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Chapter 1543: All are dead

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The discussion hall was silent.

“That Sima You Yue!” Yang Wei cursed between his teeth with veins popping out on his forehead, which showed how angry he was.

“No one would try to copy her if she didn’t recommend He Zhen Zhang to pass the saint medicine to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion. We should have eliminated her a few days ago if we knew it earlier!” An Elder said.

“There’s no point bringing this up now. Patriarch, we should think of a way to get all those things.” The other Elder was more rational.

“We can’t go against the Xuan Yuan Pavilion. We can only bid for it now. We must get that antique saint medicine no matter how much it is!” Yang Wei heart ached just thinking of how much they had to spend.

Fortunately, the higher ups would give them a little support. They wouldn’t be able to get it with their current wealth.

“Patriarch, it’s best we segregate everyone as it might attract unnecessary problems if they know we have it.”

“Mm, we should seperate into a few groups, one group will be in charge of getting saint medicine. Xuan Yuan Pavilion will bring the buyer list two days later and we will then draw up a detailed plan. We must kill Sima You Yue after all this is over!”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Sima You Yue wasn’t aware that she had gotten into Yang’s Clan blacklist. She wouldn’t mind even if she knew. She wouldn’t be on good terms with Yang Xi the moment they met anyway.

Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s manager kept the spirit medicine carefully. Just like Sima You Yue, they sent it to the secret chamber themselves and said, “Young Miss You Yue, we intend to auction it half a year later, what do you think about that?”

“We have to wait that long?”

“More and more people will come to know of the saint medicine. This way, more people will attend the auction when the time comes and the saint medicine can be auctioned at a better price.” The in charge was very thoughtful for Sima You Yue.

“There won’t be a problem if it’s left this long, right?” Sima You Yue was worried.

The manager would have walked away if anyone doubted Xuan Yuan Pavilion, but he didn’t even dare put on any airs when it comes to Sima You Yue.

“Don’t worry, it will be safe in the Xuan Yuan Pavilion. No one will be able to break into that secret chamber, not even those who are above Paragon rank and also not to mention that we have strong members watching over it.” Manager said.

What he meant was that nobody dared to do anything even in Primordial Land!

Sima You Yue knew it was because of the connection that Xuan Yuan Pavilion and Feng Clan had, she believed no one dared to do anything to Xuan Yuan Pavilion just by thinking of Feng Ru Yan.

“Then we’ll decide on half a year. I’ll come again half a year later.” As long as we can earn more money, delaying for a while wouldn’t be a problem!

“I’ll send the auction list over two days later. We can help you to keep a look out if there’s anything that interests Young Miss.”

“I’ll leave it to you then.” Sima You Yue then told him the inn that she was staying at and left with He Zhen Zhang.

While on the way back, Su Liu Nian bore with it for a while but her curiosity won.

“You Yue, you’re Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s member too?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “I happened to help treat the illness of a VIP, they then gave me this token. This thing is useful, all those managers treat me with respectfully everywhere I go.”

“You’re safe everywhere you go when there is Xuan Yuan Pavilion. And they will plan for you, the saint medicine will definitely be bidded at a high price.” Su Liu Nian continued, “It’s a pity, it would be good if we could use it for ourselves.”

“Speaking of which, we are to blame, You would have been able to keep that divine medicine if we didn’t borrow that ore.” He Zhen Zhang said with regret.

Although this saint medicine could be bidded with an extravagant amount, this was an ancient saint medicine that even money couldn’t buy!

“I like money, it can be used to buy many more useful items.” Sima You Yue felt indifferent as she had other saint medicines in possession as well. At the same time, there were three saint medicines lying in the spirit pagoda’s collection room. She had revealed these when she was resting for the past few years.

Also, Little Golden was an antique treasure hunter, None of those ore stones that it got Sima You Yue was an empty stone, each of them contained something.

She was excited for the whole day the first time she discovered a saint medicine. She was calm on the second time. The third time when she discovered a saint medicine, she wasn’t surprised at all.

She took a look at it, the characteristic of the divine medicine that she discovered this time wasn’t as good as the ones in spirit pagoda so she didn’t feel bad at all.

He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian thought that she had a good mentality when they saw that she was calm from the moment she discovered the saint medicine to putting it up for auction without hesitation.

Sima You Yue could tell what they were thinking but she didn’t say anything. She couldn’t possibly tell them that she had saint medicines in her possession so she didn’t think much about it.

Everyone gave up following them when they saw them coming out from Xuan Yuan Pavilion, knowing that they put the saint medicine for auction.

When the three of them went back to the inn, the first thing that He Zhan Zhang saw was someone drenched in blood. Sima You Yue wanted to go back to her room but glanced over when she smelled blood.

“Master! We were ambushed, everyone who went is dead!” That person fainted after he spoke.

He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian’s faces turned bad, the people they sent were the elites of the elites and they were all dead!

“Yang Clan must have guessed that someone would go to their clan so they planned an ambush in advance.” Sima You Yue said.

He Zhen Zhang gave him a pill, he thought about it too.

“Master, we have to hide him first, we will be in trouble if the Yang clan come here.” Su Liu Nian warned.

“Mm.” He Zhen Zhang took out a little pearl and a door to Little Realm appeared in the house after he inserted spiritual energy in it.

He bent down carrying the guard and brought him in and quickly came out.

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he had a Little Realm. It was no wonder she felt strange that she hadn’t seen those people that went to the assembly. She thought they came by themselves, now she knew that they were put in the Little Realm way before.

None of the investigators came back, the aura on He Zhen Zhang’s body was a little low.

“Master, will we be going to the banquet tomorrow?” Their men were killed, who knew if they would be able to come back alive after they attended the banquet at Yang residence tomorrow.

“Go, we will have to go. How can we miss such a good opportunity to go into Yang’s residence.” He Zhen Zhang sneered, “But You Yue, you better not go. I feel that the Yang clan has ill intentions when they host their Great Ore Meeting.”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “They won’t forget me even if I stay in the inn. If the Yang clan really wants to come after you, I’d rather go with you, it’s safer that way.”

He Zhen Zhang thought so too, so he agreed to bring her along.

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