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Chapter 1449: To Save or Not to Save, It’s Up to Me – Not You

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“What does this have to do with your Great Grandmother?!”

“Of course it matters.” Sima You Yue said, “My Great Grandmother is too beautiful that’s why she gave birth to a suave and handsome person like my Grandfather. You are jealous of my Great Grandmother’s beauty. That’s why they don’t like my Grandfather and speak such bad words.”

As she said it, she nodded her head.

“Nonsense!” Jiang Xue had never been so insulted by a junior, the fire raging in her heart could not be stopped and she wanted to suppress her with coercion, but remembered that her coercion had no effect on her.

“Mother, it’s not the time to talk about this. A few days have passed. Those people are already able to get out of bed. Xi’er, she…” Miao Xi Hua’s eyes were tearful. She really felt heartache for her daughter and had endless regret.

Jiang Xue glanced at her and when she saw the blame in her eyes, she lowered her head.

If it weren’t for her, why would she need to come forward herself!

Even if she blamed her, she still had to protect her younger generation.

“You, go and detoxify Xi’er and the others!” She pointed to Sima You Yue and said in an arrogant manner, not at all like she was asking for help!

“Not going!” Sima You Yue did not even bother to put in any superfluous words and refused directly.


“I said it before. If they weren’t going to detoxify at that time, I wouldn’t do it for them the next time they asked.” Sima You Yue said, “You all looked full of confidence. Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to a poison master to detoxify by yourself? You all know that it’s called Hundred Days of Sleep, don’t tell me you have no way to develop an antidote?”

Miao Xi Hua and the rest remained silent, they couldn’t say out that what she said was true, could they?!

“Since you can detoxify, go quickly!” Jiang Xue hurried her in a condescending manner..

With such a tone, it sounded as if it was her glory to heal Sima Liu Xi!

Those people really thought so as well. Sima Liu Xuan was driven out of the family then and heard that they wanted to return. If they didn’t please them, they wouldn’t agree to their return!

In their eyes, now was the best opportunity to please them. If they wanted to return to the Sima Family, she would have to obediently detoxify Sima Liu Xi and the others!

“Ha ha…” Sima You Yue smiled, “Why should I?”

“Those lying inside are all members of the Sima Family! Detoxifying them is something you should do.”

“Really?” Sima You Yue glanced at Jiang Xue contemptuously, “It’s true that they are from the Sima Family, but….I’m not from your family, so…you have no right to order me. To save, or not to save, it’s up to me – not you.”

“If so, you and your Father can forget about returning to the family! If you obediently detoxify Xi’er and the others, we might still consider it.” Jiang Xue raised her chin with her lofty eyes filled with gloat.

“Who said I want to return?” Sima You Yue said, “My Father and I are very happy now. We are living a good life so if the family consists of so many people like you, we won’t go back even if you beg us to. So, if you want to use this threat to detoxify your granddaughter, you can forget about it. It’s broad daylight, you should not be dreaming, lest others say you are old.”

“Presumptuous!” Who couldn’t tell that she was scolding Jiang Xue? In fury, Jiang Xue unleashed her spirit power upon her.

Both Huang Ying Ying and Sima Xiu Qi moved at the same time, as they rushed forward and came before Sima You Yue, condensing their spirit power to shield her.

But alas, they were one level lower than Jiang Xue and couldn’t withstand her attack at all. They could only weaken that attack.

Seeing the spirit power enveloping them, everyone present was stunned, even Jiang Xue herself.

She didn’t want to kill them, she also wanted Sima You Yue to detoxify her granddaughter. If she killed her, who could help her detoxify?


The pill was not from Sima You Yue, but from the City Lord of Tangerine City. In other words, Lang Zhong also knows how to detoxify! She could just go to him and get him to detoxify Sima Liu Xi instead.

Thinking of this, she calmed down. Since they have all died, she didn’t have to feel sorry for them. It just so happened that this played out according to her thoughts that she had harboured for many years.

Her son, daughter in law and great granddaughter were killed, ha ha ha——

It’s a pity that she couldn’t witness it with her own eyes, but she can reunite with them in the netherworld!

Feeling jubilant, she laughed out aloud.

“Seeing you so excited, we feel a little embarrassed to interrupt your good mood.”

Sima You Yue’s voice came, making her smile freeze on her face.

How…How could it be!

They didn’t die?!

The dust stirred from the ground finally settled, revealing the three calm people.

“Spatial lock!” The people present saw them and gasped.

Yes, the news that came back before said that she was an Array Master and she has great control over the space. This spatial lock was amazing and had shocked many.

Sima You Yue lifted the spatial lock, originally it was impossible for her to make this move with her current strength. However, the separation and resistance of her grandparents weakened its power, allowing them to survive.

“What are you doing?!” Sima Zhi Yuan bellowed and a group of people poured into the courtyard.

There was a huge pit surrounding Sima You Yue, Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying. Only the ground where they stood was still intact. At a glance, everyone knew what was going on.

“Jiang Xue, you actually attacked You Yue!” Sima Zhi Yuan was so angry and his expression darkened and was gloomy, leaving no room for any goodwill.

That is my precious granddaughter, how dare this old hag try to kill her? !

Jiang Xue saw Sima Zhi Yuan bring people in, her surprise had faded and she calmed down.

Facing his question, she didn’t panic and retorted instead, “Why can’t I kill her?”

“She is my great granddaughter. You want to kill her, are you going against me?”

“So what?” Jiang Xue didn’t panic. “The strong is respected, yet the weak dares to insult and provoke the strong. Then the weak should bear the anger of the strong. Sima Zhi Yuan, you shouldn’t even forget the rules of survival in our world, right?”

“Damn your law of survival! Dare to touch my great granddaughter?! Hmph! You want to kill her? Alright then, come on, let’s fight.” Sima Zhi Yuan had totally disregarded his identity as the Sima Clan’s Patriarch and immediately stepped in front of Sima You Yue and the others. He stared angrily at Jiang Xue and was about to strike out.

“You–” Jiang Xue wanted to scold him for being shameless, his strength was higher than her, yet he still wasn’t embarrassed and said that he wanted to fight her!

Sima Zhi Yuan wasn’t the least bit embarrassed at all. Hmph! If you dare to bully the weak and act against my great granddaughter, I can do the same to you as well!

“Mother, what we have to do now is not to fight with the Patriarch, but to find a way to detoxify Xi’er and the others.” Miao Xi Hua whispered.

“I know!” Jiang Xue looked at Sima Zhi Yuan and said, “Since the Patriarch is here, it’s time to talk about this. Why does your great granddaughter only detoxify those from your branch and not ours? What is your intention?”

Sima You Yue sneered in her heart, she was really trying to pull a fast one here.

It was because at first, they were the ones who didn’t believe in her and refused to take the pills. Now that they said that, it became that Sima Zhi Yuan wanted to squeeze out those branches. If this was heard by the clan, very serious consequences may unfold!

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