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Chapter 1554: Forbidden void, Heaven and man become one!

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Go over… go over…

Sima You You kept on looking at that light and kept wanting to go over. Her surroundings seemed to fade away slowly and all she could see was that light.

Closer, closer. She felt like she was getting closer and closer to that light. She didn’t feel her body moving, but the distance was really lessening.


She suddenly felt like her entire body had been cut by something. As her mental state loosened up, the light got further away again.

She lowered her head and looked at herself. She seemed to be doing alright still, but she could really feel some pain.

She had to continue walking forward.

Her body that was placed in the void pond had already been dyed by the fresh blood by now. A white ray of light flickered in her dantian. Wherever it streaked past, it would leave a wound. Fresh blood poured out and she looked like she had come out from the blood pool.

However, it was a good thing that her body could recover on its own. Added on to that, the mist that was entering her body, her body continued to sustain itself without falling.

After Feng Ru Yan regained consciousness, she heard Feng Xiang tell her that Feng Qing had placed Sima You Yue into the Void Pond and was stunned before she sighed, “He hasn’t given up…”

“Honorable Master, nobody has ever successfully come up here before. Young Miss You Yue isn’t a Feng clansman, so will it be dangerous for her here?” Feng Xiang said with a little worry.

“Not a problem, she has the feng clansmen’s aura inside her. Nothing too major will happen. Just get people to pay attention to the happenings there. If it’s not possible, just bring her up here.” Feng Ru Yan instructed.

“Yes, Honorable Master.”

Feng Xiang left and didn’t come back for awhile. Her expression was strange.

Feng Ru Yan happened to be reading and saw her this way so she put down her book and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Young Miss You Yue has activated the forbidden void.” Feng Xiang replied.

“What?!” Feng Ru Yan’s light expression revealed surprise for the first time. Her entire body had also stiffened before she relaxed again, “Get people to keep watch outside the Void Pond.”

“Honorable Master, why don’t’ I go and keep watch?” Feng Xiang said. She had a rather good impression of Sima You Yue. At the very least, she was the only one who would make Honorable Master smile sincerely.

“Go ahead.” Feng Ru Yan lowered her head to read again after speaking. However, after reading for a while, she didn’t have the heart to continue.

A short moment later, the door was opened and Feng Qing appeared from outside.

“It really is unexpected. It’s been so many years since the activation of the forbidden void, but she actually managed to activate it.” Feng Qing casually found a place to sit down.

“You didn’t consider her circumstances before doing this. If anything happens, you would have to rescue her.” Feng Ru Yan said.

“Hehe, I went to take a look just now. The brat looks to be in good condition in the Void Pond. Although she’s in a sorry state, it’s not too bad.” Feng Qing said it lightly.

“We all know what the forbidden void is like.” Feng Ru Yan said lightly, “That child… it can be considered as her fate.”

Forbidden void. Once it activated, the entire Void Pond would be sealed up. Apart from Feng Ru Yan and Feng Qing, nobody else was allowed to enter.

The Void Pond was initially a place that would help someone to sense for space. However, whenever someone entered, they would receive a different kind of help. The forbidden void was the most powerful one, but it was also the most dangerous.

All the members of the Feng Clan would enter the Void Pond once to sense for space after they were born, but it had been a long time since someone was able to activate the forbidden void.

“Didn’t you also activate the forbidden void back then?” Feng Qing asked.

Feng Ru Yan had gone to the Void Pond before Feng Qing did. However, the information about the Void Pond had been locked down. That was why the Feng CLansmen didn’t know what she had back then. However, everyone guessed that she had probably activated the forbidden void.

However, Feng Ru Yan shook her head, “I got the distant void.”

Distant void. It was a little away from the forbidden void, but it was still pretty good. After so many years, she was the only one who had activated it.

“So that means that, after tens of thousands of years, nobody has been able to activate the forbidden void?” Feng Qing was really shocked now. His eyes had even opened a bit wider.

Feng Ru Yan smiled, “She’s the first.”

“I even said that she had to treat you in two months, so she should be able to come out after two months. Looking at it now, she probably can’t wait anymore.”

“The news that arrived earlier indicates that nothing should be happening for the moment. I can stay in the clan for a period of time.” Feng Ru Yan said.

Feng Qing understood. By saying this, she meant that she wanted to wait for Sima You Yue to emerge.

Feng Ru Yan did not send orders to seal the news. New of Sima You Yue activating the forbidden void while in the Void Pond quickly spread to the entire feng clan. At this time, news that Feng Ru Yan had activated the distant void spread as well. It caused all the hearts of the Feng clansmen to feel disgusted.

An outsider was so much more talented than they were. Where were they supposed to show their faces now!

The news spread wider and wider, and everyone started to become more curious towards Sima You Yue. They all wondered how a person who could activate the forbidden void would look like.

Sima You Yue was in the Void Pond and had no idea what was happening outside. She had no idea that she had already set the Feng Clan ablaze.

At this moment, she was experiencing another wave of hurt on her body along with the dry and dull state of her mind.

Ever since she had seen that light, she had not stopped thinking of ways to get closer. However, every time she got closer, the pain on her body would cause her state of mine to relax and cause the distance to increase. It was like every time she took a hundred steps forwards, she would be pushed back ninety nine.

It was a good thing that, although the results were pretty bad, there were still steps forward. That was why Sima You Yue did not give up. She would spend all day trying to get closer to the light.

Soon, soon…

Sima You Yue saw the light gradually getting larger, until it finally surrounded her entire body and entered it, causing her to feel incredibly comfortable.

Seeing the scene before her, it seemed like she was still in the void. However, it felt different from before. Initially, she felt like an onlooker. However, this time, she could feel like she was a big part of the void.

Heaven and man become one – this was the highest form of comprehension!

The silver water in the Void Pond split into two, revealing a person who was wrapped up in light. This half a year, the seal enveloping the Void Pond had also disappeared.

At this moment, it was like a long cry sounded throughout the heavens and that sounds of ancient change reverberated through the hearts of all the Feng clansmen. It caused every single cell of their bodies to cry out with hope.

Sima You Yue opened her eyes. She looked like she did half a year ago, but the feeling she gave off was completely different.

The aura she had was very similar to Feng Ru Yan’s now.

She felt how close space was to her, and Sima You Yue gave a thought before disappearing from the Void Pond. Without the slightest sign or aura, she appeared beside the pool.

“Aunt Feng!” Sima You Yue beamed and bowed when she saw Feng Ru Yan.

Although she was not too sure about what happened, she knew that she had obtained a large opportunity. Furthermore, it was one that Feng Ru Yan had given her.

“Although you used half a year, the results aren’t bad. Cough cough…” Feng Ru Yan saw that Sima You Yue looked like she was begging for praise and compliments as she said with a light smile.

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