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Chapter 1552: History of the Feng Clan (2)

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Feng Ru Yan looked at her calmly and said, “Before the Heaven changed, there were countless Emperors, unlike now, there isn’t even one in a thousand years.”

Sima You Yue suppressed all her doubts after taking a glance at Feng Ru Yan.

She wanted to ask if Aunt Feng had already reached Emperor rank.

She used to think that but she felt that it was impossible as Heaven was pressuring from the top, there would be no Emperor on earth.

But what if the Feng Clan was really the Divine Clan from the past?

“Don’t get distracted.” Sima You Yue came back to sense after Feng Ru Yan poked her forehead and she continued listening to her.

“Humans would still depend on the Divine Clan after it was splitted into three, even after the Divine Clan fell, the others would still be stronger than Humans.” Feng Ru Yan said.

“Aunt Feng, why did the Divine Clan fall?” Sima You Yue was curious, “Why did the antique book never once mention the Divine Clan ruling Human, Devil and Ghost race?”

“That was a disgrace of the Human race, why would they let it circulate? No one knows about this, but some of the passersby would know. As for why it fell, the Heavens changed and it is not up to the Humans.” Feng Ru Yan sounded sarcastic as she spoke of the Heavens.

“Is Feng Clan the Divine Clan?” Sima You Yue asked


What’s the difference between Divine and Humans? Was it any different from Human, Devil and Ghost?” Sima You Yue looked at Feng Ru Yan and didn’t feel like she was different from her!

Feng Ru Yan laughed softly and said, “Divine Clan? What do you mean by Divine Clan, those are just people who made a mystery out of simple things. Just that the bloodlines were a little more unique and it was suitable to cultivate in the environment from the past, that was why they were strong.”

Sima You Yue came to a realisation that it was suitable to cultivate before Heaven changed even though their bloodlines were different, so the overall of their strength was very strong that they praised themselves as Divine. In fact, they were just unique Humans.

Afterwhich, Heavens changed, the environment for cultivation began to change, it became harder to cultivate, the power of the Divine Clan became weaker and it further split into three clans, ending the single reign of the Divine Clan.

Up till date, Feng Clan members were all that left.

But as the saying went, the intrinsically superior were bound to outdo the inferior, it was still superior regardless how badly the Divine Clan had fallen, the bloodline of the Feng Clan would have its benefits in this world, so everyone in the Feng Clan were still strong. Any hidden families would have to step aside. No wonder Feng Ru Yan didn’t care much about the Xuan Qiu Clan when she mentioned them.

“Aunt Feng, your power should surpass Emperor rank by now, right?” Sima You Yue asked, she continued as she didn’t deny, “Since you’re already at the Emperor rank, then no one in the world can be your match, how did you get injured?”

“In this world, no one can become an Emperor, I can be one as I paid a price for it. One of it was the narrow escape from the heavenly tribulation. After I got through lightning tribulation, I met my sworn enemy before I could recover, so I got injured leaving me with scars all over. I won’t be able to hold on for so long if it wasn’t for Feng Qing who did all he could.” Feng Ru Yan sighed with sorrow and said, “And….”

“And what?”

Feng Ru Yan stayed silent for a while and said, “As no one was allowed to be Emperor, the line of principle was also incomplete. That means that even though I’m already in Emperor rank, my principles are incomplete and it is not acknowledged by Heavens.”

She had always been thinking back, would she be drilled with a hole by her sworn enemies if she hadn’t done all of those, she could have a different kind of life if she didn’t become the Emperor.

An unacknowledged Emperor felt like a child who wasn’t acknowledged by their parents, something would be missing no matter what they did.

“I don’t care if Heaven acknowledges or not. You are you. You live for yourself and the Feng Clan and not for Heaven. The Heavens will be turned around sooner or later since they criticize harshly.” Sima You Yue said unhesitatingly.


A lightning struck out of a sudden onto Sima You Yue burned the unprepared her.

“Cough cough——”

Sima You Yue spat out a mouthful of black smoke once she opened her mouth.

Feng Ru Yan couldn’t take it but laughed when she saw her looking like charcoal. The smile on her face was much more real than any other time.

She fought earlier on, but Heaven’s punishment was only aimed at Sima You Yue so it would be useless even if she fought.

The servants in the courtyard laughed along after seeing the smile on Feng Ru Yan’s face and Sima You Yue’s embarrassed state.

It had been long since the Master laughed sincerely.

“Are you alright?” Feng Ru Yan asked.

“Cough cough” Sima You Yue coughed another few times and shook her hand at Feng Ru Yan, “Aunt Feng, I’m fine. Luckily I’m used to being struck, I wouldn’t be able to take it if it came down ruthlessly.”

“This is a lightning of punishment, it is according to the power of the one being punished. But no Paragon rank would be able to withstand the lightning of punishment just now. Are you really fine?” Feng Ru Yan said.

“I’m fine.” Sima You Yue felt refreshed after taking a breath, she took a pill and said, “I’m used to the strike, I get struck everytime I advance, so my body is immune to it.”

The burning sensation from her internal organs lessened after she took the pill. Feng Ru Yan held her hand and a gentle spell of power went into her body making her feel much better.


“Ru Yan!”

Feng Qing and some of the elders rushed over after seeing the lightning of punishment, they thought it was targeted at Feng Ru Yan, but little did they expect to see a charcoaled Sima You Yue.

“You Yue, what are you guys doing? Why did the lightning of punishment come here?” Feng Qing was amazed after seeing Sima You Yue’s state.

“Master, this is…..” Others didn’t know who Sima You Yue was, although they knew that Feng Qing brought someone over, they didn’t know about her.

“This is my child that I adopted, the lightning tribulation came here because she said something.” Feng Ru Yan continued, “Feng Xiang, bring Sima You Yue to rest. We will go meet the Clan Elders after you recover.”

Sima You Yue knew herself that she wasn’t in a state to meet people, she wanted to bow in greeting but she couldn’t bend after the strike, even her action was out of place.

Feng Xiang brought her to her room to take a rest, Feng Ru Yan got up and everyone who came, kneeled down.

“You guys can run rather fast. Get up.” Feng Ru Yan’s voice was indistinctive, although it didn’t sound strict but it wasn’t as cordial when she talked to Sima You Yue.

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