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Chapter 1358: Proposing in front of everyone

Wu Man stood up in shock seeing the thing in her hand as tears filled her eyes instantly.

“I think you know what this is, it’s my Father’s life jade.” Sima You Yue continued, “My Uncle told me it has been like that since I’m ten years old. It has already been forty years, my Father has already suffered and injured for forty years. It became worse recently and it’s almost breaking into pieces soon. Aunt Man, my Father can’t hold it any longer.”

She was choked with sobs as she spoke and looked at Wu Man helplessly.

Wu Man’s body swayed after hearing what she said and muttered, “He said he will come out on his own, he said he will be fine.”

“Aunt Man, just tell Little Sister. She came here looking for her Father and won’t stop until she found him.” Si Yue persuaded, “Also, didn’t Little Sister establish a contract with Mi Er? It’s so strong, nothing will happen.”

Wu Man was still at a loss, stuck between a promise and worries as she couldn’t make a decision.

“Aunt Man,you’re definitely not the only one in the whole of Ghost City that knows where my Father is, I can ask others too, I won’t give up!” Sima You Yue kept the life jade and turned and walked away after she saw that she wasn’t telling.

“Hold up!” Wu Man called out to her, “You can’t ask the others!”

Sima You Yue turned and looked at her, “Why?”

“Nobody dares to discuss what happened to your Father, if you bump into her members, not only will you be unable to get any information, you might get caught as well.”

“Her?” Sima You Yue saw fear in Wu Man’s eyes when she mentioned her, she squinted her eyes, “Wei Ming Die?”

Wu Man sat on the chair with one hand holding onto the table, sighed and said, “You are as stubborn as him. And also as smart as him.”

“I’m my Father’s child, of course I’m similar to him.” Sima You Yue continued, “Aunt Man, I know my Father’s name is something that shouldn’t be mentioned in Ghost city, if someone mentioned his name, they will get caught. Can you tell me what exactly happened to my Father here? Why is he being trapped now? Where is he exactly at?”

Wu Man closed her eyes as she remembered the last time they met, he smiled confidently while saying that he would leave there one day.

No one spoke in the house, after a long while, Wu Man started talking with heartache exhaustedly.

“Something happened in the restricted area right when your Father just got here. City Lord brought him here as she didn’t know why it happened. That was the first time I saw him.” Wu Man muttered as she reminisced while describing, “He recognised Mi Er at once, at that time, the seal was almost broken by it, for some unknown reason, the City Lord couldn’t use spiritual energy too. It was him who thought of a way to suppress it for two days so that the City Lord could regain her power and reseal it again…..”

Because of that, Wei Ming Die treated Sima Liu Xian as a guest of honour and invited him to stay in the city. Sima Liu Xuan initially rejected, he wanted to get to Ghost Realm urgently at that time, he wouldn’t have the mood to stay for fun. So he bidded farewell to Wei Ming Die after staying for two days.

Wei Ming Die already fell for him that time, to put it straight, she was already obsessed with him. Knowing that he was going to Ghost Realm to look for his wife, she made it sound like an official business and shouldn’t interrupt him, but in her heart, she never had the intention to let him go.

She said that she would be a thousand years old in a few days, hoping that he would stay and only leave after the celebration. And also promised him that she would get some people from Ghost Realm to update him on the situation in Ghost Realm.

Sima Liu Xuan didn’t want to make things ugly for her, secondly, it might be a great help if he could get some information before going to Ghost Realm, so he agreed.

Few days later, Wei Ming Die actually got some Ghosts to come over. Sima Liu Xuan got some information from them, some of it was similar to what Yu Ke Luo told him, so he believed them.

After a few days, Wei Ming Die’s thousand birthday was here, everyone in the city celebrated for her.

And Sima Liu Xuan as a bright side’s Human, he was treated with unprecedented courtesy and some of them were unhappy with it. So they came up to provoke, asking to see if a bright side’s Spirit Lord or the dark side’s Spirit Lord was more powerful.

Although those people were unhappy and wanted to kill Sima Liu Xuan, he didn’t care about them. Just as he was going to accept the challenge, Wei Ming Die killed all those people.

The celebration turned into a deathly stillness in an instance, nobody knew why Wei Ming Die suddenly got so angry.

But Wu Man, who was also a woman , knew why, so she sat in her seats without doing anything.

“City Lord, those people just wanted to swop pointers with Brother Liu Xuan, why did you….”

Once Wei Ming Die stared angrily at those who spoke, they kneeled down when they couldn’t tolerate the pressure.

“Liu Xuan is a benefactor of Ghost City, who are you to provoke?” She said grimly, “Those who provoke him equals to provoking me. Why, do I need your consent to kill two people?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Those who were on the floor exclaimed quickly, they hated Sima Liu Xuan to death but didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Then get out!”

Those that could get into the City Lord’s residence were of high status in Ghost City. She already killed two people, but to assure them, she wouldn’t kill anyone casually even if she was the City Lord.

Those people left the City Lord’s residence unwillingly, everyone looked at Sima Liu Xuan differently, but they whispered below.

Sima Liu Xuan frowned as he heard the discussions, they were saying that he was the City Lord’s members so and so. He stood up and told Wei Ming Die, “Your Excellency, I’ve stayed long enough in Ghost City, I planned to leave after celebrating Your Excellency’s birthday celebration, so, I wished to bid farewell to Your Excellency here, I’ll get moving tomorrow morning.”

Wei Ming Die’s pretty face became dull and said, “Liu Xuan, why are you rushing. Today, I have something to announce to the people of the city as well.”

She clapped her hands after she spoked, two lady servants held a box each and walked up.

“I once got an essence of the Eye of Earth, materialised into an ice crystal, I heard that this is very useful for Humans when they are cultivating.” Wei Ming Die looked at Sima Liu Xuan, “Today, I will use this and Ghost City as dowry, Liu Xuan, will you marry me?”

Everyone gasped, the wine cup in Wu Man’s hand almost slipped onto the table.

The two servants opened the boxes, the one on the left had something glittering and translucent inside and the right one held the City Lord’s imperial jade seal.

They looked at the things in the box, was Wei Ming Die proposing in front of everyone?

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