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Chapter 1365: Need Two Days

Sims You Yue’s reaction startled the others. Did she know the consequences of agreeing to Wei Ming Die?!

“City Lord, no one has ever gone to that place before, more ever so, she is just an outsider!” Wu Man disagreed.

“I have already decided. You don’t need to say anymore!” Wei Ming Die was firm.

“When are we going to go?” Sima You Yue asked.

“We’ll go after the banquet is finished, how about it?”

“Go after the banquet?” Sima You Yue acted embarrassed. “Can we go two days later? I want to tell Si Yue.”

Although Wei Ming Die was anxious and did not want to explain, she nodded. “Then after two days, I will send someone to get you in two days.”

“Since City Lord has decided, let us go with you. We can take her there directly.” Wu Man suggested.

“No need. I will take her there. You will be taking charge of the city matters.” Wei Ming Die refused.

“Aunt Man, there are so many matters in the city every day, so you don’t have to go. Anyways, we will be back when we recorded Blacky forcing that thing back.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then….. Alright.” Wu Man nodded.

“Lord City Lord, Can I come find you when it’s time?” Sima You Yue asked, “I don’t know if I can come back here alive when I step out of Si family.”

Wei Ming Die recalled what the maid said the other day about how she and Zhang family were in conflict. She immediately understood what she meant. “Don’t worry, no one will dare to touch you.”

“Thank you City Lord!” Sima You Yue got up and bowed to Wei Ming Die cheerfully.

“Heh heh, really a sensible child.” Wei Ming Die praised.

Sima You Yue felt a chill. She appeared to be kind and understanding. If You Yue didn’t know how she force her father to marry her and she wanted to use her to force her father out, she would really thought she was a good person.

They chatted for a while. Lian Xiang came in and saluted to everyone. “Master, the banquet is about to begin.”

“It’s already time. Lian Xiang, take them to the banquet hall ahead. I’ll change into new clothes.” Wei Ming Die ordered.

Everyone in the guest room stood up and saluted to Wei Ming Die before following Lian Xiang.

Wei Ming Die sat in her position and did not move. At this time, another maid came from behind, waiting to change her clothes.

“Xi Yue, what do you think of that Sima You Yue?” Wei Ming Die asked.

“This maid thinks she is like any other Young Miss.” Xi Yue answered.

“Really? But why do I feel she is different? On a closer look, she is the same.” Wei Ming Die said puzzledly.

“It doesn’t matter how she is as long as she is able to help master.” Xi Yue replied.

“That’s right. When she forces these things back, I want to see how he can shield himself!”

To Sima Liu Xua, Wei Ming Die was ambivalent. The two had been in a deadlock for so long that she no longer could tell if she loved or hated him.

But she knew she had to force him out. If they couldn’t stay together, she would destroy him and have him live in her heart forever.

“Let’s go. To change clothes.”

On the other side, Lian Xiang led everyone to the banquet hall. When they left the courtyard, Wu Man told Lian Xiang. “Alright, Lian Xiang. We know how to get to the banquet hall. You can go do the other things.”

This had occurred before. Lian Xiang didn’t think much about it and left.

After Lian Xiang left, Wu Man set up a sound proof spirit barrier and looked at Sima You Yue solemnly. “Do you know what you agreed to now? Do you know, what are the consequences of going with her?”

“I know.” Sima You Yue replied. “But by then, besides cooperating with her, do I have other options?”

“Then you shouldn’t agree to her so rashly!” Wu Man was really angry. “If you lose your life because of this, how can I still face your father in the future?”

“Aunt Man, don’t worry. I will be fine.” Sima You Yue said. Regardless of what kind of reason she was protecting her fore. She was still grateful for her.

“Even if you go with her, when you meet your father, how will you escape from her hands?” Wu Man did not felt relieved at all.

“I have Lingyu!” Sima You Yue held Wu Lingyu’s hand. “He is very powerful. With him, I don’t have to worry about Wei Ming Die. I can even avenge my father.”

This was a decision she made on her way here. Since Wu Lingyu said there was no problem. It was going to be no problem.

“Him?” Wu Man frowned, disbelievingly.

Wu Lingyu seems to be only two or three hundred year old. How strong could he be?

“How about I ask City Lord to let me go with you all?” She said. “I can help you drag some time.”

“Aunt Man, if you go, how can you stay in the city? I’m afraid you will be the first person that Wei Ming Die won’t let off.” Sima You Yue said. “Don’t worry, I am just here to save my dad, not to come here to die.”

“Man’er, You Yue is right. Since she promised City Lord, then she has certainty. Don’t worry about it.” Si Kong also persuaded.

Wu Man also understood Si Kong’s reasoning.

“What nonsense!”

“Aunt Man, don’t be angry. Let’s hurry to the banquet. If we delayed any longer, it will attract the attention of others.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Mm, let’s go.”

Wu Man removed the spirit barrier and took them to the banquet hall.

Sure enough, by the time they arrived, Zhang Hao, Meng Sha, and Luo Qi had already arrived. Behind them were seated their elders of their respective area.

“Why are you so slow?” Meng Sha started without waiting for them to be seated.

“We talked with the City Lord for some time before we came here.” Wu Man replied.

“What are you at the City Lord’s?” Zhang Hao asked strangely. “Could it be that you were complaining?”

“Do you think everyone is narrow minded like you?” Wu Man rolled her eyes at him. “The City Lord wanted to meet Si Qin and thank her for the matter in the forbidden area. By the way, she gave her your presents.”

“Hump! I’ll see how long you can be proud.” Zhang Hao snorted coldly.

Wun Man smiled complexly and said nothing.

After a while, Wei Ming Die came in with Lian Xiang and Xi Yu. Everyone stood up to greet them.

“Forgo the formalities.” Wei Ming Die sat down in the main seat. She looked towards Sima You Yue and waved her hand. “Child, come and sit next to me.”

Lian Xiang and Xi Yu had people arrange a seat next to the throne. This action caused the people below them to change.

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