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Chapter 1551: History of the Feng Clan (1)

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Feng Ru Yan was still beautiful, the whole courtyard seemed to come alive when she stood there.

“Aunt Feng.” Sima You Yue’s heart ached, she helped her in many ways even though they hadn’t met in many years. She would have gotten killed by Little Tu’s Tong Clan if it wasn’t for Feng Ru Yan’s soul mark in the dark forest.

Feng Ru Yan sent her gifts after she established her own force, changed her physique and even gave her the aura of the Feng clan. It was like a protection for the outside world!

And getting the Xuan Yuan Pavilion to protect her, she remembered all of it.

Feng Ru Yan smiled lightly while looking at Sima You Yue. She was different from the last time they met.

Previously, she was just a lady who came up from the lower continent all young and fearless, but now, her edges were much rounder.

She patted Sima You Yue’s head and said, “You’ve grown up.”

“Ru Yan, let’s go in.” Feng Qing rarely saw the sentimental side of Feng Ru Yan. Although he wanted to see more of it, it was more important that she get treated.

Feng Ru Yan held Sima You Yue’s hand and walked into the house together, Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan bowed in greeting and cried out excitedly, “Master.”

“Thank you for the trouble.” Feng Ru Yuan nodded at both of them.

There was a lot of medicine that she had in the past years that was tidied by them, so she remembered them.

Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan got more excited when they heard that, so Feng Qing walked over and gave them each a slap seeing both of them acting up and he scolded them as good-for-nothings before following them in.

They acted up everytime they saw Feng Ru Yan, it was so embarrassing!

Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan weren’t angry. They followed behind him into the house, and they didn’t think they would hear Feng Ru Yan once they stepped in, “You Yue, Feng Qing said that you have the Divine Scar, the Tree of Life and the Eye of Earth?”

Both of them went blanked and looked at Sima You Yue subconsciously.

Sima You Yue nodded and said, “Divine Scar was given to me by my Senior Brother, while I had managed to get the Eye of Earth when I was in the sect and as for the Tree of Life, I found it from the Immortal Land.”

“Do you know these three things are the treasures of humankind? If you keep it, you can change your future.” Feng Ru Yan looked at her.

“I know, but I’m willing to take it out to treat Aunt Feng.” Sima You Yue was’t regretful.

Divine Scar was specially prepared for Feng Ru Yan, as for the Tree of Life and Eye of Earth, she had already discussed it with Qing Yi and Little Seven, it wouldn’t affect them to give a little, so they both agreed to it too.

“And ancient saint medicine.” Feng Qing continued, “It will be better with that.”

Feng Ru Yan knew that Sima You Yue had ancient saint medicine. She asked softly, “I didn’t think that the ore mine would have so many things when it existed.”

“Senior Feng, when can we start treating Aunt Feng?” Sima You Yue looked at Feng Qing.

“Since you addressed her as Aunt Feng, you can address me as Uncle Feng. If not, it will make me sound old.” Feng Qing teased and said, “I’ll need to nurse her health as she just came back, we can only start treating her when her body condition recovers.”

“Make it quick.” Feng Ru Yan said.

“I know, it’s only a few days of difference.” Feng Qing rolled his eyes at her knowing what she meant.

“I’ll leave it to you then. You Yue, stay at my place, I’ll give you a tour around the Feng Clan.”

Feng Ru Yan brought Sima You Yue away before Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan gathered around and said, “Master, does Sima You Yue really have the Divine Scar and Tree of Life?”

“Mm.” Feng Qing didn’t see it with his own eyes but he knew about Feng Ru Yan and Sima You Yue, he believed that she wouldn’t lie to him.

In fact, he trusted Feng Ru Yan, he trusted her judgement.

Sima You Yue followed Feng Ru Yan into her courtyard where she saw a group of servants welcoming her when she arrived at the entrance.

“Master, you’re back.”

“Mm, clean the courtyard beside mine and get You Yue to move in.” Feng Ru Yan faintly ordered.

“Yes, Master,”

Everyone around Feng Ru Yan knew about Sima You Yue. Although they were surprised to hear the arrangement for her to stay beside Feng Ru Yan, they quickly cleaned the house.

Sima You Yue looked around Feng Ru Yan’s courtyard. The courtyard was filled with different kinds of flowers and plants, every one of it was planned meticulously to complement one another, just like paradise.

Feng Ru Yan stood in and it looked like a painting of immortals.

Sima You Yue had always thought that Feng Ru Yan was beautiful, but her temperament made others feel comfortable. She was relaxed the whole time while she was with her.

Feng clan’s members would roll their eyes at her if they knew what she was thinking. The vibe that Master gave was strong, why would she be laid-back?

Feng Ru Yan brought Sima You Yue to suntan in the cluster of flowers, just like that very year they knew each other. Feng Ru Yan asked her about experiences the past few years, she told her whatever she could and she also told her about wanting to obtain divine medicine.

“Divine medicine is difficult to get, I used up two pills just like that.” Feng Ru Yan didn’t mention that she couldn’t get it, instead, she believed that You Yue would definitely get it.

“There’s no other way. That’s my Father, I have to treat him at all costs.” Sima You Yue said.

“What a filial child. It’s just the Xuan Qiu clan, I’ll get someone to help you if you can’t deal with them.” Feng Ru Yan said it lightly but her disposition could not be overlooked.

“There’s no need for now, I’ll give it a try. If I really can’t deal with it, I might really have to get Aunt Feng to help me.” Sima You Yue said embarrassingly.

“I don’t have to take any action, you just have to release the Feng Clan’s aura and they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you.” Feng Ru Yan said.

Sima You Yue was really astonished this time. She always thought that Feng Clan was one of the hidden families and it would be a little stronger at most. But after seeing Feng Ru Yan’s attitude, it seemed like she didn’t care about the Xuan Qiu Clan at all!

Was the Feng clan’s power much higher than hidden families’s strength?

Seeing her in shock, Feng Ru Yan smiled and said, “It seems like you don’t know the status of the Feng Clan.”

“I didn’t ask around.”

Initially, her power was low and wasn’t able to get any experience so she didn’t really think of knowing the history of the Feng Clan. Although her power was still low now, at least she had more experiences but she still didn’t ask about the status of the Feng Clan.

“Do you know there was a clan in the ancient era called the Divine Clan?”

Sima You Yue gasped.

Divine Clan? Did it really exist in this world?

“Long ago, Ghosts, Humans and the Devils were together, they were dominated by the Divine Clan. But after Heaven and Earth changed and the Divine Clan was desolated, Humans, Ghosts and Devils were separated and went on their own ways up till now.” Feng Ru Yan muttered.

“So was the Feng Clan… the Divine Clan from last time?”

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