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Chapter 1384: Being Targeted

Ximen Feng knew who was pursuing after them. He didn’t expect that the mysterious force actually came to kill them.

Thinking about it, it was their suppression of Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Clan that attracted the attention of the mysterious force.

In the past, Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Clan turned against each other because of You Yue’s scheme. Later with the support of the forces behind them, they worked together temporarily.

This time, they attacked the economies of the two forces causing the other party to want to kill them.

Everyone understood it in their heart. After being caught up, they didn’t talk nonsense. They just started fighting.

It’s just as the spirit beasts were injured, their spirit powers were exhausted; they just couldn’t compete with them who was sending in rounds after rounds.

Were they really going to die here today?

Outside the battlefield, a man frowned slightly at the people resisting stubbornly.

These people were too powerful in combat. If it weren’t for the large numbers they brought and switching round after round. They would really be able to escape!

He felt movement in the space. Fearing the outcome might change, he waved to the people behind him. “You guys go up together and finish this quickly.”

The people behind accepted the order and ran over regardless of their injuries.

“Damn, Di Xiong, someone is really trying to kill our Valley Master! Fortunately, we rushed over.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense! Quickly go save Valley Master and Elder Bi!”

As soon as the space tunnel opened, a group of people rushed out. When they saw Ximen Feng and the group forced into desperation, they were angry.

Although they did not know SIma You Yue’s relationship with Ximen Feng, they knew that Sima You Yue cared a lot about him, Bi Sheng and them. If something were to happened to them, how could they explain to her?

When they exited, they patted their chest and promised to protect Ximen Feng!

“Valley Master, we’re here to save you!”

“Valley Master, let us deal with them!”

“Old Bi, we’re here!”

Ximen Feng’s group had a dozen people. The enemy had thirty to forty men. The people who came from Blood Fiend City had a total of two hundred, all powerful.

When they saw them, everyone was dumbfounded. Ximen Feng didn’t meet them before, but from their words, they were sent by Sima You Yue. otherwise, why would they called him Valley Master and knew Bi Sheng.

Bi Sheng looked at these people and smiled excitedly. “Valley Master, they’re here. We are safe!”

Ximen Feng and them had long been their last. They felt weak when they saw them come. Fortunately, they were supported and didn’t fall to the ground.

“Damn Di Xiong, they even dare to touch our boss’s Valley Master, they must be tired of living! Brothers, we must avenge the Valley Master and them today. Let them know our Heartbreak Valley is not easy to bully!”

“That’s right!”

“You talk a lot! Move, people already attacked!”

Soon, these people were being killed. They left some alive and didn’t kill them directly. When they saw they couldn’t escape, they killed themselves.

“Old Bi, all dead.” Ther person in charge of inspecting told to Bi Sheng.

Ximen Feng was not their true Valley Master. Their previous words were for others to hear. The purpose was to prevent their identity from Blood Fiend City from being exposed, and let people know Sima You Yue sent them secretly.

So, the people form Blood Fiend City, besides Sima You Yue, no one can asked them to move!

If anyone got news today, they would only know it was the people from Heartbreak Valley.

Now there was no one left. No one would regard Ximen Feng as the real Valley Master.

However, some respect was necessary.

“Why did you old dudes come here for?” Bi Sheng asked Old Liu who had a good relationship with.

“Of course, Miss You Yue said you were in trouble and asked us to come.” Old Liu replied. “Originally it was to find you, but knowing how you were being pursued, we rushed over. Fortunately we came in time!”

“How did boss know we were being hunted?” Ni An Yi was wounded. Someone was bandaging his wound. He was excited to know Sima You Yue asked them to come.

“This, you can go back and ask her. We don’t know.” Old Liu scratched his neck.

“You Yue caught a few people from Cloud Cave. She heard there would be an assasination and asked them to help.” Sima Xiu Qi walked over from behind.

Ximen Feng noticed Sima Xiu Qi and quickly saluted. “Grandpa Qi, why did you come.”

“You Yue was worried about you all and asked me to come over. I have nothing to do at home so I went.” Sima Xiu Qi replied. “You Yue said you are in danger and wants you to go back. When you rest well, we’ll take action.”

“Sure.” Ximen Feng and the others also knew it was dangerous to stay outside when the mysterious force was watching.

Half a day later, Sima Xiu Qi took them to a place where Sima You Yue used to live.

When the people of Blood Fiend City returned, they said they wanted to stroll around nearby. They were not afraid of encountering enemies.

Sima You Yue saw the injured and in bad condition.

“How are you? All right?”

“We’re fine. Fortunately, you sent someone to save us.” Ximen Feng said.

“Boss, thanks to you! You’re our lucky star!” Dai Yi grinned.

“Alright, all of you suffered serious injuries yet your still smirking. Hurry up and recovered.” Sima You Yue patted him on the shoulder, pressing on his wound.


Although the wound didn’t bleed, the pain made him clenched his teeth and hissed.

Sima You Yue let go of him and spoke to everyone. “The rooms have been arranged for you. Don’t worry about anything. Take care of your injuries. We will talk about other things later.”


“By the way, how is Liu Liang Cai?” Sima You Yue asked.

“He is probably in Tong City.”

“Send someone to notify him to come back. He is not safe outside now. Besides, I have something to discuss with him.” Sima You Yue said. “Forget it, you are all injured. Let the shopkeeper do it after we go back. Alright let’s go back in to rest.”

Everyone went back to their arranged room. They fought for so long and ran for so long; they were injured and tired and came back without fully recovering. It was time to rest.

The next day, Liu Liang Cai returned from not so far away.

Sima You Yue called Ximen Feng and the group of them to the guest hall and told them what they had found.

“So that force is displeased with us and plans to deal with us?” Ni An Yi said.

“Mm, recently, you’ve been closing the net. Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Clan are in a desperate situation. That’s why they wanted to deal with Feng’er first and let Heartbreak Valley lose its leader. After they destroy Divine Devil Valley, their next goal is Heartbreak Valley. However, they bit off more than they could chew.” Sima You Yue said solemnly.

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