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Chapter 1287: Chapter 1287 - : Clan Leader arrives
Chapter 1287: Clan Leader arrives

After striking a few times, the lightning calamity left just like that and the three who were being left off easily couldn’t bear to watch anymore .

Sima You Yue returned after settling the lightning calamity and the both of them stopped to chat .

Wu Lingyu saw that she had returned and walked forwards to receive her, asking, “How was it?”

“I’m fine, but something seems to be up with Little Golden . After it was struck twice, it fell into a coma . ” Sima You Yue said .

“It should be digesting the energy by the lightning calamity . There’s no need to worry . ” Wu Lingyu tidied her slightly ruffled hair, “Did you pass it well this time?”

“Yeah . The Cloud Spirit let me off quite easily, this is hardly anything to me . ” Sima You Yue smiled in reply .

“If others heard you speak, they would wonder if they should envy you or laugh at your misery for being struck so many times . ” Tang Yun walked over and couldn’t help but laugh .

“No matter how they think, it doesn’t affect me . ” Sima You Yue said nonchalantly .

“Your attitude is really…” Tang Yun watched Sima you Yue, “Are you really a little child? How is your personality so stable?”

“What do you think?” Sima You Yue threw the question back at him .

“You don’t seem like one . ” Tang Yun spoke his true feelings, “Your attitude is even better than those undying oldies . You were an old person who recovered their youth, right?”

“You can think about it slowly . I won’t tell you . ” Sima You Yue said, “Lingyu, let’s return . We left without saying anything and they’ll be really worried if they find us missing . ”

“Alright . ” Wu Lingyu pulled on her hand and opened a portal through space as he turned around to look at Tang Yun .

Tang Yun initially thought that he was turning around goodnaturedly to invite him to return with them, but before he managed to say anything, Wu Lingyu poured a bucket of cold water on his original thoughts .

“Wait for us to leave before you do . ”

After Wu Lingyu said this, he pulled Sima You Yue through the portal and left . The moment they entered it, the portal closed .

Tang Yun saw that the portal had closed just like that and couldn’t help but sigh, “One really forgets their friends once they have their wife! Sigh, I should just go back on my own . ”

After he sighed, he opened his own portal and returned on his own .

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu suddenly appeared in the courtyard, giving the guys inside a shock .

“You Yue, why did you come back from the outside?”

“I went outside to go through a calamity . ” Sima You Yue said .

The few of them looked at her with shock, “You increased in rank again?”

“Mm, when I was unconscious, Little Golden formed a contract with me then I grew in rank . ” Sima You Yue said, “However, because of the power of the contract, my wounds healed as well . ”

“It’s fine as long as you are well . ” Bei Gong Tang saw that her skin had recovered back to its original state without leaving behind any scars and finally relaxed .

Ximen, Sima Liu Yun and the others had all come over . When they saw that Sima You Yue had already recovered, they were initially calm but they were shocked later on .

“It’s only been a few days right? You recovered so quickly? It’s so good to be young!” Sima Liu Feng came to Sima You Yue’s side and walked around her twice, chuckling and sighing .

“It’s all good as long as you have recovered . ” Sima Liu Yun didn’t acknowledge that it was because she was young, but he didn’t pursue it any further either .

Baita came in from inside the house and was immediately stunned when he saw that Sima You Yue had already recovered .

“Shopkeeper Bai, is there anything wrong?” Ximen Feng spoke out, interrupting his thoughts .

“Eh, it’s like this . The Sima Clansmen are outside asking how Vice Valley Master’s wounds are . They said that they would like to come in to visit Vice Valley Master . ” Baita came back to his senses and said .

“Sima Clan?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Liu YUn, the men he had brought with him?

“It’s Second Elder along with some people in the clan from your uncle’s generation, which is also your grandfather’s generation . They said that they wanted to come see you . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

Sima You Yue frowned, this seemed to have some deeper implications, right?

“You Yue, no matter what you say, you’re still from the Sima Clan . Blood from the Sima Clan flows within your veins . ” SIma Liu Feng said, “Although you do not like the people from the Sima Clan, it’s still our home . ”

“However, to me, it’s merely a place where we all have the same surname . ” Sima You Yue said, “It has never nurtured me, neither has it taught me . I have never eaten a single meal there nor taken a single pill . ”

“The clan has let you down, but you can’t throw away the fact that you are from the Sima Clan . ” A voice came in from the window . Then, a portal in space opened and a few elders dressed in white came out .

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun were stunned when they saw those people, and they immediately bowed, “Greetings, Clan Leader and elders of the clan . ”

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“Clan Leader, weren’t you all in seclusion? Why have you all come out?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“Gang Yi called for us . ”Although Clan Leader Sima, Sima Zhi Yuan, answered Sima Liu Feng’s question, his eyes had remained on Sima You Yue, wandering around .

Sima Gang Yi was the great elder . This time, because of the clan and the need to take care of it, he did not come with them . They didn’t think that this old guy would actually come here in person .

“You Yue, this is the clan leader . These are the elders of our clan . ” Sima Liu Feng introduced them .

Sima You Yue bowed lightly to them, saying, “I, Vice Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley, greets Clan Leader Sima . ”

When she said this, the expressions of the elders from the Sima Clan fell .

“I am your great grandfather . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

“My grandfather’s parents have long since died in the Yilin continent . ” Sima You Yue smiled lightly, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes .

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun jumped in shock when they heard what she said . They hurriedly explained, “Clan Leader, You Yue doesn’t mean that . She’s merely…”

Sima Zhi Yuan waved a hand to cut them off . He stared at Sima You Yue, saying, “I’ve seen your reports . You are arrogant, but no matter how arrogant you are, you cannot deny that you are from the Sima Clan . ”

Sima You Yue shrugged, saying, “If I wasn’t extraordinary, without my powerful contracted beasts, and without my talents, would you still be saying these things?”

Sima Liu Feng lowered his head, feeling hurt . Although they kept talking about the clan, the clan had been increasingly disappointing over the years . You Yue was right . If she was not as powerful as she was, would the clan get so many people to come and invite her home?

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Sima Zhi Yuan saw the rage in her eyes and was silent for a while . He finally said solemnly, “Why do you think that you were able to live to such an old age?”

Sima You Yue’s eyebrows furrowed, “What do you mean? Should I thank you for not killing me that year?”

Sima Zhi Yuan shook his head . He didn’t say anything, but released some spirit energy .

Sima Liu Yun thought that heh was going to do something to Sima You YUe and subsciously wanted to step in front of her to shield her, but Sima You Yue pulled on his arm .

Sima Liu Yun turned around and looked at her . She was looking straight at the spirit energy in Sima Zhi Yuan’s hand, her face a look of incredulity .

She walked over blankly and stretched a hand forward to touch his spirit energy, muttering, “How could this…”

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