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Chapter 1343: 1343
Chapter 1343: Finding a Solution

Her words made Zhang Hao speechless .

Blacky needed to stay guard here, so how could she leave the square . She wanted to cook; where would she cook it beside here?!

“You should quickly think of a solution . ” Sima You Yue said . “Two days is quite fast . I will leave when that happens . ”

Wu Man raised her brows . Her tone did not sound worried, indicating that it was a play!

She looked at Zhang Hao’s group . She raised her fan but didn’t say anything .

Some people deserved to be scammed more often .

Luo Qi and the others had no complaints on this . They just frowned and didn’t speak .

“Alright, she can’t leave here now, so why bother her? Let’s continue thinking of a plan . ” Meng Sha said .

“Humph . ” Zhang Hao snorted in dissatisfaction . “You all just give in to her . She’s just a kid!”

“She is the only one who can deal with this thing now . If you don’t give in to her, do you want to anger her and repeat this all again?” Meng Sha retorted .

“Alright, let’s quickly find a solution . ” Luo Qi said with dissatisfaction .

Zhang Hao was reverting to what he was previously . This kind of ambiguity was unforeseen!

“What else can we do? We can only go back and look through the ancient books in the city to find a way to seal it . ” Zhang Hao said .

“We can only do so . There are so many ancient books . We need more people to help out . ” Wu Man said .

Si Yue who was eating on the side saw Wu Man was not smiling . She asked, “Aunt Man, the four of you are masters . Can’t you seal this thing?”

“No . ” Wu Man told the truth . She didn’t feel it was shameful .

“Even you are unable to?” Not only Si Yue, but the rest of the Si family were also surprised .

The thing in the forbidden area was related to the safety of the city . Not many people knew about it . If it weren’t for this incident, not many would be aware that something so dangerous was hidden inside .

Si Kong, who was the head of the family, naturally knew about it . But he never told Si Yue and the others . They were surprised that the powerful Wu Man and the group had no solution .

“Yes, otherwise, how could this happen . ” Wu Man thought that they might still need Sima You Yue’s help in the end . So she created a spirit barrier around the square, blocking the views and divine sense of the onlookers .

It was easier for the spirit barrier to block people’s view, but to block people’s divine sense, it was more difficult .

Sima You Yue watched Wu Man waved her hand and arranged such a spirit barrier . It seemed that these four stewards were indeed strong!

Thinking about it, how could ordinary people become the stewards for the large Ghost City?

However, Wu Man’s actions gave her a bad premonition .

“This thing, you probably heard about it before, because it has existed for so long, it has now gained intellect . ” Wu Man explained . “Once this thing comes out, Ghost City will no longer exist . That’s why we have sealed him here . ”

“It was sealed before, why can’t we just seal it again? You are all so powerful . You can’t seal this thing?” Si Yue questioned .

“We can’t seal it . ” Wu Man admitted . “This thing is different from its type . It must be sealed with a special method . Normal seals are useless . It will be easily broken in a short time . Only the city lord knows this method . ”

“How do you know it’ll be useless?”

“One time, the city lord didn’t come back in time to repair the seal . The thing almost got out . The four of us manage to create a seal that trapped it for a day or two . Fortunately, the city lord rushed bad . It’s not as dangerous as this time . ” Wu Man said .

“That means the city lord is not in the city right now . ” Sima You Yue concluded .

“Humph . ” Zhang Hao snorted . The meaning was obvious . If the city lord was here, how would they allow her to show off?!

Sima You ue wasn’t angry . No matter how high he raised his chin, he still had to look at her face?

“So that’s the case . The city lord is not here . You can’t do anything . Why are you so upset with my little sister? With such a dark face, you don’t want my little sister to help?” Si Yue said mysteriously .

“What nonsense are you talking about! Si Kong, is this how you teach your daughter?!” Zhang Hao shouted angrily . His tone was sarcastic .

“What’s wrong with my daughter? I think she’s pretty good . Her words are just like what I think . It’s worth saying that a daughter is their father’s sweet little cotton jacket!” Si Kong sighed .


Sima You Yue looked at the Si family . Their reactions were normal . It seemed that this happened often .

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In other words, was the Si family old man always been like this?

“Enough! Look at the situation, you still have time to argue!” It was unknown if Wu Man was scolding Zhang Hao or Si Kong .

SIma You Yue felt the possibility of the former was very high .

“Didn’t we say to find a solution? Luo Qi intervened . “Let’s find others for help . ”

“This matter should not be revealed to too many people . ” Meng Sha rejected . “Since you know now, let’s work together . ”

“I’m not going . ” Sima You Yue declined . “I’m afraid I might be killed off for knowing too much . I’ll wait here with Blacky . Go hurry and find a solution . I still have things to do!”

“Father, don’t we have some family matters to deal with? Since there is nothing here for the time being, let’s go back first . ” Si family eldest brother suggested .

“Mm, it’s time to go back . Wu Man, if you find anything, let me know . If we can help, we will try our best . ” Si Kong finished . He took out a napkin and wiped his mouth . He planned to call his children to go .

“Father, I will stay here with little sister . ” Si Yue said .

“Mm, don’t make trouble . ”

Si Kong knew with Wu Man here, Si Yue would be fine . After a word of warning, he looked at Wu Man .

Wu Man waved her hand, and spirit barrier disappeared in an instant . This speed made Sima You Yue envious .

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After Si Kong left with the Si family brothers, the onlookers also left one after another . Those who were unwilling to leave were driven away by the patrol team .

Wu Man warned Si Yue before leaving .

Now that time was running out, they didn’t dare to delay . Sima You Yue stayed here, while they quickly went through the ancient books to find a solution . Because of the lack of manpower, the guards were transferred over along .

Besides the city lord and four major stewards, these guards had the most clear understanding of the thing in the forbidden area .

They hope that they can find a good solution in the two days .

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