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Chapter 1553: Void Pond

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Feng Ru Yan brought everyone to the Hall so that Feng Qing could tell them about Sima You Yue.

The Clan Elders weren’t happy that Feng Qing brought back someone initially, but their temper was gone after they heard him out.

She came here to save their Master and even took out a divine medicine that they didn’t have and they were grateful to her.

“You Yue address me as Aunt Feng, you guys should know how to treat her, right?” Feng Ru Yan spoke after Feng Qing finished speaking, “I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable here, if she is unhappy, you will have to discipline your arrogant and wilful young generation by yourselves.”

“Yes, Master.” Everyone answered in unison.

Some of the Clan Elders were speculating to go back and discipline their younger generations so that they wouldn’t offend Sima You Yue.

From the lightning tribulation earlier on, it was obvious that Sima You You was powerful since she could walk even though she was injured. Their younger generation would be put in a bad position if they offended her.

“Back to how it was before, don’t come here for nothing. Alright, go back.” Feng Ru Yan waved her hands at them and that person went off after he bowed in greeting.

Feng Qing then asked about just now after they left.

Feng Ru Yan laughed and told him what happened. Feng Qing was astonished.

“Even the lightning of punishment came down, this means that Heaven was also avoiding her! What if one day…..” Feng Qing hadn’t finished talking but he was looking forward to it.

“She can be nurtured.” Feng Ru Yan almost fell from being weak and was shocked.

If there comes the day, that means the whole world would be changed.

And Feng Qing wouldn’t be the only old acquaintance that she knows…..

“You have a good rest, I’ll go and refine some pills for you.” Feng Qing felt sorry after seeing her exhausted look.

Feng Ru Yan didn’t reply as she fell asleep. He took out a snow white woollen blanket and covered her lightly, he wanted to reach out to touch her face but his hand hesitated in mid air as he decided not to and so, he turned around and left.

Sima You Yue laid down on the bed and took a rest after getting back in the house and was thinking about her being punished by Heaven.

She was struck many times but it was the first time she got the lightning tribulation, just because she said that sentence?

Actually, she didn’t say that in the heat of the moment and had already hid it in her heart for a long time.

Long ago…. from the first time she saw the Divine Knowledge from Emperor Qing Dao.

Initially, she hadn’t witnessed it but now, she had a thought.


The door was pushed open, she turned her head around to check and saw Feng Qing.

“It seems like you’re totally fine!” Feng Qing thought that she was doted by the Heavens as she could still move even after getting struck by lightning of punishment.

“Uncle Feng, is everything alright?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Let me bring you somewhere.” After Feng Qing spoke, he didn’t wait for Sima You Yue’s answer, he picked her up placing her in between his armpits and went out.

“Your Honor.” Feng Xiang appeared

“When Ru Yan comes out, tell her that I brought this girl to the Void Pond.” He brought Sima You Yue away before Feng Xiang could say anything.

Feng Xiang subconsciously wanted to stop him when he said he was bringing Sima You Yue to the Void Pond and what if it was dangerous? But obviously Feng Qing never intended to let her stop him.

“Feng Xiang, what are you worried about? Her future will be limitless if she can come out from the Void Pond.”

“How is Void Pond easy to pass through?” Feng Xiang was very worried.

“Your Honor won’t do anything silly since the Master likes her so much.”

“I hope so….”

Sima You Yue thought that Void Pond wasn’t a simple place when she saw Feng Xiang’s worried eyes before Feng Qing left.

Feng Qing brought her to a mountain top, there was a huge pond at the peak of the mountain, it looked like the Flame Mountain River that she saw last time.

The colour of the water from the river was usually blue, green or colourless, but the water in this pond was actually silver in colour.

She wasn’t hallucinating, the color was actually silver, it was the colour of the water and not the colour of the base of the pond.

“This is the Void Pond?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Mm.” Feng Qing put her down, “Stay in the pond for a few days.”

“What’s the use of this pond?” Sima You Yue questioned.

“You’ll know when you get inside.” Feng Qing didn’t mention much, “Oh right, before you go in, give me the Divine Medicine.”

Sima You Yue took a glance at him and back to the silver pond, she hesitated for a while before she passed all the Divine of Scar, Eye of Earth, Tree of Life and the other saint medicine to Feng Qing.

Feng Qing frowned as he opened up the jade box, “Divine Scar will need to be watered with fresh blood, since it has your blood on it, it’s best for you to control it. I’ll administer the medicine to Ru Yan in two months time, hopefully you’ll get out by then.”

Two months?

Feng Qing threw Sima You Yue into the pond after he waved his sleeve without waiting for her response.

Her injuries hadn’t recovered, it had already taken a lot of effort for her to move, not to mention swimming in the pond.

She was scolding in her heart as she sank below and her head couldn’t be seen quickly.

“You better not let me down….” Feng Qing stood at the side of the pond and left.

Sima You Yue felt that the water was weird when she got in.

When she opened her eyes, what she saw wasn’t an underwater world, it was hazy instead.

“Where is this?”

She tried to swim up but the water on top of her head was gone, it was as if she was wrapped in a thin layer of mist.

She tried to take a step and it still looked illusory.


She suddenly remembered the name of the pond, Void Pond, did she get into the void through the pond?

No, it wasn’t a void here. If it was a void, then it would have felt different.

She closed her eyes and tried to use her Divine Knowledge to look around, but she didn’t realise that the electricity and sparkle was on her body.


These electricity slowly went up from the bottom, the mist in the surrounding was pulled along with the electricity and dug into her body non stop.

Initially, Sima You Yue wanted to know about the situation around her but she realised that she was in the middle of the void, her surroundings were all constellations and spatial dust.

She saw a bright spot in front of her seemingly like it was asking for her, she wanted to go over but her body couldn’t move no matter how hard she tried.

Go over! Go over!

She felt that something was clamouring in her body that made her want to go to the bright place, she wanted to go but she realised that she couldn’t move the harder she tried.

“Don’t be anxious.” A voice sounded which made her calmed down.

“Go ahead, you can do it. You will find another universe there when you go there.” That voice encouraged her, it was gentle and enticing.

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