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Chapter 1357: Can’t tell you

That night, Si Kong arranged a banquet to thank Sima You Yue and Third Mo and because of that, they didn’t have a chance to speak to Wu Man.

They thought Wu Man would attend, but Si Kong said Wu Man was too busy and she had too many tasks to complete so she didn’t attend.

That night, a few of them had too much to drink so they only dispersed after daylight.

Many people came over to give Third Mo a toast, so he had too much to drink that he became drunk when the banquet was over.

Wu Lingyu held onto him and brought him to Sima You Yue’s courtyard and threw him in any of the rooms.

“You’re so violent.” Sima You Yue lightly laughed and said while leaning on the door with her arms folded seeing how he threw him on the bed.

“It’s good enough that I didn’t throw him on the floor.” Wu Lingyu already didn’t like coming in contact with others, he wouldn’t even budge if he wasn’t You Yue’s friend and also, she would be holding onto him if he didn’t!

Si Yue came out from Sima You Yue’s back and asked when she saw two guys in the house, “Is Third Mo alright?”

“He’s fine, he’s just drunk, he will be fine after taking a sober pill and a good sleep.” Sima You Yue said.

“Oh.” Si Yue looked at him who was on the bed, it was the first time she got worried seeing someone who was drunk.

“How are you?” Sima You Yue asked.

“What?” Si Yue came back to her senses, thinking that she was being asked if she was fine, she responded, “I’m fine of course, I drank your fruit wine, it won’t make anyone drunk.”

“If you’re fine then I’ll look for In-charge Wu Man.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright, I know you’re anxious, let’s go to Aunt Man’s place now.” Si Yue continued, “But, can we really leave Third Mo here?”

“No problem, I’ll ask Di Wu and Mu Si to keep watch.” Sima You Yue said, “Also, how can you be worried when this is your house?”

“True. Then let’s go.” Si Yue smiled and brushed off Sima You Yue’s tease.

Wu Man’s official residence wasn’t far from Si clan, they only had to walk for over an hour.

The guard bowed and greeted Si Yue upon seeing her and let them in without reporting.

They saw a scholar walking towards them not long after they came into the residences, upon seeing them, he came up to greet and said, “Miss Yue’er, what brings you here?”

“I’m looking for Aunt Man, is she in?” Si Yue asked.

“Master is resting. But she said you can look for her if you came with a lady. She is waiting for you in the room.”

How did she know that she would come with Sima You Yue?

“I got it, I’ll go with Little Sister, you can get back to work.”


Si Yue brought Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu to Wu Man’s courtyard, she came so many times that it was like talking a walk in a park to her.

Initially, she thought that it wouldn’t be nice if a guy went to Wu Man’s courtyard and wanted Wu Lingyu to wait outside, but he probably wouldn’t after seeing that guy’s attitude.

Two female servants were keeping watch outside Wu Man’s courtyard, when they saw them, they said, “Guys can’t go in.”

“Lingyu, why don’t you wait for me outside.” Sima You Yue told Wu Lingyu, “We probably won’t take too long.”


Si Yue didn’t expect that Wu Lingyu would agree so easily, he was like a shadow and followed Sima You Yue everywhere except the bathroom.

“Master, please come to the hall and have some tea.” One of the servants said.

“It’s alright, I’ll wait here.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Isn’t this following too.” Si Yue knew he wouldn’t change! It was because he listened to Sima You Yue and also because this was a lady’s courtyard, if not he would have followed in.

“Miss Yue’er, please follow me.”

The servants brought them into the courtyard, when Sima You Yue went in, she noticed that Wu Man really loves red colours, the flowers in the courtyard were red, the room was in dark red, even the furnishing in the room was all red themed.

The servant brought them to the small hall in the courtyard and said, “You both wait here, Master will come over soon.”

She left after she spoke.

Not long after she left, Wu Man came in, Si Yue and Sima You Yue stood up quickly.

“Aunt Man.”

“In-charge Wu.”

Wu Man sat down on the seat of the host and said, “I’ve told you at the restricted area to address me as Aunt Man like Yue’er.”

“Yes, Aunt Man.” Sima You Yue responded.

“Aunt Man, we came here to ask you something.” Si Yue said.

“I’ve already guessed it.” Wu Man sighed, “That day, he told me he had to find his child’s Mother. I didn’t think that I’d see his child with my own eyes after ten over years.”

“You mean….. my Father?” Sima You Yue questioned.

“Yes, your Father, Sima Liu Xuan.” Wu Man fanned herself, “I have already guessed it when I heard your name, you must be looking for your Father here.”

“Can Aunt Man tell me where my Father is?” Sima You Yue asked impatiently.

“I do know where your Father is, but I can’t tell you.”

“Why?” Sima You Yue was unclear, she could sense that Wu Man had emotions when she mentioned her Father, so why didn’t she let her save her Father?

“That place is too dangerous, if I told you, you’ll definitely go and save him despite the danger. And if you go there, you might not even have a narrow chance to live. So it’s pointless even if I told you.” Wu Man said.

“But I came here to save my Father, I must go regardless how dangerous it is. I will save my Father!” Sima You Yue said unhesitatingly, “Aunt Man, please tell me where is my Father.”

“I’d been to where your Father is.” Wu Man didn’t respond to her request, instead, she reminisced about her past, “I saw him, he used his own ways to resist. I wanted to save him, but he was unwilling, he said he didn’t want to drag me down and he also made me promise him one thing.”

“Aunt Man, what did you promise him?” Si Yue asked.

“He said, one day, someone will come here and look for him, either his wife or his daughter. Regardless who they are, he wants me to stop you guys and don’t let you guys go near there. And don’t tell you guys where he is.”

Sima You Yue’s heart thumped, her Father actually didn’t allow others to leak his location, this showed that the place was dangerous! She felt sorry and hurt just thinking about that scarred life jade.

Father didn’t allow them to look for him because he didn’t want them to get into danger, but she couldn’t let her father suffer any longer!

“Father…..” She felt sorry just thinking of her father, seeing Wu Man had no intention of telling her where her father was, she stood up and walked to Wu Man and extended her hands in front of her and opened her hand….

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