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Chapter 1542: It’s a crime if the item is too good

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Seeing the saint medicine that had been revealed, He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian’s expression grew solemn.

They really didn’t think that the ore that Sima You Yue had given them would be so good that it would reveal a saint medicine that was the closest to a divine medicine. If she had been the one to reveal something so good, they would definitely have been happy for her. However, this would only bring them trouble now.

This item was now registered under their name, and they were afraid that many clans now had their sights set on them.

“Uncle He, didn’t you say that if something good was revealed you would auction it? Now that you’ve obtained saint medicine, aren’t you going to auction it yet?”

He Zhen Zhang was shocked when he heard what she said.

They had never said anything of the sort. Now that she said this, did she mean that she wanted to sell this saint medicine away?

He had brought quite a few men with him, but it would likely be very difficult to leave under the eyes of so many powers. To sell the item was the best decision given the circumstances, and could assure their safety and prevent others from plotting against the He Clan. However, this was a saint medicine. How could she bear to do so?

She was so young but was able to resist the temptation of treasure. This temperament was hard to come by.

However, what moved him and Su Liu Nian was the heart that she had towards them.

This saint medicine was registered under the He Clan. Once this incident was over they would definitely return the saint medicine to her. This way, she would obtain the saint medicine without being plotted against. You could say that she was selling the saint medicine for their sakes.

He looked at Sima You Yue’s little face and was incredibly moved. He was in a daze as he looked at her.

When he acted this way, it was perceived as his reluctance to sell the saint medicine and anger that Sima You Yue had spoken too much. As such, someone asked, “Patriarch He, did this brat speak the truth? Are you really going to sell this item?”

His tone was urgent, afraid that He Zhen Zhang would say that he was unwilling.

He Zhen Zhang came back to his senses, saying, “I did say this before.”

“Patriarch He, since you have this idea, why don’t you sell it to me.”

“Patriarch He, sell it to me instead.”

“Patriarch He, how do you plan to sell this item?”

He Zhen Zhang was pestered till his head hurt and Su Liu Nian smiled at them from the side, “Old Master, we are still at the great ore meeting. Let’s talk again about the sale of this item once the meeting has ended.”

Since they had already said that they would sell the saint medicine, these people did not plan to snatch it from them anymore.

“Uncle He. Since there are so many people who want to buy this saint medicine, wouldn’t it be bad no matter who you sell it to?” Sima You Yue said.

“Do you have any idea? This was her item, so he naturally wanted her to make the final decision.

“I feel like since every single person wants this saint medicine, it wouldn’t be good no matter who you sell it to, right? Why don’t you hand this item over to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion and get them to auction it away for you. No matter who obtains this saint medicine, the others will feel that it is fair.” Sima You Yue suggested.

He Zhen Zhang’s eyes shone. This was not a bad method. The item would be sold without evoking the ire of any power.

“Mm. Once the great meeting is over, we will send the saint medicine over.” He nodded and notified the people around him: If you want the saint medicine, auction for it on your own!

Previously, very few people would auction away the items they revealed. They would keep it for themselves. They wouldn’t auction it away. That was why, once something good was revealed, nobody would think of handing it over to an auction.

There was another reason. The items that were usually revealed were just one or two items. If it was that little, the auction would not bother holding an auction just for that.

This time, with Sima You Yue taking the lead, many would probably auction their items as well. In any case, even if it was just this single saint medicine, it was worth holding an auction. Much less the fact that Sima You Yue still had the name jade that Old Man Jun had given her back then.

When everyone heard that they would place the item into the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, they stopped their lobbying. Auctioning it away at the auction would definitely fetch a better price. It was natural that they wouldn’t sell it here.

Also, they could use the time to gather funds and have a higher chance of obtaining the saint medicine.

When the few people before them who had revealed good items heard of this, they had the same idea as well. If they were able to sell it at the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, they wouldn’t have to rush things now.

When the value of an item did not match up to the power one had, even if one had it, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

However, those clans with power would not necessarily obtain treasures that they liked. Now that they heard those people would auction it away, they might be able to obtain something they liked.

As such, many people started to form the same idea.

Once the final person had revealed their ore, the organiser of the meeting went to the tall stage and cupped his fists towards everyone saying, “the results have already been tabulated. However, because there are quite a few of them, we have to evaluate them from many aspects. That is why the results will only be released in two days. Tomorrow, our Patriarch will prepare a gathering. We hope that everyone will be able to attend.”

The meeting was concluded and everyone in the arena slowly dispersed. However, many headed directly to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion.

By the time Sima You Yue and the others reached the Xuan Yuan pavilion, there were already many people handing their items over to the Xuan Yuan pavilion.

The men from the Xuan Yuan Pavilion had long since obtained news so they were not surprised when they saw the people. However, they were bursting with joy. This was sending money to their doorstep!

The shopkeeper saw that Sima You Yue and the others had entered and he welcomed them with a smile. He asked, “Guests, are you here to buy anything?”

Sima You Yue shook her head and the shopkeeper immediately reacted, asking, “Guests, are you here to auction something?”

Sima You Yue took out her name jade and said that she wanted to see the manager.

The manager saw the name jade and was even more respectful. This name jade was solely for Sima You Yue, and he naturally understood her identity.

“Young Miss You Yue, the manager is behind. Please follow me.” He led them directly over to the manager.

The manager heard that Sima You Yue had come, and immediately welcomed her in. when he knew that the saint medicine was hers, he was incredibly surprised.

“Young Miss You Yue, do you plan to auction the saint medicine?” He always thought that Sima You Yue was shocking. How could she sell such a precious item? However, he came back to his senses. This medicine definitely brought her danger if she kept it with her. “Young MIss You Yue, if you are worried for the safety of this saint medicine, we can help you send it to your residence.”

With the Xuan Yuan Pavilion sending it over, this item would definitely arrive at the Sima Clan in peace.

“No need, since we have said that we will auction it, we’ll just auction it away.” Sima You Yue didn’t particularly like saint medicines. She merely revealed it under the eyes of everyone. It was too obvious now. Even if they sent it to her home, it would bring danger to her clan.

The manager saw that Sima You Yue was insistent, so he didn’t force it. Every Xuan Yuan Pavilion had their own quotas. If he were able to sell the saint medicine, they would definitely pass the examination this time!

“We will definitely fetch a price that Young Miss is satisfied with.”

“I will have to trouble you, then.” Sima You Yue didn’t stand on ceremony.

When they found out that Sima You Yue, along with many other people, had sent their treasures to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, Yang Wei was so angry that he smashed the cup in his hand.

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