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Chapter 1383: Purposely Arranged

The people of Cloud Cave were frantic. When did Gui Hua find such a powerful helper?

Wang Tian Hua had dumped her, and he was being taken away. Nothing bad would happen right?

“Should we report it?”

“What is there to report! If you let the people above know that he was delayed because of personal matters, he will be punished. If he is punished, would we be let off? By then, we will be sent off!”

“That’s right. We shouldn’t report it. As long as he comes back before then, we will be fine. Anyways, we will be carrying out the order.”

“Mm, it’s settled.”

Therefore, no one suspected Wang Tian Hua was taken away by Sima You Yue.

Wang Tian Hua felt that when he left Cloud Cave’s area, his divine sense had become chaotic. He did not know how long he had been with whom and where he was. When he woke up, he was surrounded by people.

And this place was not Gui Hua’s.

“Who are you?!” he realized something was wrong. He wanted to move but he was tied to the chair.

“Don’t waste your efforts in vain. This is the tying immortal rope I refined. You can’t break it.” Fatty Qu said triumphantly.

“This, you can only tie him at this level. If he was stronger, there would be no way. Aren’t you embarrassed to name it tying immortal rope?” Sima You Le had the best relationship with Fatty Qu. Seeing his proud look, he jested.

“This is the first generation. I will gradually improve it when I have the time. I will definitely make this tying immortal rope worthy of its name.” Fatty Qu declared.

“We’re waiting, fighting!” Sima You Le laughed and patted his shoulder.

“Wait for me to brighten your eyes!” Fatty Qu couldn’t see he was laughing at him. He patted his chest.

Wang Tian Hua struggled vigorously, but he couldn’t break the rope. He looked toward the big man who took him away. “This is not Gui Hua’s place. Who are you? Why did you bring me here? What is your intention?!”

“You’re not stupid.” Sima You Yue said. She separated from Thousand Resonance and returned to her original appearance.

“You are… Sima You Yue!” Wang Tian Hua murmured. His heart sank.

She came back quietly and they didn’t know. Since she bound him here, she must know something?

“So shocked, it seems you know what I got you for.” Sima You Yue said. “In that case, confess or wait for me to torture you?”

“Don’t make me tell you anything! You’d better let me go. I or someone from my sect will come over!”

“Looking for your neighbor?” Sima You Yue said. “Do I need to remind you of how you treat your subordinates? Do you think they would have the guts to bother you?”

Wang Tian Hua’s heart sank even more.

She was right. Every time they distured him, they did not end well. Therefore, this time, they would just ignore him.

But even so, he would not tell her anything!

Even if he died, he wouldn’t tell.

“Sure enough, you’re just like them. I’m going to waste my pill again.”

A swish sounded by his ear as he was given a pill. He wanted to spit it out, but it melted in his mouth before he could.

Soon, he felt his brain was no longer his own. He seemed to have entered a vast space of white clouds. The clouds were comfortable and touching.

At this time, someone appeared to be talking to him. He didn’t know what they said or what he answered.

He thought he had turned into an immortal. Not long after, the white clouds around him parted and this drifting feeling vanished. His divine sense returned back. He found he was still locked in the same place.

It’s just that there were no more people around except a small child.

She sat on a chair beside him. Her chin resting on her hands. Her big round eyes appeared innocent.

“Little Sister, will you let me go?” He tried to entice her. “If you let me go, I will give you good things, how about it?”

“Not very good.” Little Seven was upset that he treated her like a fool. “If you want to let me go, you have to promise me one thing.”

“What?” Wang Tian Hua’s eyes lit up in hope.

“I will untie you and you fight with me. If you win, you can leave.” Little Seven said.

Wang Tian Hua looked at Little Seven. He did not sense any spirit beast aura. It meant she was human.

How strong can a teenage girl be? As long as she untied him, could she stop him?

Thinking about this, he readily agreed.

“Then I will untie you first.” Little Seven came beside him and opened a knot on the rope. She took two steps back. “Alright.”

Wang Tian Hua stood up and pulled the rope from his body. He spoke to Little Seven. “Little sister, I won’t hurt you. As long as you don’t say anything, I won’t hurt you. Understand?”

“You mean you don’t want to fight me?” Little Seven asked.

“Wait til next time? I will fight you next time.” Wang Tian Hua sensed no one was outside and wanted to run.

He walked towards the door. He prepared to open the door. As soon as he touched the handle, he felt a cold aura from behind him.

“You dare lie to me! You really treat me as a kid?”

Little Seven’s cold voice shocked Wang Tian Hua. He turned around and she who was on the opposite him appeared right in front of him. A pair of small hands grabbed his clothes, then his shoulders, and then slam into him, throwing him out.

Wang Tian Hua fell on all fours. The pain on his body was not as shocking as his heart.

This little girl had great strength. Why did she look weak?

“You are not human?” He wiped the blood from his mouth as he shouted.

“How am I human?” Little Seven snorted. “You’re a bad guy. You dare to lie to me. You will pay!”

She sent a punch over.

Wang Tian Hua recalled the action was familiar. His pupils suddenly dilated as he yelled, “You are the person who beat my men!”

“Humph, you know now. You dare to lie to a cute Little Seven. You should be prepared to bear my fury!” Little Seven rushed forward.

Soon, there was a miserable cry in the room. Everyone in the courtyard shook their heads. You Yue had asked Little Seven to guard him. Wasn’t it intentional?

At the same time, in the remote place, Ximen Feng and Old Bi were running rapidly. They were trying to get rid of those pursuing them. But no matter if they use a one time teleportation array or space tunnel, the opponent could lock on them tightly.

Because of the over expenditure of power, the group of people gradually caught up with them…..

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