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Chapter 1364: So She Was Planning This

Wei Ming Die watched Sima You Yue’s interactions with Wu Man. Her eyes flickered. “Since you are here in Ghost City, then play some more. If you’re afraid your father will punish him, I will send someone to talk to him. I think he will give me face.”

When Sima You Yue heard her words, her expression revealed a trace of distress.

“Why, this won’t do? Your father’s not giving me any face?” Wei Ming Die asked solemnly.

“If City Lord goes to talk with my father, it would definitely be okay. But in a while it’s going to be my mother’s birthday, and I have to hurry back.” Sima You Yue spoke with hesitation. She glanced at Wei Ming Die cautiously. She appeared to be somewhat angry, so she quickly returned a smile. “But my mother’s birthday is some time away. I can play for a few more days before going back. By then, I would need City Lord’s help!”

Seeing Sima You Yue compling, Wei Ming Die smiled again. “I will leave this to your Aunt Man to do. You will definitely not be punished.”

“Thank you City Lord, thank you Aunt Man!” Sima You Yue saluted to the two before going back to her seat.

“Wu Man, Si Qin is our Ghost City’s benefactor. You have to deal with this matter. You can’t get her punished because we kept her here.” Wei Ming Die exhorted.

“I will, City Lord. Don’t worry about that. Can I still handle a small matter like this?” Wu Man smiled.

“It’s good to hear you say that.” Wei Ming Die was assured of Wu Man’s ability. She turned her attention back to Sima You Yue. “By the way, I heard that thing in the forbidden area was driven back by your contract beast. Can you show me how powerful is your spirit beast?”

Sima You Yue didn’t expect her to actually want to see Blacky. Thinking of Blacky’s current appearance, she thought that no one can tell what Blacky was. So she called him out.

“Woof Woof Woof…..”

As soon as Blacky came out, he barked at Sima You Yue twice and then Wei Ming Die twice.

“Is this a dog?” Wei Ming Die was surprised.

On that day, Blacky did not utter a sound. She drove everyone away after arriving at the forbiddena area. She didn’t pay much attention to Blacky. After listening to her subordinates praised how powerful it was, that it could force that thing to return obediently. She never thought that it would like this.

So now when she heard it barked, she was really surprised.

“Blacky is not a dog. He looks like a dog, but is much more powerful than a dog.” Sima You Yue spoke seriously.

“Oh? Not a dog? What is it?”

“I am not sure either. When I met him, he was like this. After being with me for more than a decade, I never saw him like this. But Blacky is definitely not a dog.”

The more she made Blacky extraordinary, the better she could dispel the other’s doubt about it.

“Mm, I also believe it is not a dog.” Wei Ming Die smiled. “A normal dog can’t let that thing in the forbidden area stop.”

“The City Lord also thinks he is powerful right? I knew the City Lord was different!” Sima You Yue looked at her happily. “Although Blacky does not seem to have spirit power and he eats a lot, I never disdain it. I knew he would be great someday!”

She tried to make herself simple and cute, so that Wei Ming Die felt that she was an ordinary woman and wouldn’t continue to place attention on her.

However, there was a hint of vigilance in her heart. Wei Ming Die thanked her again repeatedly, and now she asking Blacky. Was she interested in her?

If so, how could she save her father?

“Blacky has no spirit power?” Wei Ming Die’s complexion instantly changed, before recovering her smiling face. “It can be so powerful without spirit power. It must be some powerful spirit beast created of heaven and earth. If it can restore its spirit power, I’m afraid it would be much more powerful!”

“Can Blacky recover his spirit power? It’s been so long. He has always been like this.” Sima You Yue pretended to be puzzled.

“Should be so.”

“That’s great!” Sima You Yue clapped her hands and then hugged Blacky. She whispered to him, “Blacky, did you hear that? City Lord said you might recover your strength. I knew you were not a waste! How is it, are you happy?”

“Woof Woof Woof——–”

Blacky barked twice. Others didn’t know if it was happy or it didn’t understand her.

“Actually, it is easy to check if Blacky is a waste. You don’t have to wait for it to regain its strength.” Wei Ming Die proposed.

“Really?” Sima You Yue looked at her incredulously. There was joy present in her eyes as she asked urgently, “Really, I can know without waiting for him to recover?”


“That’s excellent!” Sima You Yeu excitedly exclaimed. “After I contracted Blacky, I was scolded by my father and others for a long time. They say I contracted a waste. If it can be prove that Blacky is not a waste, people won’t complain about me anymore! City Lord, what plan is it?”

“Isn’t he very deterrent for the thing in the forbidden area? It has been sealed by me for now, so I can’t use it to prove him. But as long as you find something like it and record the scene of it dealing with that thing, you can prove it to him if you bring it to show others?” Wei Ming Die cajoled.

“Is there anything similar to it in other places?” Sima You Yue became interested. “Where is it?”

“In a very secret place.” Wei Mind Die replied. “If you want to go, only I can take you there.”

“City Lord!” Wu Man called out disapprovingly. She attracted Wei Ming Die’s dissatisfied gaze.

“Why, are you against it?” Wei Ming Die’s voice was low but angry.

“City Lord, do you want Blacky to go there? How can outsiders go to that place?!” Wu Man frowned. She already guessed what Wei Ming Die was trying to do.

“What, do this City Lord need your agreement to make a decision?” Wei Ming Die asked coldly.

“This subordinate does not dare.” Wu Man lowered her head. She wondered how to help Sima You Yue decline it.

But Wei Ming Die did not repeat things twice. If she urged too much, she would become suspicious.

But if Sima You Yue go with her, then everything would be messed up.

Sima You Yue’s eyes flashed brightly. She also guessed what Wei Ming Die meant.

She wanted her to use Blacky to push back the force in Sunset Mountain. Without the force protection, her father would be captured by her again.

It turned out that this old witch was planning that!

As she thought inside, she smiled at Wei Ming Die. “City Lord, what is that place? When can we go? I must make them see that Blacky is not a waste!”

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