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Chapter 1338: 1338
Chapter 1338: The Counterattack of the Black Fog

Her voice was tense and it frightened the others . They also felt that black fog was spreading out more .

Sima You Yue looked at the Si family amusedly . It turned out Si Yue’s temperament was not only because of living in a happy family, but also of genetic factors .

Didn’t they see that this family was anxious to see the world in disorder? Even at this time, they were not afraid of offending the Zhang family .

But what she wasn’t aware was that the Si family and Zhang family were equal in strength . They were the rulers of their respective side of the city, south and north . So there was no need to fear the Zhang family .

Except for a person at the helm like Zhang Hao in the Zhang family, the relationship between Si family and Wu Man was not a coverup .

“The thing is about to counterattack, don’t you want to hurry up and try it?” Meng Sha said solemnly .

“No! How can we do such a thing!” Zhang Hu shouted .

“That’s right . It is impossible to do this!” Others objected as well .

How could it be possible for them to do this?! How were they going to boss around in the Ghost City in the future?!

“Really?” Sima You Yue shrugged . “Just then you were so righteously talking about the people in the city . You haven’t even tried, how do you know it won’t work? I think you don’t want to?”

“Little miss, don’t go too far!”

“Pfff——-” Sima You Yue revealed a smile . “I want to ask, how am I going far? I wasted so much energy, yet I got nothing . Instead you accused me of all kinds of charges . It seems I can’t be a good person . ”

“You… . . ”

“Since local people like you don’t think for the people, I think I also don’t need to do anything . ” Sima You Yue continued .

“Little miss, didn’t you just say you were tired? After taking such a long rest, you should be good?” Zhang Hao asked .

“Oh, I am alright after half an hour! Everyone obviously should contribute, but it has become only my problem . Others are there to watch the fun . I do not feel fair . Once I do not feel fair, my heart gets tired . Sigh, I guess I haven’t had a good rest . ” Sima You Yue shook her head and sighed .

If it wasn’t for the wrong occasion, Si Yue would definitely have laughed at her image . On the other hand, Si Kong gave her a thumbs up .

“What do you want?” Zhang Hao was furious . This junior has disregarded his face from time to time repeatedly . His heart was moved with murderous intention .

How could Sima You Yue not feel it . He wanted to kill her for this petty matter . But she was the only one who held that thing down . What a good “steward”!

“Nothing much . I said before that this is only my problem . My heart is tired . If you want me not to be tired, then you should at least show that everyone is working hard on this matter . Otherwise, this tired heart can’t be cured . ”

“Little sister, since you’re so tired, let’s leave it alone . Let’s go to the north city . Anyways, if this thing spreads, the people in the south city will be killed first . When everyone in the south city dies, you’ll be well rested . By then, you would have a better chance of winning . People in other places won’t have any losses . ” Si Yue looked distressed for Sima You Yue .

“Sure . ”

“Then let’s go back . ” Si Yue came beside Sima You Yue . “Father, open a space tunnel, let’s go back for rest . ”

Si Kong did as she said . He drew seals with one hand as if he really wanted to open a space tunnel .

The black fog seemed as it heard Sima You Yue wanted to leave and felt that it could counterattack . It began to surge again .

“You guys go try it . ” Zhang Hao reluctantly ordered . His face had turned increasingly dark .

As he said that, Si Kong stopped his movements, waiting for the following action .

Those from the Zhang family were completely stunned . He really wanted them to try?

How could that be?!

“What are you standing there for, go!” Zhang Hao kicked Zhang Hu down when he saw they were still here .

Zhang Hu arrived a few meters before the black fog . Though Zhang Hao was angry, he still know his measures and didn’t directly kick the person into the black fog .

Seeing Zhang Hao was furious, he didn’t say anything . Even if he went back up, he’ll force dowan again?

In fact, if he didn’t go up, he couldn’t go down!

At this moment, many people were standing midair outside the forbidden area . They couldn’t enter . Though they were far away, they could still see .

The patrol team couldn’t block everyone out? At most, they could keep them from getting close . As for whether they were able to see, it didn’t matter to them .

Those people had been watching for a long time . At first, they heard Sima You Yue said she wouldn’t go, and they complained about her in their hearts . But slowly they realized that it was the Zhang Family who was causing trouble again!

People in the city were already disgusted with the Zhang family . But because how big the family was, who dared to mess with them?

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In addition, everyone had heard what Si Yue said . Zhang family indeed had said they were the most powerful .

Since the Zhang family was so good, let them prove it!

“Elder Zhang Hu, our lives are up to you!” Someone shouted from outside .

Zhang Hu’s group noticed a lot of people were watching the excitement .

Whether they want to do it, they would have no . Otherwise, these people would say Zhang family did not care for them!

No matter how powerful the Zhang family was, if they offended the entire city, they would lose their position in the city .

“Zhang Hu!” Zhang Hao shouted through gritted teeth .

Of course, the target of him gritting his teeth was at Si family and Sima You Yue .

Zhang Hu knew that he couldn’t escape it today . His hands condensed spirit power to attack that thing . But before he released his spirit power, he was poured down by a basin of cold water .

“If you dare attack it, I guarantee you won’t live for another second . ” Sima You Yue said quietly .

This thing was afraid of Blacky, so it stayed in place and didn’t come out . If it was attacked, it wouldn’t continue being passive!

“Then what should I do?” Zhang Hu regretted as soon as he asked .

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“Didn’t you just say that Blacky only howl twice? Then you should also howl . Remember, it’s more useful to howl like my Blacky . ” Sima You Yue stroked Blacky .

“Impossible!” How could Zhang Hu let himself learn how to bark . He continued to condense spirit power then attacked toward the black fog .

The black fog was originally suppressed by Blacky . It was already uncomfortable . Now it was being beaten by someone else . Anger welled up, and the black fog surged over in an instant . Zhang Hu was enveloped before he could escape .

Soon, the black fog retreated . A pile of bones remained in Zhang Hu’s place .

When Sima You Yue saw the pile of white bones, her heart felt similar to when she first met Blacky .

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