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Chapter 1359: Ghost city’s safety

Sima You Yue’s face turned black like her Father did the last time after she heard what Wu Man said.

“You old hag! How dare you take advantage of my Father? Damn, you better not fall into my hands, or else I will let you know why Flowey is so popular!” She scolded in her heart.

“What happened next?” Si Yue’s eyes widened, she never knew that the Old Demoness proposed in front of everyone.

What was she doing fifty years ago? It seemed like she was in seclusion two days before City Lord’s birthday celebration, when she asked about Sima Liu Xuan after coming out of seclusion, she was warned not to mention that name again.

She never thought that she would miss all these just by missing the birthday celebration.

“After that…..”

Sima Liu Xuan’s face blackened when Wu Man said all these, he already told her that he would be leaving the next day, she actually said all these in front of everyone, was she trying to force him to stay?

What a pity, he would never be forced by anyone!

He saw his wife being taken away with his own eyes on the day itself and it already hurt him so much, how was it possible to accept another woman now!

“City Lord, I told you, I’m married and have a kid, this is too much, I can’t accept it.”

A commotion started in the hall, everyone looked at Sima Liu Xuan as if they were looking at an idiot.

Wei Ming Die was the most beautiful and powerful person in Ghost city, she was also the City Lord, it would be every man’s dream to marry her. She even took out the imperial jade seal, he would become the Ghost City’s City Lord once he accepted it.

But he rejected it without any hesitation! It made people itched with hate as he rejected beauty and rights.

Wei Ming Die’s face turned sour when he rejected bluntly, but no one asked her to fall for him!

“Liu Xuan, I know it’s too sudden to say this. But this is from the bottom of my heart, don’t be so quick to reject, give it a thought.”

“I don’t have to think as I don’t intend to stay, thank you for your kindness, City Lord.” Sima Liu Xuan said firmly.

“Liu Xuan!” Wei Ming Die started getting angry as he rejected again!

“City Lord, I told you just now that I’m leaving the next morning.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“No, I don’t allow it!” Wei Ming Die raged.

“It’s my freedom to leave, I don’t think I need City Lord’s permission?” Sima Liu Xuan said coldly.

“Pfft, this is Ghost City, it’s my place, do you think you can be free from disobeying me?” Wei Ming Die continued, “Guards, escort Liu Xuan down.”

Two guards came up and said, “Master Sima, please.”

Once Sima Liu Xuan saw this formation, were they planning to lock him up?

He grinned with a cold smile, before he could speak, Wu Man who sat at the bottom of the main seat said, “City Lord, today is your birthday, don’t let this get to you. Master Sima couldn’t digest what you said as this is too sudden. It would be a loss if the friendship is affected by this.”

Sima Liu Xuan couldn’t say what he wanted as she intercepted.

Wei Ming Die knew that what Wu Man said was logical, all she wanted was to keep Sima Liu Xuan, and not straining their relations.

She rubbed her brows and waved to the others and said, “I’m tired, let’s dismiss for today.”

Everyone glanced at each other, no one dared to get on her bad side as she was still suppressing her anger and everyone quickly dispersed.

Wu Man and Meng Sha left, leaving Wei Ming Die and Sima Liu Xuan alone. No one knew what happened after, the next thing they knew was that on the second day morning, City Lord manor sent people to look for Sima Liu Xuan.

At last, at the city’s gate, Sima Liu Xuan and members from City Lord manor started fighting, one defeated ten people of the same rank.

But Wei Ming Die came and chased him towards the direction of Sunset Mountain.

Then he locked himself in the Sunset Mountain and Wei Ming Die waited outside Sunset Mountain.

Wu Man took that chance when she was looking for Wei Ming Die to secretly meet Sima Liu Xuan who was trapped in the mountain. But because Wei Ming Die was paranoid, they only met for a short while.

“So, my Father is trapped in Sunset Mountain now.” Sima You Yue felt sorry for her Father after hearing what Wu Man said.


“So he is really there.”

“You know about Sunset Mountain?” Wu Man was curious this time, little people knew about Sunset Mountain, even people in Ghost City didn’t know about it.

“I know.” Sima You Yue nodded, didn’t Mu Lian Jie go to Sunset Mountain? Thinking of him, she hesitated and asked, “Aunt Man, do you know anyone who went to Sunset Mountain seven years ago?”

“Seven years ago… are you talking about Mu Lian Jie?” Wu Man questioned.

“Yes. Did he really go to Sunset Mountain?”

“Mm. But he was found out by the City Lord, so….”

Sima You Yue’s heart sank, “So he really….. what do we do with Mu Si now?”

“So it turns out that you heard about Sunset Mountain from here.” Wu Man continued, “I can confirm that Mu Lian Jie is already dead. I saw how he was killed by the City Lord with my own eyes. You better not let the City Lord knows about Mu Si’s existence.”

“I understand.” Sima You Yue nodded.

The City Lord was definitely enraged when Mu Lian Jie went to save her Father, she would definitely take it out on him if she knew about Mu Si.

“Alright, I’ve already told you what you want to know…..”

“Aunt Man, how did the Sunset Mountain come about, why is my Father trapped inside for so long? Why does nobody knows about it? Where is it exactly at?”

Wu Man stared at her, she sighed as Sima You Yue looked at her stubbornly and continued explaining, “Sunset Mountain is the most ancient mine, your Father used that complex force to separate himself from the City Lord and trapped himself at the same time.”

“How powerful is the force there, is it more powerful than Mi Er?” Si Yue asked.

Wu Man remembered how powerful Mi Er was when it erupted, “It’s probably the same. After all, that is a mine, it will be more complicated.”

“True.” Si Yue nodded.

“We will know who’s more powerful after they compete.” Sima You Yue continued, “Will that mine compromise the safety of Ghost City?”

“How do you know?”

“That day when Wei Ming Die strikes, I noticed that she is very powerful. If it’s purely force, I don’t think she can’t solve it after so many years. The force there must be very important, that’s why she doesn’t dare to touch it. Right?”

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