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Chapter 1337: 1337
Chapter 1337: Do You Want to Howl Too

Sima You Yue also looked at Si Kong, waiting to see what he would say .

Si Kong understood Wu Man’s hints . He swallowed his words and switched it with euphemism .

“Zhang Hao, are you idle enough to find problems?” He gleaned at the people who were talking . “My child didn’t say she won’t do it, but only said she’d like to rest for a while . You’re making it all awkward . My child has a bad temper . I usually have to coax her yet you’re giving her an attitude . Tell me, are you deliberately not wanting her to do it?”

“We didn’t!” Those people seemed to have realized how serious the consequences of making Sima You Yue angry . They calmed down .

“Everyone has seen it . I don’t need to say anymore . ” Si Kong continued .

“They were wrong just now . Little miss, don’t be angry . ” Zhang Hao coaxed .

Sima You Yue curled her lips . Saying that others were wrong, he didn’t expect the first person who made her uncomfortable was him!

Since he didn’t recognize his own mistake, she remained silent about his words .

“Alright, child, this is not only them . ” Wu Man said . “Although you said that, we all know that you actually care about the people in the city . ”

“Isn’t that so? The Si family wasn’t there then, but you came right after the accident . Isn’t that to protect everyone?” Luo Qi chimed in .

“Yeah! We all saw it . What you said just now was out of anger . ” Others added .

Sima You Yue’s lips twitched . These people were flattering her!

“Si Kong, what do you have to say about this situation?” Zhang Hao didn’t have the time to coax a child .

“Zhang Hao, I’ve said it countless times . My child is tired! Tired! Since she is tired, of course she should rest! Only after rest would she have strength to deal with such a scary thing . ” Si Kong said .

“When can she rest well?”

“This is hard to say . ” Sí Kong replied . “You also know that this thing is so powerful . It takes a lot of energy to drive it back . Right, child . ”

“Mm, but I think others won’t believe what godfather said . ” Sima You Yue affirmed . “Didn’t they just say that it’s simple? Let them try . Let them howl, or let their spirit beasts go howl . It might be useful! Anyways, to them it is a simple matter . ”

“That’s right!” Si Yue clapped her hands . “They said it like it’s so easy, let them go experience it . If their howl is useless, then try Blacky’s method . Maybe that’ll work . Right, little sister?”

Sima You Yue held back her smile . Did this guy want them to learn how to bark? But there was no expression on her face that revealed she was scamming them . On the contrary, she looked very serious as if doing that was really useful .

She nodded in agreement . “Yes, I think during the rest period, they should try that . Maybe it will work!”

“How can this do?”


Those people immediately objected . Let them go learn how to bark, wasn’t this insulting them?!

“I think it’s okay . ” Meng Sha interjected . “Anyways, little miss is tired now . So let others try . Maybe it will work? We don’t have to look at Si family’s face to do things . ”

Sima You Yue glanced at Meng Sha . Although this guy looks soft, he seemed to be one of cruel masters . His statement showed that he was clearly dissatisfied with Sima You Yue and Si family . But on a closer look, this was helping them because he said to try not saying who could do it . Then they wouldn’t have to look at their mood .

Everyone understood his meaning . Only Blacky who was in Sima You Yue’s arms could do it . Not everyone could accomplish it .

“I also think it’s feasible . ” Luo Qi said . “The situation now is special . If others can’t force it back, we might be able to feel relieved sooner . Wu Man, what do you think?”

“I have no objections . ” Wu Man replied .

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Sima You Yue looked at these stewards who were speaking nonsense with a serious face in amazement . She thought to herself, these people had high levels of entrapment!

However, she didn’t think these people were all helping her . Wu Man had a good relationship with Si Family . She would be, but Luo Qi and Meng Sha, it was not necessary . Maybe they were just dissatisfied with these people and taking the opportunity to scam them .

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that was the case . These people offended her so they created such a scene . Otherwise, they would have rushed the thing back now .

“Since you all agreed, you can try it . ” Meng Sha said . “See if this is so easy . If it is, then this little miss won’t have to hang out in the Ghost City in the future . If not, we can’t wrong her . ”

“Yes, that’s right . Uncle Meng is right . We all have to be fair . ” Si Yue said .

Zhang Hao wanted to refute, but the other three had agreed and understood that they had offended Sima You Yue . if her anger couldn’t subside, this matter would not be able to advance .

The people were not from the Zhang family . The south of the city had made allies with the Zhang family . If they really were to do that, wouldn’t it be slapping their face?

The Si family was really hateful . When this matter is over, he’d teach them a lesson! He eyes Si Kong and the group . He didn’t hide the hatred in his eyes .

With his gaze, SIma You Yue understood his thoughts . She wasn’t afraid of offending the Zhang family . Besides, after her father gets found, she would definitely want to leave . Moreover, she killed Zhang Shuo, so this hatred was already there .

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However, Si family was different . She could leave but the Si family would still be here . Though she heard Wu Man’s relationship with Zhang Hao wasn’t good . There were few exchanges between the north city and south city . Afterall, Zhang Hao was in charge of south city . If a fallout occurred, it would be troublesome .

Just as she was about to say something, Si Kong spoke up in the same tone as before .

“I also think this method is feasible . When my child is resting, we can see the skills of Old Zhang and your family . They all say this would be easy . It’s not good to do nothing!”

“Isn’t that so . ” Si family third brother also echoed . “I heard Zhang family alway said that they are better than Si family . Today will be an eye opener for us . If so, we’ll admit that .

“Mm, we’ll be waiting . ” Si family eldest brother said .

“Right, right . When I was playing around the city, I heard the Zhang family claimed they are the largest family in Ghost City, no one can compare? As long as they’re here, the other families have to stand aside . Steward Zhang, since your Zhang family have said so, we have to see if it’s true! We are all acquaintances . If this is true, we must acknowledge you’re number one . Do you see that thing is about to come up? So,all of you, quickly go howl . Otherwise, it’ll get back up!”

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