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Chapter 1345: 1345
Chapter 1345: Two Choices

“Woof woof woof———”

Blacky saw the thing inside the pond getting more agitatedly, and surging out . He barked at it, and the other party quieted down .

Sima You Yue patted Blacky gratefully . Then she said to the thing in the pond, “You’ve never gone out before?”

“Never . ” That thing seemed to be afraid of Blacky getting angry again . It spoke carefully, “From the moment I gained consciousness, they had sealed me in here . I’ve never gone out before . ”

“From the moment you gained consciousness?” Si Yue was surprised . “Isn’t it because you did bad things, so you got sealed?”

“Nothing of such!” The voice growled . It was not so polite to Si Yue . “I’ve never done anything . They kept me here for many years . I want to get out! I want to get out!”


Mu Si was hurt by the thing’s aura and spat out blood .

“Don’t make noises!” Sima You Yue felt her organs tremble . She frowned and shouted .

She came beside Mu Si . She checked his pulse and gave him a pill .

“If you are like this again, I will destroy you!” She threatened .

The water in the pond calmed down .

“Mu Si, how are you?” Si Yue ran over .

“He’s alright . He was injured by the shock . He will be fine after taking some pills . ” Sima You Yue replied . She took out a chair and said to Mu Si, “Sit here to rest . ”

Mu Si’s face was pale . He sat down on the chair according to Sima You Yue .

In order to prevent this from happening again, Sima You Yue set up a small spirit barrier to protect Mu Si .

She came beside the pond . “I can hear that you want to leave her . However, if you leave, will this city disappear? Is that why you have been locked here?”

“No! That’s not the case!” The voice retorted, “Initially, they imprisoned me here to absorb power from me . Later, they were afraid of my backlash, so they wanted to imprison here forever . ”

“Who wanted your power? The residents in the city, or the city lord?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Hmph, no matter how powerful I am, I can’t be used for millions of people to cultivate . ”

“So, it’s for city lord’s cultivation . ” Sima You Yue concluded .

“Not only the city lord, also the city lord’s successor . But the successor did not come here much . ”

“They wanted to lock you here . As a result, they didn’t expect for thousands of years, you gained your intellect . ” Sima You Yue said . “Now you don’t want to be restrained so you started to resist . They fear you . They could only suppress you with a stronger seal . ”

“That’s it . ”

“You have accumulated years of resentment . If you come one, you would definitely start a massacre . ”

“I thought so before . ” That thing said honestly . “I have been locked for so many years, I am not reconciled! I want revenge! I want to kill everyone! I want to kill everyone!”

The thing was agitated again, and the water in the pond surged . Fortunately, Mu Si was protected by the spirit barrier this time and wasn’t hurt again .

“Really a pity . ” Sima You Yue said sympathetically .

If she was kept in this pond from birth… .

As she pondered, she shuddered . This idea was too scary . If it were her, she would go crazy . Mm, she would be like this thing and wanted to destroy everyone .

Sima You Yue sympathized with the thing, but she didn’t completely believe it .

Her thoughts turned . If she could take in such a powerful thing… .

“So, if you leave here, there will be no impact on the residents of the city?” She asked .

“No . ” The voice replied . “I have no connection to this city . How could something like that happen?!”

It’s answer was too quick, which made people feel it was unbelievable .

“Little sister, do you want to rescue her?” Si Yue asked .

Sima You Yue did not expect Si Yue to be so sensitive . She had guessed her thoughts already .

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“Do you think it’s possible?” She didn’t conceal it . She was looking for her father . Maybe she would need Si Yue’s help . Before, she had openly defended her in front of so many people . She still remembered this act of kindness .

Si Yue gazed down at the water in the pond and frowned . “I don’t understand this thing . If you let it out, what should we do if it hurts people? Also, they won’t allow you to let it out . ”

“True . if I let it out, the old witch probably won’t let me leave alive . ” Sima You Yue said .

“If you let me out, I will protect you while you leave!”

The thing was taking the opportunity .

“If I let you out, would you be willing to recognize me as master?” Sima You Yue asked .

“This is a method . ” Si Yue commented . “If it recognizes you as master, it won’t hurt others without your command . At the same time, it can protect you, even if they would be unhappy about it . They can’t do anything to you!”

“You don’t want her to recognize you as her master?” Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows .

“Forget it! It’s so powerful . I don’t have to ability to suppress it, let alone recognize me as master . I will get backlash from it at any time . ” Si Yue could see clearly . She wasn’t blinded because the thing was powerful .

He Bo in the back wanted to say something . He opened and closed his mouth . Finally he decided to remain silent .

Young Miss saw things more clearly than him!

This thing was so powerful . If there was nothing to restrain it or suppress it, even if it did recognized a master now, it might retaliate whenever it wanted to . By then, the master and servant position would switch . In the worst case, one would directly lose one’s life .

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While Sima You Yue had Blacky . Everyone could tell that thing was afraid of Blacky . With Blacky, it dare to not go against Sima You Yue .

Therefore, only Sima You Yue could take in this thing .

Sima You Yue saw her understanding . She felt she was indeed a girl worthy of deep friendship .

Too many people in this world were greedy . How many could recognize the essence that in the presence of great power, to not be fooled by these temptations?

“If you get it, maybe you can really find your father this time around . But for this thing to recognize you as master . I’m afraid it won’t be easy . ” Si Yue said .

Sima You Yue also felt it wouldn’t be easy . She turned and looked at the pond . “If you recognize me as master, I will take you out . Are you willing to?”

“Recognize you as master? No! Impossible! I won’t recognize a human as my master! But if you let me out, I am willing to do two things for you in return . ” The thing cried .

“Really? Do you really think I will let you leave here for free?” Sima You Yue shrugged . “Either you accept me as master, or you continue to stay here . You chose . ”

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