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Chapter 1288: Chapter 1288 - He’s the one who did the seal!

Chapter 1288: He’s the one who did the seal!

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Sima You Yue felt a familiar aura, she took two steps back while shaking her head and said, “No, it can’t… . ”

It was the first time everyone saw her being this shocked, they wanted to ask her what happened but they didn’t dare to while being under Sima Zhi Yuan’s pressure .

Wu Lingyu held her shoulders and used a little power to let her feel his existence and support .

“So, do you understand now?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked as he removed his spiritual energy .

“How is that possible!” Sima You Yue looked at him, “Isn’t that the seal Father and Mother gave me? How could it be you?”

She was too familiar with the sealed dark spiritual energy in her body, she always thought it was her parents that sealed it, because Sima Liu Yun also said that their spiritual energy was emptied after she was born .

When she heard it, she thought it was her parents who had sealed it and used up all their spiritual energy . So she always thought that it was her parents that sealed it .

But, now that she felt Sima Zhi Yuan’s aura was the same as the sealed aura in her body, it meant that the dark spiritual energy was sealed by Sima Zhi Yuan!

If it was true, she wouldn’t know what used up her parents’ spiritual energy after giving birth to her, she wouldn’t know if they couldn’t find them .

If it was true, then wouldn’t the person right before her eyes claiming to be her Great Grandfather knew everything?

“When your Father carried you back to the clan, although it brought us a lot of trouble, we didn’t abandon you . Although I’m the one who sealed it, a few Elders from the clan helped too, if not, I can’t seal it with my own power . ”

“So you know my physique too?” Sima You Yue asked .

“If we don’t know about your physique, why would we seal it for you?” Sima Zhi Yuan continued, “Although we’ve let you down these years, we’ve never abandoned you before . ”

Although Sima You Yue didn’t want to believe what he said, the seal in her body told her what he said was true .

Although Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng didn’t know about the seal, they understood a little after hearing their exchanges .

“But if that’s true, why did I get hurt by the clan? Why did I get stranded on

“You didn’t get stranded on the lower continent . ” Sima Zhi Yuan corrected her .

“Didn’t get stranded on the lower continent?”

“When your Father brought you away, a few Clan Elders and I knew about it . Actually, it’s what your Father wanted and also what the clan wanted . ” Sima Zhi Yuan continued, “You’re a smart kid, you should understand . Your identity was odd, everyone in the inner regions was looking at you, noticing you . We had to protect you if anyone tried to attack you . Although the clan can protect you, can you grow up like how you did now?”

The answer was obviously not!

“Getting you out was something your Father and I agreed to do . In order to protect you from anyone knowing your whereabouts, I asked your Father to bring you away . But I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t come back after leaving . ” This Elder was regretful thinking about how she went missing from the first day she came into the clan .

Sima You Yue went silent . She needed time to think about what he said .

“Clan Leader, since you know everything, do you know where Liu Xuan is?” Sim Liu Feng asked .

“I don’t know . Initially, we agreed that he will come back after settling the child, but he disappeared . But I think, according to his character, he should have gone to Ghost Realm after hearing things around . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

“Why didn’t you send anyone to look for him after knowing that my Father is injured?”

“Since when did I not? If the clan disallowed it, would both your Uncles be able to search for him for so many years?” Sima Zhi Yuan continued, “Alright child, the world is not as bad as you thought, the clan wasn’t as heartless as you thought, come home . ”

He said this calmly, but Sima You Yue felt the love and expectations from an Elder to a younger generation .

So it turned out that both Uncles were searching for so many years under their silent agreement .

“I need to think about it . ” She just found out something that she didn’t know, she needed to gather her emotions .

“We can stay here for a few days . ” Sima Zhi Yuan didn’t get her to make a decision right away . He knew it would backfire if he pressed her too much . “We’ll stay beside you for these few days . Are these houses vacant?”

“One of them isn’t . ” Wu Lingyu announced his rights .

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng wanted to say that they would stay the ones besides, but they swallowed their words after seeing Sima Zhi Yuan staring at them .

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Forget it, they gave up the room, it would be a good idea if the Clan Leader and Sima You Yue could get closer .

“Then we’ll stay on the other side . ” Sima Zhi Yuan was satisfied with their behavior, he said smilingly, “Then it settles then . You Yue, you wouldn’t mind, right?”

Sima You Yue shrugged her shoulders, “Up to you guys . ”

They didn’t take up her room anyway, she wouldn’t care about that .

Ximen Feng didn’t mind too, these are Sima You Yue’s family, he wouldn’t interfere, he would support her since she didn’t disagree with it .

“I’ll get someone to clean up the room . ” Baita said to Sima You Yue as he observed the situation well .

“Alright . You get someone to clean up, clear the other houses too . ” Sima You Yue ordered .

“Sure, Vice Valley Master . Oh right, those people who are outside who said they wanted to see you… . ”

“Let them find an inn to stay in . ” Sima Liu Yun continued, “If they don’t listen, then say it’s from the Clan Leader . ”

“Alright . Valley Master, Vice Valley Master, I’ll arrange it now . ” Baita said .

“Clan Leader Sima, our… . ”

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“What do you mean by Clan Leader Sima, address me as Great Grandfather!” Sima Zhi Yuan interrupted her .

Sima You Yue glared at him, didn’t he say that he wouldn’t press her?

Sima Zhi Yuan saw how displeased she was and explained, “Regardless whether you’re willing to come back or not, our blood ties can’t be cut . Addressing me as Great Grandfather doesn’t mean you’re back into the Clan . People in the clan can’t even call me Great Grandfather, they can only call me Clan Leader! Ask both of them if you don’t believe . ”

Sima Liu Yun nodded, Sima Liu Feng complained, “Clan Leader, you’re so biased . You’re our Great Grandfather, why don’t you allow us to call you Great Grandfather!”

“You Yue is still young, are you guys still young?”

Sima Zhi Yuan chided, Sima Liu Feng became obedient immediately, but he mouthed something .

Sima You Yue was right opposite him, seeing his mouth, she laughed and pursed her lips .

He complained, “We couldn’t even do that when we were young too, didn’t we? You’re just biased . ”

Sima Liu Yun didn’t speak, but it was obvious what he meant .

What Liu Feng said was right, you were a biased old man!

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