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Chapter 1395: The Best Valley Under the Heavens (4)

The fact that Cloud Cave united with a mysterious force to attack Divine Devil Valley was known to the entire continent. Many also went to observe Divine Devil Valley and saw the devastated mountain tops that had been flattened. Everyone thought that Divine Devil Valley would definitely gnash their teeth with hatred and would attack them back with rage soon after.

Everyone thought that there would be another big show to watch!

But now, there was a big show to watch but it was entirely different from what they expected.

Divine Devil Valley will merge with Heartbreak Valley to form a new force. This news was too surprising!

They heard that the Valley Master, Ximen Feng of the Heartbreak Valley, was assassinated and he was seriously injured and unconscious. No one could wake him up. The power of Heartbreak Valley was used to find Sima You Yue. If Divine Devil Valley merged with them at this time, I’m afraid it is not just a simple merger but more of a takeover!

Tsk tsk, this Sima You Yue was still the Deputy Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley! If she comes back to find out that the Divine Devil Valley has annexed Heartbreak Valley, I don’t know what would unfold? As the Young Valley Master of Divine Devil Valley, will she help Heartbreak Valley to seek justice?

Of course, the premise is that she can come back alive!

She has never disappeared from the eyes of the public for so long, maybe she had died already!

Many people were excited when they thought of this possibility. Since they didn’t dare provoke her, it was great news to them that she had perished! Ha ha ha!

And the Heartbreak Valley she created with her own hands was about to be swallowed by her sect, just the thought of it made them happy!

When Sima You Yue heard the news in Heartbreak Valley, she couldn’t help but purse her lips.

“Bei Gong, am I so hateful?” She touched her face, she didn’t seem to have done anything so unbearable? Did she do anything devastating to the human race? Why were there so many people hoping that she was dead?

Bei Gong Tang was appreciating tea with her. The two beauties were sitting under the big locust tree on the top of the mountain, smelling the faint fragrance of flowers, tasting the fragrant flower tea, chatting and laughing freely. Seeing such a picturesque scene, the disciples passing by couldn’t help but glance at them.

Bei Gong Tang watched her reaction after hearing the news from the scarlet bees and suddenly laughed.

“You think you offended only a few people? And some people, even if you don’t offend him, they still don’t like people who are better than themselves.”

“I shouldn’t have offended many talents. The people I cleaned up were all seeking death on their own.” Sima You Yue hummed.

“In their eyes, you are the one who is wrong. You are not pleasing to the eye.” Bei Gong Tang pointed out.

“That’s true as well. Those people’s thoughts are different from ours.” Sima You Yue sighed.


There was a muffled sound of explosion from a little far away. She looked in that direction and curled her lips. “The enthusiasm of those people are really high!”

“And what do you think is the reason for that?!” Bei Gong Tang teased and jested, “I haven’t found that your charm was so high before…To think that those disciples are actually willing to merge for you.”

“My charm has always been very high, otherwise why would you hook you up and follow me?” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

She still remembered that when she was in Dong Chen Kingdom, she walked out of the city and saw a few guys waiting on the side of the road.

At that time, I had nothing in the eyes of others, but these guys, knowing that they are going to save Grandfather, knowing that the road ahead is dangerous, or they have followed without hesitation.

“Did you invite the Alliance?” Bei Gong Tang interrupted her while she was reminiscing about the past.

“Yeah.” Sima You Yue said, “I didn’t intend to invite them, but they said that I was a named leader of the Alliance anyway. Others have invited it. If I don’t invite them, those old guys will probably kick up a fuss.”

“I don’t know whether those mysterious forces that dealt against the Alliance and us are one and the same.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“It should not be.” Sima You Yue told her the analysis of Ximen Feng and the others that day. If it were the same force, then this force was too strong and terribly strong.

Moreover, according to the news she has recently received, there were mysterious forces intervening in other places, even spreading throughout the middle region. Such strength was definitely not one that a single force can possess!

Especially more so, they could actually prevent the people from the inner region from finding out their identities!

“Recently, it has been very chaotic, and I don’t know what the future will be.” Bei Gong Tang said with some worry.

“The various forces in the inner region are occupying resources, either because they are too ambitious, or they are grabbing resources outside. Human nature, stirring so much due to greed and insatiety!” Sima You Yue sighed and lamented.

“You are the only one who can be so lazy and push everything off your hands completely. It took a lot of effort to make you the Deputy Valley Master.”

“I am not interested in managing others, and I feel nothing for others to surrender under my feet. Right, such a thing has never been my pursuit.” Sima You Yue said, “As the ancient saying goes: Life is precious, love’s worth more, but for freedom both would I abandon.”

“Ha ha ha, I don’t think anyone else can follow what you just mentioned.”


Sima You Yue felt that she really didn’t like these. Whether she was in the Alchemist Guild or the Pill Association, or the Heartbreak Valley in the past, she had always been hung up like a brand to be the leader. Like now, she only a Deputy Valley Master but she was a Deputy Valley Master who didn’t need to do anything but still had a reputation.

She didn’t even want this at first, but they all said with a heart-warming voice, saying, “The Heartbreak Valley and the Divine Devil Valley merged because of her. She is the bond in between. If she doesn’t care about anything, no It helps stabilize people’s hearts!”

After hearing such a high-sounding reason, she couldn’t push it away anymore.

Fortunately, everyone knows her and gave her the position of Deputy Valley Master and she didn’t need to care about anything else. As long as she presented her face, she didn’t need to contribute anything else.

“Even if you do nothing, it is good to just stand there for a moment.”

“Hey–” She gave a long sigh, but she didn’t expect that she would still be a mascot one day.

Three months passed in a flash and the appearance of Heartbreak Valley was greatly changed. Houses sprung up on each hill, and each branch had its own small area, not far apart, but they did not disturb each other. .

Not only that, they also built some houses on the cliff outside Heartbreak Valley. No, it can be said that it was a whole mountain of houses, and they can house tens of thousands of people. Sima You Yue had never been out, but could imagine how magnificent the buildings would be.

In the past two days, all the small towns in the vicinity had gradually started to liven up because there were only three to four days left before the day of the banquet, and many people from various forces have begun to come here.

If it was a general invitation, it is estimated that everyone will arrive the day before the banquet, but they were too curious about this Heartbreak Valley, and such curiosity made them arrive earlier to have a look to see what this acclaimed Heartbreak Valley was like.

After all that fuss, they weren’t able to enter so they all settled in the house outside the valley, saying that they had to wait until the day to get in.

With their curiosity piqued and left unsatisfied, some people started to get restless..

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