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Chapter 1286: Chapter 1286 - Ancient Soaring Serpent!

Chapter 1286: Ancient Soaring Serpent!

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Wu Lingyu didn’t know about Tan Yun’s identity before this either .  The two of them had a relatively good relationship, but it didn’t mean that they would trade secrets .

Later on when his souls fused, he became more sensitive towards the aura of the devil clan . Only then did he know his true identity .

At that time, he was really surprised . Later on, when he found out about Tang Yun, the two of them became closer .

“The devil realm is rather chaotic right now . If you return, your enemies would probably have no time to chase you down . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“That’s not necessarily true . ” Tang Yun’s eyes flashed with malice, “However, no matter what, I definitely have to go to the devil realm!”

“Mm . Take revenge when it needs to be done . ”

“You should hurry back to settle the things on that side . This way, there won’t be so many loose ends when I return!” Tang Yun said .

“I asked you to return with me but you didn’t want to . ”

“Next time, perhaps . Once I gather the courage to return, I will definitely head back along with you . ”

As they were talking, Sima You Yue, who was in the calamity cloud didn’t hear a thing . At this moment, she was having a drink with the cloud spirit .

“Where have you been all these years?” Cloud Spirit raised the wine jar to its head . This jar of wine was gone in less than two minutes .

It savoured two more mouthfuls . It was this familiar taste!

“I went to a land of paradise and stayed there for twenty years . ” Sima You Yue said, “What, did you miss me a lot?”

“I missed your wine . ” Cloud Spirit said straightforwardly .

“You said it before that the three realms are governed by you . Why was it not you in the wonderlands?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Is the wonderlands classified under the ghost, devil and human realm? That’s not part of the three realms, so how could I be in charge of it . ” Cloud Spirit said .

“So if a calamity happens in the ghost realm, you’re still the one in charge?”

“Yeah . ” Cloud Spirit grabbed onto another jar of wine and buried its head in it immediately .

Sima You Yue watched the grunting cloud spirit and laughed .

If the other two realms were under its jurisdiction as well, she would have a way to deal with her foes in the future .

“Alright, I have to go . You should head down . Oh right, leave behind some wine and pills first . ” Cloud Spirit said as it emptied another jar of wine .

Sima You Yue left behind a pile of fruit wine and pills then flew down .

Just as she landed, a bolt of calamity lightning shot down . It was lucky that it wasn’t a powerful one . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to catch it .

“This cloud spirit, why did it have to strike so quickly!” She muttered, allowing Top Grade Purple Lightning to climb to the top of her head and deal with the rest of the strikes .

Tan Yun saw Sima You Yue deal with the calamity lightning so easily and without a scratch on her . He sighed, “apart from her, I’m afraid that nobody will be able to deal with this so calmly . Eh, why did heaven’s calamity increase in power?”

Wu Lingyu had been watching her the whole time and naturally knew why heaven’s calamity had intensified .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that Little Golden would cause such a huge change to heaven’s calamity when it appeared . This was something that had never happened before .

Little Golden was wrapped around Sima You Yue’s neck . It looked at the calamity cloud in the sky and shrunk its head back a little fearfully .

“If you’re afraid, you should head back first . ” Sima You Yue patted its little head .

“I’m not afraid . ” Little Golden said, “Little Roar and the others can do it, so can I . I am more powerful than they are! Also, I feel like I should be struck once . Although I’m not sure why that’s the case . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Little Golden a little puzzledly, it should be struck once?

“Is it because you’re an ancient beast and you increased in rank, so you should be struck?” She guessed .

Little Golden had no idea . However, its intuition told it that it would be beneficial to get struck .

As such, just as the lightning calamity struck down, Little Golden stretched out towards the sky and met the lightning strike halfway .

The moment the calamity lightning hit its body, Little Golden immediately reverted to its original appearance . Its golden body flashed with the light from the lightning bolt and its hundred-metre long body writhed on the ground as if it had been gravely injured by the lightning bolt .

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“This- this is…” Tang Yun looked at Sima You Yue, “How could, how could this…”

Although Wu Lingyu had always known that Little Golden was an ancient beast, he had never seen its true identity before . Seeing its body today, he was also a little surprised .

Tang Yun glanced at him and saw that he was surprised as well, so he managed to find his equilibrium .

“I didn’t think that the Sacred Beast Soaring Serpent of the legends would be able to live until now . This came out of the spirit stone, right?”

Wu Lingyu nodded as he said with furrowed eyebrows, “I didn’t think that this tiny snake would actually be the Soaring Serpent . This brat, every single one of her contracted beasts are each more powerful than the other!”

“You sound so solemn? Isn’t this a good thing? This luck of hers, since the ancient times, apart from you, nobody else can ever compare . ” Tang Yu said meaningfully .

He wasn’t talking about his current identity, but him as the devil king from a few tens of thousands of years ago .

“That is why I died young . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“What are you worried about?”

“Everyone’s luck is fixed . ” Wu Lingyu said, “If someone’s luck is too good, they will face responsibilities or setbacks . Her luck is too good, the gifts that she’s cultivated along with the different vocations she’s studied, the identities of her contracted beasts, these are all using up her luck . I’m afraid that there will be something that will happen later that we cannot predict . ”

Even he took up a portion of her luck . If she didn’t meet him, her pills, tamed beasts and arrays would not be at the level of competency that they were at now .

Tang Yun knew about this as well . The more powerful one was, the more they would understand the things regarding this .

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“Her luck and talents are truly explosive . Is there anything we can do to resolve it?” Tang Yun asked .

“If it were the past, I might be able to sense something . However, my strength right now…” Wu Lingyu was rather helpless . He couldn’t sense anything in her future, and couldn’t tell if it would be good or bad .

“Why don’t you take some time to look for Yin Lin . Who knows, he might know something . ” Tang Yun suggested .

“Mm . Seems like the only thing I can do . ”

It was just that the two of them knew that Yin Lin might not definitely say something .

“I didn’t think much before, but hearing you speak now, it seems like the continent has recently been extremely chaotic . ” Tang Yun was a little anxious, “Ever since the past, whenever something chaotic would happen, someone prominent would appear . Seeing her now, I’m guessing that the human realm is going to become chaotic soon . ”

“Is it not chaotic enough?” Wu Lingyu said, “Right after all these years, how has the checking been?”

“I don’t know what kind of power it is that is able to make it such that the Sage Pavilion’s information system can’t find out a single bit of information . ” Tang Yun said, “I’m guessing that a few powers might have formed an alliance . Otherwise it wouldn’t be that powerful . ”

“Even you can’t find out anything?” Wu Lingyu was shocked .

Tang Yun nodded, saying, “Mm . Everytime my men go there, they’ll fall back . Although I’ve found many leads, none of them have given me any useful information . I’m wondering whether or not the Sage Pavilion is part of it?”

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