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Chapter 1366: Helping Father make preparations

Sima You Yue noticed everyone’s reaction. It was just a seat by her side, why did they have to react so greatly?

“City Lord, that position was prepared for Young City Lord. To let this young child sit here would not be too suitable, right?” Zhang Hao was the first to ask.

“Don’t we not have a young City Lord right now? Si Qin saved the lives of all our citizens, so what if she takes a seat here?” Wei Ming Die said, “Child, come here.”

Sima You Yue only now understood that everyone thought that Wei Ming Die wanted her to become the Young City Lord!

When she saw Zhang Hao Shuai’s expression turn increasingly ugly, she smiled as she said to Wei Ming Die, “Thank you, Your Highness City Lord. In that case, I, Si Qin, will humbly accept your request.”

After saying this she went to the short desk that they had prepared for her before arrogantly lifting up her chin towards Zhang Hao.

“Si Qin is not someone from ghost city, but is someone that Si Yue brought in from the outside. I got her to sit here merely because I want to express my gratitude and also serve as a reminder to you all that she is your saviour who rescued you all.” Wei Ming Die casually explained, showing that she did not have any intentions to make her young City Lord. Only then did everyone relax.

The City Lord was usually chosen by the entire ghost city. That was why any person here, even anyone from any city could become the young City Lord. If a person suddenly appeared and declared themself as the young City Lord, wouldn’t that snatch the benefit from everyone?

Hearing Wei Ming Die explain it allowed everyone to recollect themselves.

“Initially, when the situation occurred in the forbidden area, I did not have the time to rush back. I have troubled everyone. Now, I raise a toast to everyone.” Wei Ming Die raised her cup and everyone followed suit. They all drank a glass.

This wine was not particularly pleasing to drink, so Sima You Yue merely raised the cup and took a light swig. She spent most of the time chatting with Wei Ming Die.

When those below saw her chatting so happily with Wei Ming Die, they started to make calculations in their hearts. Even Zhang Hao started to change his opinion.

He had initially planned to capture her, torture then kill her. Even if Si Kong and the others demanded for her, it would only increase the problems between the north and the south.

However, right now, she had Wei Ming Die’s attention. She had also openly expressed how she felt about her. If anything were to happen to her right now, he would definitely be caught and punished by Wei Ming Die.

It didn’t matter. In any case, City Lord was going to return to Sunset mountain anyway. It wouldn’t be too late to act at that time. After all, he had things he needed to do now.

Some issues had arisen within the mines of those clans. If the issues couldn’t be resolved…

The banquet didn’t last that long because everyone still had to return to deal with the mines. Wei Ming Die knew about this as well, so she merely called for a small banquet to allow everyone to show their thanks to Sima You Yue before letting everyone return.

After all, the reason for this gathering was not to gather everyone. It was merely to get Sima You Yue to come over and let everyone know that they were not to touch her. Now that her objective had been achieved, she let them return.

“Si Qin, we will move after two days.” Wei Ming Die told Sima You Yue before she left.

When they returned to the Si Clan, Si Yue hurried over the moment she heard the news, “Little Sis, Father said that you promised to go with that old witch?”

“I did!”

“How could you agree? She definitely wants you to go just because she wants you to return stability to sunset mountain and make it easier to kidnap your father. When the time comes and you’ve managed to rescue your father, how could you possibly escape right under her nose?” Si Yue anxiously poured out, “Also, if she knew that you were the daughter of your father, she would definitely kill you!”

“It’s not certain yet who will end up killing whom!” Sima You Yue wasn’t worried.

“Pfft- you really are confident!” Si Yue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her current attitude, “Do you know what rank that witch is at?”

“I’m guessing she should be around the advanced paragon rank, and is going to enter the emperor rank soon?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I don’t know whether or not she’s near emperor rank, but there was a middle ranked emperor who went to challenge her, but she defeated him just like that.” Si Yue said, “That’s why you can just imagine how powerful she is.”

“She is pretty strong. But there will always be someone stronger.” Sima You Yue said, “In any case, the situation at that time shows she intentionally wants me to go. If i rejected her, she would probably get bad and it would be hard to carry on the later part of the plan. In any case, I’ve already agreed, so there’s no point mentioning this. Alright, i’m going to seclude myself for two days to make some preparations.”

Si Yue felt that it was true as well. Saying these things wouldn’t change anything.

“Alright then, we’ll talk again once you’re out of seclusion. You can go ahead with your things, I’ll be heading back now.”

Sima You Yue smiled as she sent her off before getting Wu Lingyu to set up a barrier to block the outside world from coming in here. Then she took him into her spirit pagoda.

“You’re going to refine pills?” Wu Lingyu saw her pill room and knew immediately what she was going to do.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue took out all her pill methods on healing injuries and said, “Not me though. I still don’t know these pill methods, so I’m going to need your help.”

Wu Lingyu flipped those pill methods and said, “These pills are all on healing. They’re also rather highly ranked.”

“Father has sustained such severe injuries, and I have no idea how his situation is going to be like.” Sima You Yue said, “That’s why I think that it would be better to have some healing pills. One of them might end up being useful!”

“But there are so many here. I can’t do it either. I can do those ranked ten and below.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Then just refine those ranked ten and below.” Sima You Yue didn’t force it.

The later part of pill refinement would need the insertion of spirit energy into the pill. If Wu Lingyu used his dark energy, he would naturally be able to refine a higher ranked pill. However, he couldn’t do the same with his light attributed spirit energy. He didn’t have enough energy, so the pills that he could refine were affected.

Sima You Yue was an alchemist as well, so she naturally understood this point.

She went to look for all the pill methods that were ranked ten and below, then got Little Spirit to prepare the ingredients according to what was written on them.

Little Spirit very quickly prepared all the necessary ingredients and Wu Lingyu started refining. Within twenty days, he refined more than ten different types of ranked-ten pills. After refining them, Sima You Yue helped him prepare soul fluid to allow him to recover his energy quicker.

However, this guy’s mental energy was so powerful that it was scary. After refining such high ranked pills for such a long time, he just felt a little weary. After eating the soul fluid, he was fine after a while.

If it were any ordinary person, they would have only been able to sustain it for three to five days.

The aforementioned time had arrived. Sima You Yue came out from the spirit pagoda and went to look for Si Kong and Si Yue to say her goodbyes.

Wu Man was there too and she looked at her saying, “If you change your mind now, I am willing to speak to City Lord on your behalf.”

“There is no need.” Sima You Yue said, “I expect that City Lord is already waiting for me. I thank you for your help these days. If you head outside, you can head to heartbreak valley to look for me.”

“You…” Wu Man’s face fell, “City Lord is here!”

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