take a look.” Sima You Yue flew towards Heaven’s Halberd and grabbed it after she spoke, and trapped it in her hands.

Sima You Yue had long since refined Heaven’s Halberd within the past few years, and she had already engraved her divine consciousness into Heaven’s Halberd. She used her divine senses to placate it and only then did Heaven’s Halberd become much more quiet. However, it still wanted to fly off in that direction.

“Let’s go along with it and take a look.” Sima You Yue got Han Miao Shuang to wake Jiang Jun Xian up, and Sima You yue used a rope to tie herself to Heaven’s Halberd. This way, it could function as a guiding compass to lead them forward.

In the beginning, the road was one that Sima You Yue and the others had taken before. It was not different at all. However, once it arrived at a cluster of mountains, Heaven’s Halberd did not turn, but tried to get them to walk into the mountain. When Sima You Yue stopped it from going forward, it was upset and used all its strength to move forward. When it couldn’t move forward, it began to thrash about.

“You Yue, is there something wrong with this mountain?” Jiang Jun Xian narrowed his eyes and they shone.

“You can see it too?” Sima You Yue looked at the mountain in front of them. If not for Heaven’s Halberd, even she wouldn’t have noticed anything.

“Earlier on, when Heaven’s Halberd encountered mountains, it would avoid them, it wouldn’t just charge forward. This proves that this mountain is different from others.” Feng Zhi Xing said, “But I don’t sense any fluctuations from any array, this proves that it’s not an illusion created by an illusory array.”

“It really isn’t an illusion.” Sima You Yue said, “But it’s not a real formation either.”

After speaking, she no longer trapped Heaven’s Halberd. Once Heaven’s Halberd regained its freedom, it immediately stabbed into the mountain, even taking Sima You Yue in with it.

“You Yue!”

“Junior Sister!”

Everyone saw that she had disappeared right in front of them and, in their shock, all of them charged forward.

They were completely unhindered!

There was no pain like they expected, nor the resistance they guessed they would meet. It was as if they had flown in directly.

Sima You Yue stood in midair and Heaven’s Halberd no longer moved. It was quiet instead.

“This is… that’s right, this is the place! The tomb is right here.” Sima Liu Xuan surveyed the environment around him and ascertained that this was the place he had come with Yu Ke Luo before.

“Just what is going on? We didn’t discover any barriers or arrays, so how did this mountain appear?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

“That’s because this was not an illusion at all to begin with.” Sima You Yue said, “Master, you should know this as well, right?”

“Could it be… the Tomb’s Defense?!” Feng Zhi Xing had never thought too much about it in the beginning, but with Sima You Yue’s reminder, he thought about the other alternative to an illusion.

“What is a Tomb’s Defense?”

“It’s when an emperor wants to protect his tomb, he uses his final bit of power to create an illusory environment.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then why didn’t I encounter it back when we came?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

“These things aren’t around every minute and second.” Feng Zhi Xing said, “If that were the case, no amount of power would be enough to maintain it. Perhaps, when you came the last time, you happened to encounter the time it wasn’t in effect. Hmph, you could be considered to be lucky.”

“It’s a good thing we have Heaven’s Halberd this time.”

Without it, they probably would never have been able to find it no matter how many years passed.

“We need to find the entrance now.” Sima Xiu Qi said, “Do you still remember?”


After finding their way here, they were familiar with the place. They brought everyone to another cluster of mountains and found a mechanism. After activating it, the entire mountain split into two and a passage appeared in the middle.

Sima You Yue pursed her little mouth. When she saw this scene unfolding before her eyes, her eyes grew as large as dishes.

This was too bold of a move! Her father could even find something like this, he was too awesome!

“We also just happened to find it because we accidentally activated the mechanism.” Sima Liu Xuan explained.

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