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Chapter 1282: Chapter 1282 - Last breath
Chapter 1282: Last breath

The lightning that was paused in mid air struck and those Ghost clansmen started again . The shrieking started, the whole area of tribulation cloud started to be in chaos again .

Some of them were escaping, dying and resisting, it seemed like the two minute frozen frame didn’t exist .

That lightning tribulation struck again and the top grade purple lightning ate half of it while the rest was seeped into Sima You Yue’s body . If it wasn’t for the treatment from Wu Lingyu, it might have taken half of her life .

Although it was only for two minutes, her body had a big transformation, no one knew what Wu Lingyu did .

Wu Lingyu stood at the side of the tribulation cloud, looking at Sima You Yue without turning away . Although his expression didn’t change, his lips pursed tightly every time a stroke of lightning landed on her body .

Because there were too many Ghost clansmen, the battle array was more powerful than the time in Blood Fiend city, it would probably finish in four days .

After Cloud Spirit struck all the Ghost clan to death, it looked at Sima You Yue who was disfigured and twitched it’s mouth . Humans were troublesome, they became like that in a strike .

If Sima You Yue knew what it was thinking, she might be angry to death with her last breath . Since when did it only strike once? All in all it was at least over a hundred times, alright? Although a lot of it was blocked by beasts, she was still struck badly .

It was a pity, they didn’t have any contract, she wouldn’t know what it thought .

“I’ll let you go for the sake of the state you’re in, you must look for me after a few days . ”

A cute voice from Cloud Spirit came into Sima You Yue’s head, she didn’t expect that it could actually transmit its voice . Knowing that it wanted some fruit wine, she responded ‘alright’ with her mind then closed her eyes and fainted .

Cloud Spirit satisfyingly left when it got her assurance . Once it left, the tribulation cloud quickly dispersed .

The people around thought something happened when they saw that the tribulation cloud didn’t go . Now they saw that it finally left, they became relieved .

Wu Lingyu appeared immediately after the tribulation cloud left . Seeing that she had fainted, he carried her with heart ache .

A spatial tunnel opened and Bi Sheng brought Ximen Feng out . When he saw the unconscious Sima You Yue, he asked anxiously, “How is she?”

“She’s still breathing, but she has fainted . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “Let’s bring her back to get some rest . ”

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun came over too, with other Sima clans following behind .

“How is You Yue?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“We’ll talk when we get back . ” Since Wu Lingyu carried Sima You Yue, he couldn’t open the spatial tunnel . He turned and looked at Bi Sheng .

Bi Sheng nodded, opened the spatial tunnel and brought them back .

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng followed behind, and the spatial tunnel closed immediately after them, shutting out those Sima clan who wanted to follow .


Members of the Sima clan became awkward . Young Master was too much, they were also concerned about Youngest Miss, why didn’t he bring them along?!

At this time, Tuoba Hong Ye walked out, and told that group of Elderlies, saying that he needed help in sealing the passage .

“It’s lucky that this district still has the power of Heavenly Dao . If we use this to seal it, the effect will be much better . ” Tuoba Hong Ye said .

“Tuoba Clan Leader, tell us what you need us to do . ”

“Alright . Everyone, please come with me . ”

Wu Lingyu brought Sima You Yue back to Memory Restaurant . Baita was astonished upon seeing Sima You Yue as she became a burnt human .

“What happened to the Vice Valley Master?”

“Struck by lightning . ” Ximen Feng continued, “Lingyu, I’ll bring you to her room . Old Bai, later when they come back, don’t let them come in, we’ll be healing . ”

“Yes, Valley Master . ”

Wu Lingyu took a glance at Ximen Feng, few of them went straight to Sima You Yue’s room .

Baita was worried after seeing Sima You Yue being injured so badly, he walked to and fro in the courtyard and wanted to ask about the situation from Bi Sheng when they came out .

After a short while, Feng Kai and Feng Zhi brought Bei Gong Tang and the rest in, they asked when they saw Baita, “Are Valley Master and Boss back?”

“They’re back, they went to treat her . ” Baita said .

“Let’s go in and take a look . ” Fatty Qu said as he walked towards the backyard .

“Nonono . ” Baita pulled them and said, “Valley Master just ordered me to let Vice Valley Master heal and asked you guys not to go in to interrupt . You guys better not go in and create a mess . ”

“How badly is You Yue injured?” Bai Gong Tang asked .

“Looks like she is burnt from head to toe from the lightning . There’s nowhere that was untouched . ” Baita continued, “What happened, why was Vice Valley Master injured so badly?”

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“We can’t explain it in such a short time, we don’t have the mood to explain what happened now . ” Feng Kai said .

“There’s no point being anxious . You guys can’t go in if the door is closed, why don’t you tell me what happened . ” Baita said .

Feng Kai and the rest felt that it was true . They sighed and explained what happened over these past few days .

“You’re saying that the Vice Valley Master killed all those Ghost clansmen alone?” Baita was stupefied after hearing what they said, Vice Valley Master was too amazing!

“Tribulation lightning struck for four days and nights, how could those Ghost clan not be dead?” Fatty Qu reminisced about that scene, he felt frightened even just by watching from the outside, he really couldn’t imagine how she could tolerate all that being in the middle of the lightning tribulation .

Especially when she didn’t have any spiritual energy, they all felt heart ache seeing her get struck from afar .

They wondered how she was now .

In the house, Sima You Yue’s condition wasn’t good, Wu Lingyu, Bi Sheng, Ximen Feng , Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun took turns inputting spiritual energy into her, suppressing the confusing spiritual energy in her body .

That was her own spiritual energy, if she didn’t guide it, it wouldn’t be docile . But she was now in a coma and was unable to guide her own spiritual energy, so only they could suppress it .

Divine Devil Physique’s health quickly recovers her body, in addition to the effects of pills, two days later, her divine knowledge slowly started to coagulate, feeling the messy spiritual energy in her body, it subconsciously started to guide .

Once her body started to adjust itself, the few that surrounded her sighed in relief .

Half a day later, Sima You Yue opened her eyes, seeing the few guys who were beside her, her first reaction was——

“Why are you all here? Did you all see me naked?”

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Black lines rolled down from everyone’s head .

“If she can say that, it means that she recovered . Looks like we don’t need to worry anymore . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“Your body is still covered by a thick layer of scars, nobody saw anything . ”

Then, her second reaction was——

“Heavens, you guys actually saw me in this ugly state!”

“As long as Lingyu doesn’t shun away from you . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Alright, since she’s fine, let’s go take a rest . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

In order to save her, they spent a lot of spiritual energy and energy . Now that they saw her awake, they really felt a little tired .

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