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Chapter 1385: Plot

“I don’t know where this force emerged from and it is causing trouble everywhere.” Feng Kai said, “The alliance and other forces have also been suppressing them over the past two to three years. They have to deal with the alliance yet they still can attack other sects?”

The others were also very angry.

“Is that force really so powerful?”

Sima You Yue thought for a while, shook her head, and said, “It shouldn’t be. Even a force that belongs to the inner region shouldn’t have a strength only at that level. The alliance of guilds, moreover, one that belongs to the inner region would be more resilient. Not to mention, dealing with them would occupy almost all their effort, how can they still have excess strength to deal with other forces? If it is really a force and if they are already so strong, they would not be so secretive in doing things and playing so many tricks in the dark.”

“Boss, do you mean that those things in the past were not done by the same force?” Shi Chen was taken aback by this train of thoughts.

“Every time, we see the same outfit but this does not mean that they are the same group of people.” Sima You Yue said, “Can you determine that they are one and the same?”

Everyone looked at each other baffled, they were really not sure.

“So, nothing can be concluded right now. They may be one force, or they may belong to different forces. We don’t know these. But no matter what the situation, as long as they dare to provoke us, then we shall face them head on! When one comes, we’ll kill one! If they come in twos, we’ll kill them both! We’ll not leave them any place for retreat!”

Seeing Sima You Yue’s domineering appearance, everyone present laughed, and the tension no longer existed.

“However, what is certain is that there should be one force behind Cloud Cave, Zhong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace.”

“Well then, let’s use more strength to yank out this force then!”


“You’ll have to pay more attention these days. They can attack us once which means that they can attack us again! We’ve wiped out all their people this time round, they will definitely not give up on the blood debt! If you go out again, you must bring more people.” Sima You Yue advised.

“We will.” Ximen Feng nodded, he wouldn’t joke about the lives of the members of the valley.

“Liang Cai, you have worked so hard over the past few years. You have done a great job for driving them to jump over the wall in such a hurry.” Sima You Yue said to Liu Liang Cai, “They must also know the existence of Liang Cai, so Feng’er must send someone to protect him well.”

“I also plan to bring more people around if Liang Cai goes out.” Ximen Feng thought of this too.

“When we are back, we’ve got to get Fatty Qu to refine more thunderbolt bullets and let Liang Cai carry more of it when he goes out. Let’s see how many of them we can get!” Ni An Yi said with a smile.

“No matter what, Fatty Qu is only one person and even if he refines it for days and nights, he won’t be able to handle so many.” Feng Kai pointed out.

“I’ve already talked to Fatty Qu about this matter. He will return to the valley and teach the refiner in the valley on how to refine these thunderbolt bullets.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s just that you’ll have to find a way to get hold of the materials as some materials are not easy to find.”

“As long as there is a list, it should be fine.” Feng Kai replied.

“Well, although these things are relatively rare, they are not difficult to find.” Sima You Yue said, “In addition, I have already passed the refining instructions to the Divine Devil Valley. If you meet them when purchasing materials, give it to them first.”


“In addition, we have also made some arrangements. Feng’er, disappear for awhile, just spread the word that you were seriously injured in yesterday’s assassination attempt and you’re now unconscious.” Sima You Yue said, “Then, you guys…”

Soon, there was news from Heartbreak Valley that Ximen Feng was assassinated, suffered serious injuries and was unconscious. Fortunately, the people of the Valley arrived in time and he still could hang on for the last breath.

But even so, the people of Heartbreak Valley couldn’t rescue him, so they could only pin their hopes on their genius doctor; their Deputy Valley Master. However, Sima You Yue had been missing for three or four years, so the people in Heartbreak Valley were now searching high and low for her.

At this time, in a small courtyard in a certain city, several people in black robes and black masks gathered.

“Is Ximen Feng really unconscious?” The hoarse voice of the person in the middle sounded out.

“Yes, Heartbreak Valley is in chaos at this moment and many people were sent out to find Sima You Yue’s whereabouts.”

“Hall Master, since they are in chaos, should we take the opportunity to destroy them too?” the other side asked.

“Don’t worry.” The Hall Master said, “Although Heartbreak Valley is now in chaos, it has not yet reached the end of life and death, so other forces will not care. But if we attack them, they will ask for help, let alone other Yes, the bird tribe alone is enough for us to deal with. Our top priority now is to take down Heartbreak Valley and let the professional teachers in the Valley to strengthen our strength.”

“The Heartbreak Valley is left alone? The Yin Yang Palace and Zhong Zheng Clan have been suppressed miserably recently.”

“Send someone to tell them that it will last until one month later. Heartbreak Valley has no leaders. If you can’t survive this situation, then wait for bankruptcy. The organization will not want such useless waste!”


“Hall Master, I think the Yin Yang Palace and the Zhong Zheng Clan are too useless. How many years has this Heartbreak Valley been established? How can they not even compare to a new power!”

“What do you know!” The Hall Master scoffed, “This Heartbreak Valley seems to have only been established recently, but their strength should not be underestimated.”

“Are they so great? Can they get the affirmation of the Hall Master?!”

“You have been performing tasks, and they are not part of intelligence collection. It is reasonable to be unfamiliar with them.” The Hall Master said, “Although they have only been established not long ago, they have quite a bit of background. Memory Restaurant is theirs. In addition to that, Qin Mo also gave them many shops. If you add up all the business they have under their banner over these years, they have expanded a lot.”

“So, their business foundation is not weak.”

“If they only had this commercial foundation, they wouldn’t be able to make those two wastes be at a loss.” said the Hall Master.

“Why is that so?”

“Have you heard of Liu Liang Cai?”

Everyone thought for a while and said, “Hall Master, what you are talking about is Liu Liang Cai, the business genius who was expelled from the Liu family of the inner region?”

“Yes, it’s him.” The Hall Master snorted coldly. “The old coots of the Liu family were confused, because of some unnecessary things, they actually drove a business genius out of their own clan. They chased him all the way and finally forced him to go to Blood Fiend City. He is the one who manages the economy in Heartbreak Valley now.”

“No wonder that when I heard the news about Heartbreak Valley, I thought this name was familiar.”

“With a certain background, coupled with Liu Liang Cai’s talent, it is normal for those two wastes to be suppressed. It is a pity that nearly a hundred of us have never returned!” The Hall Master thought of this and clenched his fists.

But, how did the people of Heartbreak Valley get news and go to their rescue?!

“Alright, it’s time to attack the Divine Devil Valley, you go to make the final preparations. We shall set off three days later!”

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