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Chapter 1280: Chapter 1280 - Monarch Ranked Beast Tamer Master!
Chapter 1280: Monarch Ranked Beast Tamer Master!

When Sima You Yue saw the dark clouds steadily gathering above her, she felt like she was going to cry .

It wasn’t like she wanted to be crazy . If she were not worried that the ghost clansmen would harm the common citizens, how could she have made a decision like this?

However, the form of the lightning calamity had long since surpassed her capabilities! She had no idea how many times she would be able to hold on for .

No way, she had to try harder and harder .

“Cloud Spirit, Cloud Spirit, you have to give me some leeway! If you strike me to death, you won’t get anymore spirit wine!” She placed both hands around her mouth and shouted at the dark cloud in the air .

Although it was far away and she had no power, she believed that the cloud spirit could definitely hear her .

Everyone was speechless as they stood outside hearing what she was shouting . It was already such a critical point, so what was she yelling such things for? If this was useful, everyone would yell this way when they moved a calamity . Why would they worry about being unable to pass it!

It was only those who knew about her relationship with the cloud spirit that knew what great an impact this would make on the cloud spirit .

The cloud spirit hadn’t seen Sima You Yue in so many years and it had long since finished the fruit wine . It was inwardly complaining about how it had not seen her in such a long time when she unexpectedly called it over .

However, when it just arrived, it heard Sima You Yue’s shouts and was angered when it realised something was off about her .

How did she lose her spirit energy?

It was no wonder it wanted her to let her off easily . If it didn’t, based on her current state, she would die after a few strikes .

Furthermore, when it arrived, it realised that there were many ghost clansmen here and also the massacre that occurred . It was only proper to punish them .

After the cloud spirit arrived, it was clear that the dark clouds gathered even quicker . The pressure that everyone felt was more, and a few ghost clansmen were unable to remain standing . For them, a single strike would turn them to ash .

However, the cloud spirit was already here and they had already been sealed . There was no more escape .

“This is the first time I’ve felt the pressure of the lightning calamity . It probably will be the only one in my whole life . ”

“It’s no wonder that she managed to use this lightning calamity to kill those monarch ranked experts all those years ago . Based on its power, even if we were there, we may not have been able to survive . ”

The group of elders were sighing . After all that happened, they no longer knew how to appraise Sima You Yue anymore .

There were times they felt she was brash and insolent . Just like the time before she went into the Immortal Land where she presumptuously spread news saying how she would protect everyone from Heartbreak Valley . That kind of brazenness was something even the powers from the inner regions didn’t have . Much less was to be said for how the men from Heartbreak Valley were mostly from Bloodfiend City .

This time, she could initially leave without a care . With the vermilion bird taking action, there were no ghost clansmen who could do anything to her . However, at the most dangerous juncture, she stepped forward bravely .

“It’s not easy to be a brat!” Fang Ming sighed .

“Indeed . Sigh, her actions really make me blush with shame!” He Chen Dong said .

“With so many contracted beasts, she might be a beast tamer master . ” Fan Yuan Long said . Then, it was like he suddenly thought of something and his entire expression was one of shock . Everyone noticed it .

“What’s up with you?” Xiang Yang asked .

“I suddenly thought of something . The beast tamer master world has a saying . ” Fan Yuan Long thought of a saying and his body suddenly started trembling nonstop .

“Sigh, this old guy is so strange today . What saying has caused such an extreme reaction from you?”

Fan Yuan Long glanced sideways at him, saying, “In the beast tamer master world, those who are able to tame divine birds and the like are hailed as Monarch Beast Tamer Masters!”

“You’re saying that she’s a Monarch Beast Tamer Master? She can contract such powerful spirit beasts?”

Fan Yuan Long shook his head, “I’m not saying that she will be able to tame sacred beasts and those stronger and all that . Only those who can contract ancient divine beasts are considered as monarch beast tamer masters . That is because their mental strength has already reached that level . ”

“She has not only contracted the divine bird, but many other sacred beasts . Her mental strength is too terrifying!”


The loud crash of the lightning that came from the lightning calamity in the sky interrupted their conversation . They watched as the lightning that was even thicker than a bucket struck down . Many were shocked silly .

“Oh my damn heavens, if that lightning bolt struck me, I’d be gone!”

“This seems to be targeting the ghost clan!”

“As long as it’s not targeting Sima You Yue . ” The Sima Clansmen said as they patted their chests .

Suddenly, the flames around her disappeared and as everyone stared, Little Birdie immediately became small and returned to Crimson Flame’s side .

Crimson Flame let the flames surround Sima You Yue and said, “In any case, it will help you to release a little bit . ”

Sima You Yue did not reject it . They had all seen the power of the lightning bolt earlier . If it struck her, she might be able to handle it .

Furthermore, the lightning calamity would only get increasingly intense as it went on . She was a little worried that she would be unable to hold up .

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A bolt of lightning struck from directly above her and Crimson Flame flew over, deflecting the calamity strike and taking a hit for her .

Sima You Yue saw the blot just now and was a lot more relaxed . Based on her experience of being struck a few hundreds of times, Cloud Spirit had really weakened the bolts that were directed towards her . If it remained this way, she wouldn’t have to worry about surviving this .

At the least, she wouldn’t die . At most, she would lose a few layers off her skin from the strikes .



The anguished cries of the ghost clansmen were heard all around . They watched as every single one was struck to death by the lightning and everyone felt goosebumps on their arm .

This scene was extremely terrifying and they no longer dared to look on .

Crimson Flame helped Sima You Yue block the lightning bolts twenty to thirty times . His injuries were rather severe, so Sima You Yue kept him away .

The beasts in the spirit pagoda begged to be let out, but Sima You Yue rejected them all .

“You all have not been struck often, it will be too dangerous to let you out now . Let me try . If i can’t hold on, I’ll call you again . ”


This bolt of lightning directly hit Sima You Yue . the familiar numbness from the bolts immediately filled her body . However, most of the lightning energy had been blocked by the spirit tool on her body, so she wasn’t that injured . However, the strikes later on were more difficult .

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After the spirit tools on her body were destroyed, the amount of lightning she could absorb started to increase . Top Grade Purple Lightning was subdued by the heavenly law, and was unable to tap 100% into his previous abilities . That was why the pain that Sima You Yue had to endure was a hundred times more painful than before .

She could smell the flesh on her body being roasted again…

After withstanding it for a bit, she was unable to hold on anymore . She had no choice but to call out her beasts . One of them would block 2 messages, and the other three . They did take quite a few hits for her .

However, there were too many ghost clansmen and the duration of the lightning calamity was too long . She could make a lucky escape by luring it, and her beasts were all cruelly struck so badly that she kept them all away to nurse their wounds .


The power of the strikes entered her body and she felt excruciating pain throughout . It was like every part of her no longer belonged to her .

She cried out inside her, “Little Purple, if this goes on, I’m going to turn into a human roasted meat . You have to work a little!”


She watched as the lightning was about to strike again . And again . She thought that she would directly die on the spot . At this moment, she felt a very familiar power coming from her dantian…

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