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Chapter 1448: Armamant Refining Genius

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Having figured this out, Miao Xi Hua felt regretful in her heart.

“Then what should I do now? That bitch refuses to give Xier’s treatment now.” Miao Xi Hua cried and said.

Seeing that Sima Liu Yuan and the other women were getting better and better, but Sima Liu Xi and the others had been lying there weakly, she looked at her daughter with heartache.

“What else can you do? Of course go to Sima You Yue and ask her to detoxify them!” Sima Tu said.

“But that bitch is hiding now, and we have not seen her at all! She has no intention of seeing us at all! Huang Ying Ying, that bitch, had directly said that she would not heal us in the future.” Miao Xi Hua said aggrievedly.

“Hmph, even if they say that they don’t want to now, the others will definitely not agree to it.” Sima Tu said, “However, the others won’t dare to, no matter what, Xi’er and the others all have the surname Sima!”

Miao Xi Hua’s eyes lit up, “Yeah! Even if Huang Ying Ying and the others disagree, as long as the clan speaks out, they must agree even if they disagree!”


“What are you waiting for then?!” Sima Tu glared at her.

“Alright, alright, I’ll go now!”

Miao Xi Hua left, as long as she could save her daughter, it doesn’t matter what it takes!

Sima You Yue was reading in the Spirit Pagoda, and after reading most of it, she took out the things in the pagoda and started practicing.

She went to the warehouse to find a furnace for refining armaments and took some materials that were easier to refine, smelted those materials into liquid according to the method in the book, refined it and put it in the container.

This was a very peculiar container. After she poured the liquid into it, there was a colourless liquid meter outside. According to the height of this liquid, the purity of the extraction of this material could be judged.

“It’s only reached the halfway mark, it doesn’t seem to be very good!” Sima You Yue lamented.

“It’s really not very good.” Little Spirit appeared beside her, “My former master, when he refined for the first time, he reached sixty points, ten points higher than you.”

“Sigh…it is indeed a lot worse.” Sima You Yue said, “It seems that I need to practice more.”

“It’s based on talent, you can’t keep up just because you want to.” Little Spirit said contemptuously.

Sima You Yue grabbed him into her arms, and ravaged his hair vigorously with the other hand.

How long has she not seen those contemptuous eyes?

When she first met him, he despised everything she did.

Later, she became more and more powerful, and gradually forgot what she used to be.

“Who asked you to look down on me! Who asked you to look down on me!”

She didn’t let him go until all the hair on his head was messed up.

Little Spirit ran away from the devil’s claws, and quickly hid away, and said with a stinky face: “I’m telling the truth, you are not talented enough, and you won’t be able to catch up at all!”

“I am your current master. Even if my talent is not good, I am also your master.” Sima You Yue was not angry, “So, what you have to do is to help me master armament refining earlier, not questioning my talent.”

“Hmph——” Little Spirit crossed his arms and turned his head to one side.

“Oh, don’t be arrogant. Is there a way to improve the talent of Yue Yue armament refining?” Ling Long ran over and took Little Spirit’s hand and said, “When she learns armament refining, she can repair me sooner. ”

When Sima You Yue discovered a piece of ancient ore, she had promised her to upgrade her.

Therefore, no one can stop Yue Yue from refining armaments!

“Her talent is what you see, how can it be transformed?” Little Spirit scoffed.

“Since she doesn’t have a natural talent for it, let her make it up in other ways. You must have a way, right?” Ling Long shook his hand and acted all coquettish.

“Diligence can make up for one’s clumsiness! You see, even a person as stupid as Fatty Qu can become a Great Armament Master so as long as she works hard, it won’t be too bad.” Little Spirit said.

What he didn’t say was that his original master was a perverse genius and it was precisely because of such a high talent that he created Sky Splitter and Ling Long.

Since his fall, no one had surpassed him.

What Sima You Yue didn’t know was that the average person could only refine it to thirty or forty points for the first time, and only those with very good talents exceeded forty. There were people that went up to fifty, but very few.

Little Spirit knew this, but just didn’t tell her Who asked her to mess up his hairstyle, hmph!

Although Sima You Yue felt that her talent was not high, it was not as miserable as what Little Spirit said. After all, when she was studying other things before, he also despised her so much.

If it’s really bad, he’d probably just tell her not to learn it as it would be a waste of time.

After understanding this, she was in a good mood and went to practice again with other ores.

After several days, she improved the purity of the materials she refined by a few points. Seeing her results, she was still very satisfied.

On this day, she was practicing again, and Little Spirit came to tell her that something went wrong outside.

With a thought, Sima You Yue could clearly see the situation outside, and her face turned black in less than a minute.

“He he, you thought that this would work?” She sneered and said before she cleaned up the area and went out.

“To actually dare bully Grandfather and Grandmother like this, it seems that these people are going to be miserable.”

The beasts had already anticipated the fate of these people.

Sima You Yue came out of the Spirit Pagoda, removed the barrier, and slammed open the door with a loud bang.

“What’s with the noise! ​​Don’t you know that I am refining?!” She yelled at the people in the courtyard as soon as she came out, “You don’t want to save those people? That’s fine! You come to detoxify yourself! I! Quit!”

The people in the courtyard were stunned. They came to ask her to detoxify, not to make her go on strike!

“Are you Sima You Yue?” An old woman with grey hair looked at Sima You Yue coldly.

“Who are you?” Sima You Yue looked at the old woman. Just now, she was the one who scolded her Grandparents the most.

Don’t tell her this person was her Great Grandmother? If so, she wouldn’t want to admit it!

“I am the elder of the Sima Family and the aunt of your Great Grandfather.” The old woman said, as an oppressive pressure came towards her, but was easily blocked by Sima You Yue.

“Phew, thank goodness!” Sima You Yue patted her chest in relief.

“Thank goodness?” Everyone asked in unison when they saw her exaggerated actions.

“Thank goodness, such an ugly person is not my Great Grandmother!” Sima You Yue said, “I said that my Grandfather is handsome and incomparable, how could he marry such an ugly wife?”

“What audacity!” Jiang Xue was still wondering why Sima You Yue was not deterred by her own coercion, when she heard such ugly words, she was furious.

“Huh? I heard you scold my Grandparents as beasts just now? Except for my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, who is qualified to scold them? Now I understand that you must be jealous that my Great Grandmother is too beautiful, that’s why you scolded my Grandparents like that. Who made you look so ugly?!”

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