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Chapter 1272: 1272

Chapter 1272: Problem arises again

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Six Water City had never been so lively .

Baita said that the local elder and younger generations had never seen so many forces coming here before . Nobody dared to step out of their door in fear that they would accidentally offend any almighty .

And Six Water City’s inn was filled with people, many people got there but couldn’t get a place to stay in, they could only use resident’s houses temporarily as an inn for people to stay in .

Fortunately most people didn’t mind about the condition of the houses and rooms, it was livable once it had been cleaned up and improvised .

Everyone widened their eyes when Sima You Yue and the rest heard Baita describe what the situation outside was, while they were in the backyard of Memory Restaurant .

Wasn’t that too exaggerated?! Luckily they didn’t need to squeeze in with them outside and were still able to discuss this matter comfortably in Memory Restaurant .

If Heartbreak Valley members weren’t in Fair Eastern City, they might not care, but because Liu Liang Cai and the rest were inside, they couldn’t not care .

Actually, if Sima You Yue’s health was in good condition, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all, but it became a big problem just because she could only use dark spiritual energy now and couldn’t attract lightning tribulation casually .

Forces of inner regions gathered over . Even when the forces of the inner region came over, some wanted to help out, some only came over to join in the fun .

“You Yue! You Yue! Something happened!”

Fatty Qu shouted while coming in from outside, Bei Gong Tang and the rest were following from behind . Their facial expression didn’t look good, it seemed like the news they heard must be something major .

“Why? Did something happen? Why are you guys so anxious!”

“You Yue, something happened to Fair Eastern City again!”

“These past two days have been good, isn’t it? How did it happen?” Ximen Feng questioned .

“It happened today . Heard that some forces didn’t believe the situation there, they brought people over this morning and used all kinds of methods and tried to disperse the black smoke . But not long after, a flute sound spread from the black smoke, those people went into the black smoke after hearing the flute sound, now they are all uncontactable as well, the rest from that force are heading to there right now!”

“Are you sure that they went in after they heard the flute sound?” Bi Sheng asked .

“I heard it’s that case . ” Bei Gong Tang continued, “I think there were others who went together but they were further away, so they didn’t get controlled . Those people quickly contacted the people here after seeing the rest disappeared, this was how the news spread out . ”

“The guild alliance already told these people earlier on and asked them not to get close to the area . But they didn’t pay attention to them!” Feng Kai said faintly .

He didn’t feel anxious for those people, weren’t they asking for it when they didn’t bother to listen to others’ advice? They didn’t have any sympathy for people who asked for it .

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“What are their reactions?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The few forces that were involved already rushed over, and the guild alliance also sent out people . But they don’t know exactly who went . ” Ou Yang Fei said .

“Many days have passed, and so many people came, none of them thought of a solution?”

“It’s not that easy to think of a solution . ” Sima You Lin said, “Not everyone can attract Heavenly Tribulation . The people from this continent might be able to attract lightning tribulation, but if it’s a tribulation cloud, not many people can attract it, very few here could . ”

“That’s right . ” Wei Zi Qi agreed, “For now, the only way to get Heavenly Tribulation was by refining the pill, but how many people can actually do that? And on the expenses of the ingredients, this method is impractical as well, no one will even think of it . ”

“Hahaha… . . ” Bi Sheng laughed loudly, looked at Wei Zi Qi and said, “How, these kids are much more amazing compared to kids we have seen before in the past!”

Feng Zhi nodded, “Actually they are much better than anyone we met before, up till now, they are definitely able to become the continent’s well-known figure!”

Fatty Qu and the rest became embarrassed . Bi Sheng had always been their idol, now that they heard their idol praising them, their faces blushed .

“Hahaha——” Feng Kai and the rest laughed, “Look at them, they’re embarrassed . ”

Sima You Yue laughed, “Their skin is thin, their skin is not as thick as yours . ”

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“Hehe——”Fatty Qu also laughed while scratching the back of his head .

“Should we go and take a look?” Ximen Feng asked .

“Let’s go and take a look, after all, it involved so many people, we’ll just join in the fun . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Hold on, I’ll ask the President and the rest, we can get a free ride if they want to go too . ” Sima You Yue said as she took out the Mother-Son stone and contacted Xia Chang Tian .

Xia Chang Tian, Fang Ming and a few others were just right going there, having heard that they wanted to go too, they let her join .

They went to Fair Eastern City with Xia Chang Tian, it was different from the other two times, now it was packed with people here . A few people were crying in the crowd, a few of them were comforting, a few of them just watched indifferently .

Needless to say, the relatives of the ones that were crying must be in it, but they couldn’t go in, so they could only cry outside .

Seeing them crying so miserably, usually others would sympathize with them, but Xia Chang Tian and the rest were indifferent .

They were warned beforehand not to act blindly without thinking before they came out with a proper solution . But they took their words lightly, came here and caused problems . Not only did they go missing, they inadvertently alerted the enemy as well .

The most annoying thing was that this matter would be blamed on the guild alliance regardless, coming here with the excuse that it would affect the Guild’s appeal and wanted the guild alliance members to save them .

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Xia Chang Tian was scolding them in their heart . They came here on their own will and didn’t put guild alliance in mind, but they couldn’t evade, in case other forces were unhappy and stopped taking part in it .

“Alright! What are you crying for? Will they come back after you cry?” Xia Chang Tian said impatiently .

“President Xia, you have to help us! They’ve already been inside for a day, could they be… . ”

“We’ve already warned you guys not to act blindly, look what happens now? Don’t worry, they won’t die for now!”

“Then what do we do now? How can we get them out?”

“If we had the solution, would we still be stuck here?”

Sima You Yue stood aside and listened to Xia Chang Tian chidings . She felt movement in spirit pagoda, she used her thoughts and Little Black came out in her embrace .

“Woof woof woof… . ” Little Black barked at Sima You Yue once it came out and attracted the attention of people around them .

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