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Chapter 1339: Nipping Trouble at the Bud

Blacky understood Sima You Yue’s thoughts. He glanced contemptuously at the white bones on the ground and whimpered twice as if dissatisfied with her.

What was this thing?! How could she compare it to him! Yue Yue was too much!

The scene was similar to when Sia You Yue first saw Blacky, so she wasn’t as surprise. But for others, it was different. Many people were shocked.

“So powerful! This Zhang Hu is also a paragon rank expert, but he has been reduced to bones. What is this thing?”

“No matter what it is, as long as it sees, as long as you touch it by a bit, it will kill you and me!”

“That is so! I didn’t expect this thing to be so powerful. Fortunately, we didn’t go down!”

The Zhang family people were frightened. The strength of Zhang Hu wasn’t high nor was it low. He turned into a pile of bones in a while. It wasn’t going to be an easy task ahead.

“It’s all you! It was your fault for threatening them to go down! You have a way to save everyone, why didn’t you? You have to kill brother Hu Zi. What kind of heart does your Si family have?!” A girl burst into tears when she saw Zhang Hu. She wanted to rush to kill Sima You Yue, but seeing the Si family behind her. She didn’t dare to.

Sima You Yue surprised at her calling him, Brother Hu Zi? Why would anyone use such a nickname?

From this point of view, the relationship between her and Zhang Hu was pretty good.

Si Yue wanted to yell at this girl, but Sima You Yue grabbed her arm, stopping her. Si Yue knew Sima You Yue was good at refuting so she didn’t speak, instead waiting for her to speak.

“This old lady, what you said is wrong!” As soon as Sima You Yue spoke, she poked Shi Li Sha’s sore spot. Anger appeared on her grieving face.

“What old lady, are you blind?!” Shi Li Sha cried out.

“This Zhang Hu is the elder of the Zhang family. He is definitely not young, most likely older than my grandfather. Since you called him brother Hu Zi, your age wouldn’t differ from him much. Otherwise, why didn’t you call him uncle Hu Zi?” Sima You Yue explained slowly.


“Old lady, I’m showing you respect because of your age and I think you’re a reasonable person. I reminded Zhang Hu before he began to not use spirit power. But he didn’t listen. Can you blame me?” Sima You Yue interrupted her with an innocent look.

“If it weren’t for you to make him go down, how would he….” Shi Li Sha looked at Sima You Yue hatefully as if she couldn’t wait to tear her.

“Old lady, you are wrong again.” Sima You Yue said. “I didn’t make him go down. Wasn’t he kicked down by steward Zhang? I didn’t say that I wouldn’t care if he didn’t go down. From start to finish, I’ve said that I’m tired and need to rest.”

What she said was correct. But everyone could tell that Sima You Yue let them go down on purpose!


“Furthermore, Old Lady, this Zhang Hu relied on his own strength. He doesn’t care for the reminders of us little shrimps. How can you put this on me? If he didn’t use his spirit power, he would still be alive now. So, old lady, this person is at fault for his own choice.” Sima You Yue continued.

“Isn’t that so. My little sister reminded him, and everyone here all witnessed it. Do you still want to deny it?” Si Yue said. “Hmph, you want to blame my little sister, my Si family will not stand by!”

Sima You Yue turned and smiled gratefully at Si Yue. This girl kept calling her little sister. She was almost getting used to it.

Shi Li Sha knew the status of the Si family. She no longer shouted and cried kill in front of everyone. She hated her in her heart, and prepared to find a chance to kill her.

It would be strange if Sima You Yue could not sense the obvious killing intent. To a bomb that could go off anytime, she would better dismantle it earlier.

“Since this old lady loves your brother Hu Zi so much, how about you go down to collect his bones. It’s been a while since a corpse is exposed in full view….” Sima You Yue reminded her “kindly.”

“I don’t need you to tell me!” Shi Li Sha snorted coldly. She hesitated before flying down.

She thought that when Zhang Hu first went down, the black fog didn’t react. It was only when Zhang Hu attacked with spirit power. So as long as she didn’t attack, the black fog shouldn’t attack her.

It was a pity not everything was what she thought. In other words, perhaps without Sima You Yue, everything would be what she thought.

Unfortunately, she wanted to kill You Yue, so You Yue didn’t want her to live either.

Just when she landed and leaned over to pick up the bones of Zhang Hu, Sima You Yue poked Blacky’s head lightly. Blacky shrank his neck unhappily and a low whimper sounded.

Everyone knew Shi Li Sha and Zhang Hu’s relationship. So it wasn’t a surprise to them when she went to collect the body. They thought the same as Shi Li Sha. As long as she didn’t use spirit power, there would be no problem.

But what made them stunned was the moment she went to pick up the bones, this is, when Blacky whimpered, the black fog counterattack again, swepting up Shi Li Sha.

The final result was self-evident. Shi Li Sha didn’t take Zhang Hu’s bones back. Instead there was another pile of bones on the ground.

“It seems that this thing is very upset that Zhang Hu used spirit power to attack it. Even the person who went to collect the body wasn’t let off.” Si Yue giggled a few times and clapped her hands.

Others hadn’t noticed Sima You Yue’s action just then. She was right beside You Yue, so she naturally discovered it. The same went for Wu Man on the other side. For the Zhang family, one or two deaths had no effect on her.

The Zhang family didn’t expect to lose two lower paragon rank people one after another. Their faces were beyond dark.

It was all because of Sima You Yue. if it weren’t for her, how could Zhang Hu and her died? How could they lose two experts?!

But no matter how they hated her, they couldn’t touch her before this matter was resolved.

“Have you rest enough?” Zhang Hao didn’t even use a little miss this time. He was furious.

“No!” The more it was so, the more Sima You Yue refused to give face and directly refused.

“Didn’t you say that after they go down and try, you’ll be well rested?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said.” Sima You Yue nodded. “But wasn’t it just one person? There are so many people who spoke just now. They must all try. How would I know if it works?”

When she said this, the faces of people who had spoken to her all paled.

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