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Chapter 1450: Pretty Enlightened

There were also some people from other branches here as well and after they heard Jiang Xue’s words, some of their expressions crumbled.

Their juniors were also in the ranks of those people that needed Sima You Yue to heal.

Sima You Yue wanted to come forward to explain, but Sima Zhi Yuan answered her first.

“I told you a long time ago, don’t just stay at home and spend all day cultivating. You have to pay more attention to other things as well. More importantly, you have to use your brain, so that you won’t become a fool. Why didn’t you listen to me? Sigh, look now, it’s really like this!” Sima Zhi Yuan said regretfully.

“Pfffttttt——-” The others did not dare not laugh because of Jiang Xue’s usual prestige in the family, but Sima You Yue laughed unscrupulously.

Great Grandfather, this was simply turning around and cursing people!

Able to say such things, wasn’t that just a fool!

“Sima Zhi Yuan!”

“I can hear you, I’m not deaf or anything, why are you speaking so loudly!” Sima Zhi Yuan dug his ears, “Don’t tell me I said something wrong?”

However, before Jiang Xue spoke, he continued: “You Yue has clearly refined everyone’s share of the detoxification pills and distributed them to everyone. But what about your side? You all had some doubts so you didn’t give it to them. Now, what you are saying is an entirely different thing, you said that You Yue will only detoxify those from my branch, but not for your people. Tell me, have you gone stupid from all your cultivation?”

“Is that what happened?” Several old men asked the people around them.

Those women bowed their heads and said nothing, but they acquiesced to Sima Zhi Yuan’s words.

“If that’s the case, then you really can’t blame her.”

This ‘her’ naturally referred to Sima You Yue.

Originally, things like the Chord City convention didn’t need people from the clan to come out, but because they had all sent letters to their homes in the past few days, saying that something went wrong here, and that the problem could not be resolved due to family reasons that they came together.

But, no one expected it to be like this!

When they go back, they must teach those women a good lesson, even dare to fabric lies to them!

The women who received the scolding eyes from their Grandparents did not dare to speak. Although they knew that they would be punished if they did so, they could all come and put pressure on Sima You Yue to detoxify their daughters and granddaughters.

Sima You Yue thought that the people who were angry just now would accuse her but she didn’t expect them to be quite reasonable.

“Even if it was their fault at first, but later, they apologised several times and asked her to detoxify the young ladies. Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying were always deliberately blocking us, how do you explain that? Isn’t that just not wanting to detoxify them? “Jiang Xue said coldly with a scoff.

“That’s not right. Now that they have apologized, as the saying goes, saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda. Xiu Qi, this is a descendant of the family!” To be able to directly call Sima Xiu Qi’s name, it seems that he was also in Sima Zhi Yuan’s generation.

No one expected that such a thing would actually have so many elders of the older generations of the family to appear. It seems that the other party was trying to make this matter a big deal!

If the trouble is big, then make it big. Anyway, they had nothing to fear, the bigger they made it, the more difficult it was for the other party to step down!

“What you said isn’t right!” She didn’t want to see her Grandfather being wronged, and said: “From the beginning, we had already stated clearly that they only had that one chance and don’t regret it if they made their choice. It’s obvious that it was their own choice, why should you blame my Grandfather? I’ve been refining the pills for the follow up doses in the room over the past few days, and I’ve never seen them at all. As for the apologies, I never heard any.”

She was very tough, and she slapped the person in the face directly.

However, that man was not angry and said, “If that is the case, then we apologize to you for what happened in the beginning, please detoxify the young ladies.”

After finishing speaking, he also saluted to Sima You Yue.


There are such reasonable elders in the Sima Family? She thought they were all like Jiang Xue!

It was hard to get angry with people showing such a sincere attitude, but if she was to just let them off so easily, she still felt unhappy in her heart.

So her face still hung on an unhappy expression.

“I am not from your Sima Family, don’t think that I will be subdued just by you saying this.” She hummed.

The old man smiled slightly and said: “Of course, we know that. That’s why we are not asking you to treat them voluntarily. We are willing to pay you.”

“My pills aren’t cheap, everyone outside knows it.”

“Yes, we will definitely pay you to your satisfaction.” The old man smiled.

Sima You Yue saw that the other person’s attitude was so good, and reluctantly said: “Well, I have to look at the remuneration first. However,I will not treat this person’s granddaughter!” She pointed at Jiang Xue and said, “She just wanted to kill me, I dare not deal with such a person!”

“You–” Jiang Xue became anxious, she would treat others instead of her granddaughter?!

“It’s up to you. As long as you are happy.”

The old man didn’t force her. Anyway, that one was not his own junior. Since Jiang Xue likes to do such things, let her solve this problem by herself.

The mess in the courtyard told them what happened just now, so it was not surprising that Sima You Yue would make such a request.

After all, which Master has no temper? Not to mention that she was such an excellent junior!

Sima You Yue just smiled, this old man, is very enlightened!

“In that case, let’s talk about remuneration. The longer the poison of this Hundred Days of Sleep dwells in the body, the more damage it will do to the body and the more difficult it will be to recover later. After all, this is exhausting one’s vitality. Moreover, the medicinal materials are also extremely precious. Not to mention that they are all good medicinal materials. They are also very rare and very difficult to find. Alas, it’s hard to say all in a breath. Go inside, and I will explain them to you….”

The people present all twitched their mouths. Her manner of speech had also changed so fast! Saying so much, wasn’t it just to squeeze more out of them?

But, was there any other way to do this? Who made those women too short-sighted? This amount of money, even if they didn’t want to pay, they still had to!

Jiang Xue saw them all entering, leaving only the people she had brought, and stomped her feet with anger.

“This little bitch, I will definitely let you remember this!”

Miao Xi Hua saw her so angry, and when she thought that Sima You Yue would not detoxify her daughter, she was about to cry in a hurry.

She asked the elders in the family to pass a message to them to oppress Sima You Yue. As a result, they compromised without saying anything. What was this about?!

“Mother, if that bitch does not detoxify Xi’er, what will happen to Xi’er?”

“Why are you crying? People are not dead yet!” Miao Xi Hua shouted, “It’s not just that little bitch who can detoxify. Wasn’t the pill formula given by the City Lord of Tangerine City? Then he should also be able to detoxify. Even even if he can’t, he should also remember the pill formula. Go and find him, are you still afraid that you won’t find the antidote?”

Miao Xi Hua was taken aback, “I also know that, but no one knows where he is, we can’t find him at all!”

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