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Chapter 1541: Saint Medicine

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Three days later, the Great Ore Meeting began as planned.

Sima You Yue followed He Zhen Zhang the others from the morning and went to the open air arena where the great meeting would be held. After inspecting that the ore was truly the one that was registered that day, they were allowed to enter.

After Sima You Yue entered, she saw that there were already many people in the arena. She estimated that, there were at least a few thousand to more than ten thousand powers here.

“This is a good opportunity to see the world. If Rascal Third joined…” When she thought about how she hadn’t been able to contact Third Mo for so many years, she was rather worried.

This guy wouldn’t have gone to another dangerous place… right?

Once He Zhen Zhang and the others arrived at their designated place, Sima You Yue led An Lei and left. They were ready to take a look at the ores that had already been opened.

“Young Miss You Yue.” Sima You Yue turned around and saw Su You with two guards behind him.

“Young Master Su, you’re here to participate in the Great Ore Meeting as well!” She greeted him with a smile.

“I heard that the winner of the meeting will obtain an ancient spirit beast, so we’ve come to participate as well.” Su You replied.

Sima You Yue nodded. She heard that the winner would obtain three ancient spirit beast stone statues. That was why many powers were incited to attend.

“How is the spirit beast from the last time?” She thought about the ancient spirit beast that had caused trouble at the Su Clan.

“It’s already been tamed.” Su You didn’t avoid the question. If Sima You Yue had any hidden intentions, she would have acted back at the mine.

Sima You Yue didn’t ask how he tamed it. She merely said that it was good that they had managed to tame it.

This way, others wouldn’t be able to plot against them even if they wanted to. If the contracted master died, the spirit beast would naturally die as well.

“I’m going to take a look at those ores. I will not tarry Young Master Su anymore.” Sima You Yue bowed towards Su You and left with An Lei.

Su You watched her as she left and his eyes darkened.

“Young Master, this Sima You Yue is rather arrogant.” A guard by Su You’s side said.

Su you turned around and glared at him and scolded him, “Too many people have been sucking up to you. Now that someone doesn’t want to, you feel uncomfortable? She is my savior. If you speak like this again, you can get the hell away!”

“Young Master, I was wrong.”

This guard was one that the clan had provided him with when he had returned from the ancient mine. He was not familiar with him.

Sima You Yue had also heard his mutterings from behind her, but she didn’t care about it. She took An Lei and Little Seven with her as Little Lucky hung on her shoulder and Little Golden was wrapped around her wrist and they went to the various ores to look around.

Every stand had an ore that was marked with a digit. This was their competition number. Beside the ore was a few other ores. These were all for sale.

Those who came to participate in the meeting had mostly brought their own seeker spirit masters. Those who saw ores that they wanted would put out a price and buy it. However, she realised that most people would want to trade it for items. They didn’t want money.

It was true when she thought about it. If they just wanted money, they wouldn’t do it at a gathering where it was filled to the sky with ores. They would earn more money by selling it at the shop.

She wandered around the various stalls and realised that there were many powers who used ores that were taken from the ancient mine. She didn’t think that there were so many lucky survivors from that incident.

Actually, now that she mentioned it, she had to be grateful for the massacre that time. Because of the chaos, those who were far away from there could escape the mine. There were also those who had stayed for more than half a year and managed to come out, saving their lives.

She walked around but didn’t see any ores that were worthy of her attention so she returned to He Zhen Zhang’s stall. When she went back, she realised that more than half of the people that He Zhen Zhang had brought with him had left.

“Uncle He, I feel like the Yang Clan will not let us check on them during this period of time.” Sima You Yue said in a soft voice.

“I got them to take a look. They will return if it’s not possible.” He Zhen Zhang said.

This arena was connected to a house from the Yang Clan. They had managed to enter with much effort, so he would naturally want them to enter the Yang Clan for a look.

Sima You yue felt like doing this was a bit risky. However, the Yang Clan had recently been conservative, and they hadn’t gained more solid proof. Hence, they could only do this.

“How will this competition be judged?” Because she didn’t plan to compete, she didn’t even know what the criteria was.

“It’s actually simple. Do you see that tall stage?” Su Liu Nian pointed at a tall stage by the side. “The ores that have been submitted have been marked. They will open the ores on the tall stage according to the number marked. Whoever has the item of the highest value based on their valuation, will be ranked accordingly.

“Won’t the opening process take very long?”

“Quite a few powers will go on at the same time, so it will take a few days.” He Zhen Zhang said.

“Oh. When the ores are revealed, let’s go take a look.’ Sima You Yue was still quite interested towards the opening of ores.

Once the participating powers had entered, the competition started. As Su Liu Nian said, the competitors were called to the tall stage and began opening their stones.

There were many people watching the tall stage from below. All of them focused on the ores to see how good the revealed items were.

To be able to enter the competition meant that the rank of those ores were not low. The items that were revealed were not bad. There were some where even Sima You Yue coveted, only to be disdained by Little Spirit.

Sima You Yue didn’t find it shameful. Everyone loved treasure, alright.

After the one on stage finishing cutting open their stones, they took the items to an evaluation committee for appraisal. These people were all of high moral standing, so they would definitely give a suitable valuation. Once the verdict was given, they would take their items down.

One would go down, another would come up. There would always be fifty Seeker Spirit Masters on the tall stage opening stones at once.

Because they were all revealing treasures, the people below were not bored at all and the area below the stage was always filled to the brim with people.

Sima You Yue was still interested in the beginning, but after a few days passed without her seeing any real valuable treasures, she lost interest. However, An Lei and Little Seven were paying rapt attention the entire time and would occasionally tell Sima You Yue about this and that treasure.

As such, she knew that quite a few ancient spirit medicines were revealed, and they were all ones that had already gone extinct.

He Zhen Zhang registered rather late, so by the time he opened his stone, it was already the last day of the competition. Even after so many days had passed, those in the arena didn’t leave at all.

He Zhen Zhang brought a Seeker Spirit Master as well as Sima You Yue stood below and watched. She didn’t cut the stone open personally.

The result was as she expected, an ancient spirit herb was revealed from the ore.

“This is not your average spirit medicinal herb. It’s a saint medicine.” An elder exclaimed emotionally when he saw that spirit herb.

“It is a saint medicine!”

“Really? I didn’t think that I would be able to see a saint medicine in my lifetime!”

“Saint medicine, this is an existence that is closest to divine medicine!”

The area below the stage was in an uproar and many were agitated. Sima You Yue saw the excited gazes of all those around her and sighed helplessly.

She had just casually taken out an ore, how could it have been a saint medicine? There were many whose gazes had changed after their initial excitement. They were probably plotting against it.

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