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Chapter 1344: 1344
Chapter 1344: A Voice Longing for Freedom

The others had all left . Only Sima You Yue, Mu Si, and Si Yue were left eating in the square .

He Bo and Di Wu flew down once everyone was gone . Some wanted to stop them, but at Sima You Yue’s words, they were able to come down .

“Miss, do we really have to wait here for two days?!” Di Wu looked at the almost empty today and felt a bit downcast .

These people ate too fast . Miss cooked so much, and they finished it all! There was only the Miss’s plate left .

Sima You Yue saw his greedy look, and pushed her barbecue in front of him . Di Wu’s grievance disappeared immediately .

“Heh heh . ”

He grinned as he sat down .

“Little sister, I also wanted to ask the same question as Di Wu . ” Si Yue glanced at Sima You Yue . “Are we really going to wait for two days? What if they can’t find a solution after two days? Let it go?”

“What do you think?” Sima You Yue asked back .

“Based on what you learned of you in the past two days, you will definitely not let go . ” Si Yue said affirmatively .

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrow . “You believe in me so much?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you . I believe my intuition . My intuition has always been accurate . ” Si Yue said .

“Haha…” Sima You Yue chuckled and said nothing .

Although she said two days, if Wu Man and them really couldn’t find a solution, could she really leave? She had no feeling for this city . There were so many lives . If she didn’t do something if it was within the scope of her ability, she would feel uneasy to have so many lives ended like that .

When Si Yue saw her like that, she knew she guessed correctly . “I’m right! Even though you said so much to make them think you didn’t care about this matter, we all know you were just trying to piss off Zhang Hao and the others . To be honest, you are doing it to appease our anger!”

“You and Zhang family hold a grudge?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Competition between families! I don’t care about family affairs, but I heard about it . Moreover, Zhang family are really hateful . They are so arrogant that they must be put in place!”

“Isn’t it . I am already angry just looking from behind!” Di Wu added . “If master was here, he would be reluctant to let Miss be aggrieved . ”

“You are the only one who can force Zhang family to learn how to bark!” He Bo who rarely spoke, praised .

“So don’t provoke women . They’ll make you pay!” Si Yue grinned .

“By the way, I really wanted to thank you, your father and them . If it weren’t for them not exposing me and giving me an identity, I am afraid I would be in deep trouble . ” Sima You Yue said gratefully .

“You don’t have to be courteous to me . I already regarded you my sister!” Si Yue waved her hand . “My father and brothers loved me very much . They will definitely allow me to come out . ”

“When the matter here is resolved, I will come thank you in person . ”

“You thank us? We still want to thank you!” Si Yue said . “If you hadn’t suppressed this thing, I am afraid that the entire Ghost City would be destroyed now . Therefore, you are our savior . ”

“It’s probably only you who think this way . I think everyone in the Zhang family wants to get rid of me quickly . ”

“They can only think about it . You can save the people in the city . No matter what Zhang family will not dare to kill you . ” Si Yue analyzed . “When this matter is over, come back with me to the north city and ask Wu Man and my father if they know your father’s whereabouts . ”


Sima You Yue thought of Wu Man’s amorous look . She was not sure if she would tell her if she asked .

She probably would for the sake of Si Yue and saving the people!

However, if Wu Man wouldn’t tell her, she would have to find other ways to get her father’s whereabouts .

“Why didn’t you go back with your father and them?”

“I will stay with you!” Si Yue exclaimed . “If I didn’t stay, you will be here all alone . What if you get bullied? Now in the eyes of others, you are a member of our family . They will feel weird if we didn’t have someone stay behind! I’m sure they’ll trust you to leave you here alone . ”

“Thank you!” Sima You Yue was really grateful to her .

“If you want to thank me, then you’ll have to allow me to stay with you during your time in Ghost City . Don’t drive me away . ”

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“Mm, I won’t drive you away . With you beside, I can be a fox masquerading as a tiger . ”

“Alright, by then you won’t know who is the fox masquerading as a tiger . ”


After drinking and eating, Sima You Yue cleaned up and stored them for cooking at night .

Si Yue watched the black fog gurgling in the pond . She wanted to go over, but worried she might get engulfed .

“I didn’t expect there would be such a thing in the forbidden area . ” She recalled the day when that happened . She wanted to take Sima You Yue over for a look . Fortunately, she didn’t go . Otherwise she would be caught as soon as she entered .

Sima You Yue also became interested in that thing in the pond at this moment . Since there was nothing to do now, they might as well interrogate it .

To be safe, she hugged Blacky in her arms as she came before the pond .

Several other people followed her and came to the side .

A faint black fog drifted above the pond . The black fog was thick as it condensed with water . Because the close proximity of she and Blacky, the water in the pond rippled . It was unknown if it was because of fear or wanting to resist .

“It actually developed intellect . Unfortunately, it’s not a law abiding person . ” She said with emotion .

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“Unfair!” Sima You Yue heard the hoarse voice again . It startled everyone .

“Oh my god, this thing can talk!” Si Yue patted her chest, looking shocked .

“What’s unfair?” Sima You Yue was not as startled as when she first heard it .

“Why am I locked here? I want to get out, I want to get out!” That voice yelled . At the same time, the water in the pond trembled severely, indicating it was emotional .

SIma You Yue could tell his unwillingness and shrugged . “It’s good for you to stay here quietly . None of us would have so much trouble . ”

“Why am I locked here? Why? I want to get out!” The black fog shouted . “I don’t want to stay here quietly! I want to go out! I want to leave! I want to go outside and see the world!’

Unbeknownst as to why, Sima You Yue felt she heard a voice longing for freedom after being imprisoned for many years .

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