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Chapter 1396: The Best Valley Under the Heavens(5)

Today, Shi Chen was in charge of the guests’ safety. He had just changed shifts with Ni An Yi and he was making his patrol as well as listening to the report of things that happened.

Suddenly, sounds of dispute came from a detached courtyard.

“You should let us in since you invited us. It’s not nice rejecting us here, isn’t it?”

“That’s right! It’s so impolite doing this to us! You guys better deliver the antidote right to us, if not, don’t blame us for being rude!”

“All esteemed guests, please calm down, there’s a fixed timing to come into the Valley….”



Before that guy could finish his sentence, the sound of fighting was heard from inside, as expected, the one who was beaten up was the disciple of the Valley.

“Elder Shi, it’s the Zhang Yi Clan.” The guard beside Shi Chen said.

“Go over and take a look!”

Shi Chen walked over quickly and once he opened the door, he saw a valley disciple sprawled on the floor, two green robed men were standing at the side and another one was still hitting him.

No one in the courtyard would expect anyone to burst in, everyone would usually knock first.

“Who are you people?!”

Shi Chen shot a glance at the person on the floor, walked a few steps and stood in front of him, separating him and members of the Zhang Yi Clan.

The others who went in quickly helped the person on the ground.

“What is happening?” Shi Chen questioned.

“Elder Shi, they insisted on getting the antidote for Valley and wanted to tour in advance.” The one who was beaten up said.

Those three men in green looked at Shi Chen, with their chins up, proud faces and said, “Elder? Then your status must be high. We want to go into the Valley to have a tour, arrange it.”

“It was stated clearly in the invitation card, it’ll only be open to guests on the banquet day itself. So forgive us for not being able to allow this special case.” Shi Chen said faintly.

“So you’re not willing to?” The man in the middle said in a low voice.

“These are the rules.” Shi Chen was still the same, he wasn’t affected just because the other party was angered.

“Great! What an arrogant Divine Devil Valley! Aren’t you guys afraid that I’ll spoil your reputation?”

“Are you threatening us?” Shi Chen smiled faintly but his eyes remained cold.

“We’re not threatening you guys! It’s because you guys don’t know about etiquette by treating your guest like that! Don’t blame us on being rude if you don’t give us a proper explanation today!”

“Really?” Shi Chen’s smile faded slowly, the gaze towards them gradually turned cold.

“Won’t your status be revoked if I tell your higher ups about you being an Elder with status for show? Bring us the antidote and bring us for a tour if you guys don’t want us to tell others about this. Then I’ll let this matter go!”

The gaze of the three people behind Shi Chen changed, they looked as if they saw a retard.

Where did these retards come from? Would they really offend the guests this time?

“Are you done talking?” Shi Chen looked at them, “Stay here after you’re done talking! If you dare to do anything to my disciples, then you won’t have to come to the banquet on the day itself!”

“What do you mean?!”

“As simple as what I’ve just said! Don’t show it off if you don’t have IQ!”

They were angry after being scolded by him and shouted, “You’re asking for it!”

“No, I’ll never ask for it!” Shi Chen continued, “But if others want to die, I won’t oppose either.”


A group of people ran out and surrounded them.

“Senior Brother, what happened?”

“These people taunt us and beat up our brothers, we’ll teach them a lesson today!”

“Senior Brother, these are Divine Devil Valley members, they’re the host here, it won’t be nice being like that, right?” Someone said softly, it seemed like one of them had a brain.

“What host!” That so-called Senior Brother chided, “They’re only a few patrollers and not some high status! What would Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley dare to say even if we beat them!”

“That’s right! We’re the guests that they invited! Would they do anything to us just because we beat up a few of their disciples?”

“Right! They can’t blame us since they aren’t being a nice host. They might even thank us for helping to teach them a lesson!”

Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley was angered after they heard what they said.

Elder Shi Chen didn’t have status?

Teaching them a lesson in place of the Valley?

They really thought they could do anything just because they were guests?!

And those people charged towards them wanting to attack them.

“I’ve to say that this isn’t the way to die even though you’re guests!” As Shi Chen spoke, he attacked them in a flash of light.

His power wasn’t low just because he looked gentle. They went blanked especially when nobody thought that he would take action. Zhang Yi clan members were all beaten down before everyone could come to their senses.

“How dare you hit us!” Everyone on the floor was holding their chest or stomach while staring at Shi Chen with death gazes.

“I’ve been easy on you by hitting you guys.” Shi Chen said faintly as he brushed away the non existent dust on his clothes. “Do you really think that I won’t do anything to you guys when you beat up my disciples from the Valley?”

“What a way to treat your guests!” Those on the floor shouted loudly when they saw there were many people gathering around the main entrance.

Outsiders who didn’t know what happened put on a surprised and confused face when they saw Shi Chen beating up guests.

“Isn’t this too arrogant, as a host, how could they beat up guests?”

“That’s right, it’s too arrogant!”

“No matter what, they are the guests, there’s no such thing as a host beating up their guest!”

“With their attitude, would we still be able to come out after we go into the Valley? ”


The Zhang Yi Clan members were proud when they heard the commotion from the crowd, as long as everyone stood on their side, Divine Devil Valley would be seen as unreasonable even if they were reasonable.

When that time comes, wouldn’t the higher ups punish these people?

“Are you afraid now?” That Senior Brother looked at Shi Chen, “If you’re afraid now, then kowtow to me, I might be nice and help you to put on a few good words when you’re punished by your Valley!”

“Hah…really?” Shi Chen laughed coldly.

“What happened?”

Ying Bai Chuan’s voice was heard from the back of the crowd, everyone moved out of the way and he walked over with a patrol team.

“Young Valley Master, these people are too arrogant, they actually beat us up when we make a small request. Divine Devil Valley has such a big temper, anyone from there can just beat us up casually! Are you going to give us an explanation?”

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