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Chapter 1281: Chapter 1281 - Time freeze

Chapter 1281: Time freeze

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Sima You Yue was happy feeling that familiar power .

“Ah ha—— I have my freedom again!”

Top grade purple lightning’s sound came through proudly and Sima You Yue was excited along with it .

With it here, her life would be saved!

She ate a pill, hoping that the pill would make her body feel better .

She didn’t expect that her spiritual power would recover at this time, or maybe this could be the plan of Heavenly Dao, having to go through Heavenly tribulation once before recovering .

Or maybe it was because this time, she would be striked because she saved those people and the Heavenly Dao knew about it, so it put a stop to her punishment .

But all these weren’t of her concerns, as long as her spiritual energy recovered .

She didn’t have any energy left after eating the pill, and she laid on the floor, looking at the dark tribulation cloud above her, wondering when it would finish .

Top grade purple lightning crawled out from her body, stood on her forehead, looking at the tribulation cloud in the sky with gluttonous eyes .

Tribulation lightning struck . This time, most of it was absorbed by top grade purple lightning and only a little bit went into her body .

Even if it was a little, her current body couldn’t tolerate it, it was so painful that she wanted to faint .

At this time, the sky fluctuated and cracked open as a human silhouette walked out . Everyone was shocked by the scene .

“Who is that? He can actually get into the area of lightning tribulation!” Someone cried out .

Once the lightning tribulation started, the area of lightning tribulation was separated from outside to prevent anyone coming into the area of lightning tribulation to look for trouble .

But this person could actually tore the sky there and went directly to Sima You Yue .

“That’s His Highness Holy Son!” Members of Sage Pavilion recognised and said excitedly .

Tang Yun recognised that person straight away when he appeared, the corner of his lips was curled with a meaningful smile, “Lingyu ah… . It’s been so long since I saw him… . ”

Sima You Yue looked blankly at Wu Lingyu who was coming out from above her and to her side .

“Am I hallucinating?” She said weakly, “Did I miss you too much?”

Wu Lingyu who initially had rage in his eyes became helpless and gentle after hearing what she said .

He squatted down beside her . Seeing how badly her body was after being striked, he carried her and said painfully, “Why do you always do this to yourself?”

With the actual touch, familiar warmth, she blinked her eyes and radiated with happiness . She smiled and said, “It’s really you!”

With her face, the only place that was alright was her eyeballs, the other parts of her were striked and changed beyond recognition .

Even though she looked so scary, he didn’t feel any disdain at all, and he caressed her almost burnt face and said, “Mm, it’s me, I’m back . ”

‘I am back’ . That sentence made her eyes water immediately . She didn’t even cry when she was filled with bruises from the strikes . God knew how much she missed him . There was no news of him in so many years . She was unable to hear his voice, unable to touch him . Finally, now he told her that he was back .

Wu Lingyu was observing for a while in empty space . He watched as she grimaced in pain when she was struck . He saw how she had to tolerate that pain and didn’t even complain or cry out . He didn’t expect that a sentence from himself would make her eyes turn red .

Initially, when he saw her invoking the tribulation, and seeing there were so many people, he didn’t intend to come out . He came out because he felt sorry seeing her in such a bad shape .

“Don’t cry . My heart aches badly when you cry . ” Wu Lingyu wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes . Tears contain salt, if it landed on her face, it would hurt her more .

“Why did you only come back now!” Sima You Yue suddenly complained .

“I came right after the things there became stable, if I’d known earlier that you’ll be in this situation, I would have come back earlier . ” Wu Lingyu quickly explained after her complaints .

Sima You Yue didn’t want to hear his explanation and said, “I got struck and became like this, wouldn’t you see my ugliest side if you come back now . ”

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Wu Lingyu was stunned, it turned out she was talking about this . Seeing the embarrassment in her eyes, he smiled charmingly and said, “You’re beautiful in my eyes no matter how you look . ”

After he spoke, he even gave her a kiss on the lips .

Sima You Yue’s heart melted with this kiss, her lips curled up in a happy smile after seeing the gentleness in his eyes .

The movement of her lips touched the flesh on her face, she breathed in pain .

“Don’t move, let me treat you . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Don’t!” Sima You Yue stopped him, “The tribulation is still going on! You get out first, you’ll definitely be punished for coming in rashly . Quickly get out before the tribulation lightning comes . ”

“It’s alright . ” Wu Lingyu said without a care .

He held her hand, and just as he was preparing to give her some of his spiritual energy, a tribulation lightning above their heads about half a metre thick, struck .

Sima You Yue shouted in shock, people outside were shocked .

Seemed like Heavenly tribulation was unsatisfied with people who came in rashly, this tribulation lightning was thicker than the usual ones, meaning that the power in it was much more .

Wu Lingyu saw the worry in Sima You Yue’s eyes, and he smiled and waved his hand . That tribulation lightning froze in mid air .

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Not only that tribulation lightning, the area of tribulation cloud, tribulation lightning and the Ghost clans were all halted .

A group of people was stunned, Tang Yun who was calm and indifferent stood up from his chair and looked at the frozen scene in disbelief .

“This, this is… . Time freeze?!”

He looked at Wu Lingyu, he was in disbelief to see this scene .

Although the people around didn’t recognise what this was, when they heard him, they understood what it was .

Spatial lock, time freeze, although both of it was something that controlled the surrounding, many people knew the skill, spatial lock, but for time freezing, Wu Lingyu was the first!

People from the outside were blanked out, but it wasn’t because he used time freezing .

“Lingyu, this is… . ” Sima You Yue stared at him blankly .

“Hush——don’t ask about anything, we don’t have time, let me treat you first . ”

Wu Lingyu smiled at her gently, and hugged her shoulders with his left hand, his right hand was placed on her forehead, a warm sensation flowed from her head to limbs and bones, the pain in her body lessened by a lot .

Two minutes later, he removed his hands, put her on the floor and said, “This is the most I can do, but it’s enough for you to pass the tribulation . I’ll wait for you outside . ”

After he spoke, he disappeared from her side and appeared outside the tribulation cloud . At the same time, that tribulation lightning in the mid air struck rapidly .

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