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Chapter 1397: The Best Valley Under the Heavens (6)

Many people knew who Ying Bai Chuan was, since he was Divine Devil Valley’s Young Valley Master, his status in the new force wouldn’t be low even if two forces merged together.

Those people would be in trouble now that he was here. How dare they beat up guests before the banquet, with that, they might be thrown out of the Valley.

Ying Bai Chuan glanced at the people in the courtyard and said in a low voice, “What kind of explanation do you want?”

“This person actually dared to hit us, you have to at least break his legs! Then throw him out of the Valley!”

“That’s right!” Someone went along with it, “We’re your guests! It won’t be nice if it spreads that we’re hit by your members here!”

“Young Valley Master, you’ve always been firm and fair, you won’t let everyone down, right?” The Senior Brother of the Zhang Yi Clan said.

Ying Bai Chuan walked to Shi Chen, everyone thought he would interrogate him or punish him, they were all waiting for Shi Chen’s tragic end.

However, to their astonishment, Ying Bai Chuan came to him and bowed to him and said, “Bai Chuan meets Elder Shi.”

“Elder? He really is an Elder? It’s not for show?” The Zhang Yi Clan members cried out.

“What do you mean for show?” Ying Bai Chuan frowned.

“Isn’t it? Why would you guys make a powerful Elder defend the safety of the Valley?”

“Ha ha, sorry for disappointing you guys.” Shi Chen smiled faintly.

“Don’t you guys know that Heartbreak Valley had Ten Great Elders?”

“Heartbreak Valley’s Ten Great Elders…. Aren’t those originally ten great evils? Is he one of them?!”

“That’s right!” Someone behind Shi Chen said.

“Elder Shi, what exactly happened?” Of course. Ying Bai Chuan wouldn’t listen to what others said, so he asked Shi Chen.

“It was clearly stated in the invitation card that they can only come to the Valley on the day of the banquet, but these people insisted on coming in advance. When I came here, they were demanding one of our disciples for antidotes.” Shi Chen continued, “I’ve been easy on them for the sake that they’re guests, if not, I would have killed those who dare to lay a hand on the Valley disciples!”

Outsiders who were gathering around then realised what was going on, so it turned out that they came here to provoke them, it was no wonder they were beaten up.

Everyone in the continent knew that Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley members shield their members, it was good enough that they were only beaten up after hitting their members.

The members who followed Ying Bai Chuan heard that their members were beaten up, their face darkened and said, “What do you have to say?”

“This, this…”

The Zhang Yi Clan members initially thought that Shi Chen was a negligible person, he might not believe what others said. So if they made a fuss, Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley would apologize to them as long as they harped on it.

But they didn’t expect Shi Chen to be one of the Ten Great Elders, who was also one of the Ten Great Evils, who hadn’t heard of them? Would they still dare to lie?

“Elder Shi, Young Valley Master, this is all a misunderstanding.” They decided to admit defeat, “We wanted to go in advance and were reckless because we were too curious about Heartbreak Valley. We didn’t intend to beat him, we accidentally touched him when we were talking.”


His ability to lie without blinking was strong!

Ying Bai Chuan didn’t believe his nonsense and told Shi Chen, “Elder Shi, how do you intend to settle this?”

“Since they were wrong at first, we hit them back as well. We will let it go since they are guests that were invited to the Valley. If there’s a next time ….”

Before Shi Chen could finish his sentence, he felt a movement in the interspatial ring, he took out son-mother stone, imbued spiritual energy in it and heard Sima You Yue’s voice.

“Elder Shi.”

“Deputy Valley Master, is there anything I can help you with?” Shi Chen asked, but already had a notion in his heart.

“I think the Zhang Yi Clan don’t want to be on good terms with us anymore since they dared to come to our territory and beat up our disciples. Since that’s the case, then please withdraw their invitation, chase them out of the small town and don’t allow them from coming close. Also, the one who said to break your legs, break his legs and throw him out! Let those who intended to do the same know that the rules for Paramount Valley are not set for nothing, no one can bully our disciples!”

It was obvious who was talking on the other side when Shi Chen addressed her earlier on, they didn’t expect that she would directly instruct it herself.

Paramount Valley? Were they talking about the force after they merged?

This title was too… arrogant!

Shi Chen kept the son-mother stone and told the members beside him, “Did you hear what the Deputy Valley Master said? I don’t have to repeat it, right?”


These disciples didn’t think that they would be able to hear Sima You Yue’s voice with their own ears, to them, her words were an imperial edict.

Who would say no if she asked to throw these people out?

Shi Chen, who wanted to let it go, was in a good mood and his lips curled up with a smile.

The Zhang Yi Clan members cried out as they saw Heartbreak Valley members surround them, “You can’t do this to us! We’re your guests! You invited us here!”

“Our Deputy Valley Master already said you’re not our guests. Please leave here right now!”

“No! You can’t do this!”


Although Heartbreak Valley members said ‘please’, they had no sliver of hesitation as they concentrated their fists on beating them up and threw them out after flying out a distance.

“Hmph, scram quickly!”

“You better take a detour when you see disciples of the Paramount Valley, you can’t even afford to provoke the lowest rank.”

The people who gathered to watch changed their thoughts towards them after seeing that they really threw those people out.

For their disciples who were beaten up, they wouldn’t hesitate to offend the guests they invited, not everyone would have that kind of aggressiveness!

But those people deserved it, they actually did something stupid, it would be strange if they weren’t chased out!

While these people were discussing it, many of those who had the same idea of going into the Valley in advance called off the idea.

It was better not to oppose such a ruling, shielding members and strong force, so as to avoid an ending like those people.

Two days later, it was the official day of reorganizing Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley. Early in the morning, all the invited forces received an antidote pill, the quantity of pills was just right for everyone.

“All esteemed guests, the pill you have in your hand now is a temporary antidote pill, it will guarantee your safety for two days.” A steward continued, “When everyone goes in, someone will be there to guide you, everyone, this way please.”

After the steward spoke, no one responded. Although quite a number of people had already swallowed the pill, when they stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down, they could see the thick poison miasma visible to the eye that formed the poison barrier, fear crept into their hearts as their beating heart accelerated.

Gulp. What if this antidote didn’t work?

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