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Chapter 1273: 1273

Chapter 1273: There are times Little Black could be formidable too

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Little Black barked at the black smoke, it wanted to struggle to get out but was stopped by Sima You Yue .

“You Yue, it’s been long since we met, how did you get a dog with you? Is it your contract beast?” People who saw Little Black for the first time asked .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue saw everyone looking over, Little Black was still struggling, she slapped it’s head .

Little Black looked at Sima You Yue aggrievedly .

“You Yue, is this really a contract beast? Why does it feel like it’s a spirit beast without wisdom?” Xia Chang Tian turned back and looked at Little Black in Sima You Yue’s embrace after he finished chidning, wonderding why this little guy wasn’t in tune with Sima You Yue .

“It’s my contract beast, but seems like it’s not that reliable . ” Sima You Yue laughed .

“You Yue, could it be because all your other spirit beasts are too powerful, that’s why you contracted something like this?” Fan Yuan Long walked over and said .

Little Black bared its teeth at Fan Yuan Long, wanting to bite him . Fan Yuan Long saw the chill in it’s eyes and subconsciously shivered .

“Little Black, they’re just joking with you . ” Sima You Yue quickly brushed it’s fur, afraid that it would bite others .

Little Black had many teeth in his mouth, Little Roar and the rest would know if you asked them . When it was in the spirit pagoda, it bit an ore into half with one bite .

After that, Little Roar experimented, getting it to bite things in the spirit pagoda, it even bit open the soil of dark spirit stone that Sima You Yue and the rest couldn’t do anything with .

One had to know that Fatty Qu had to use a spirit weapon to grind the soil in order to get a little out, and it took up a lot of time . Nobody thought that it could open it in one bite .

So now, Sima You Yue was afraid that it would bite others . If it opened its mouth and bit an arm, it would be much easier than biting on a cucumber .

Not only Fan Yuan Long, others were also afraid of Little Black’s gaze and they all felt the chill as well .

Why did it feel like fear from hell looking at its eyes?

“This little guy’s gaze is so scary, I think it’s not any ordinary creature, looks like we’ve all mistaken it!” Xue Chang Lin hid the curiosity in him and took a glance at Little Black but didn’t dare to look at its eyes .

“Ahem, none of You Yue’s contract beast are ordinary, they’re all powerful!” Xia Chang Tian said .

Xiao Hong patted her own chest . She wasn’t as strong as others, so when she saw Little Black’s eyes, she couldn’t breathe .

Sima You Yue didn’t know Little Black would be like that . She was awkward, carried Black and said, “I’ll bring it for a walk around the place . ”

After she spoke, she carried Little Black and ran away without waiting for others to reply .

She ran far away even before others could even get to call her name, everyone sighed at her speed .

Sima You Yue carried Little Black and passed by everyone, she went to a place with nobody and released Little Black .

“Woof woof——” Little Black was finally released, but it still looked at Sima You Yue aggrievedly .

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Sima You Yue wanted to tell it off . How could it give off such a scary gaze in front of so many people . But when she saw its eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to say it .

“You!” She patted its head, “Never show that kind of gaze in front of others again, understand?”

Little Black saw Sima You Yue’s expression and knew that she was angry but she didn’t scold it, it nodded quickly .

“Why were you so agitated just now?” Sima You Yue squatted down and put Little Black down on the floor and held its two short legs and played with it .

Little Black barked towards Sima You Yue, then barked towards the black smoke .

“You want to go in?” Sima You Yue couldn’t communicate with it directly, she could only guess what it was trying to say, “No, it’s dangerous inside . ”

Little Black shook its head, then barked towards there again, but Sima You Yue couldn’t understand what it was trying to say .

Little Black knew Sima You Yue didn’t get what it was saying, it withdrew its paw from her hands and ran towards the black smoke .

Seeing the black smoke, Little Black ran friskily and into the black smoke .

“Little Black——” Sima You Yue stood up and rushed to the side of the black smoke but didn’t dare to go in .

She called out twice, Little Black didn’t respond and she got anxious . She had much less interaction with this little guy compared to others, even if something happened to it, she wouldn’t know .

Just when she was being worried, Little Black’s barking sound was heard from the outside, it didn’t sound fearful, scared or injured, it sounded rejoiceful .

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Sima You Yue heard it’s familiar bark, the burden in her chest was relieved .

 “Little Black, come out quick . ” She called out .

Little Black barked twice inside, not wanting to come out .

Just when Sima You Yue was losing her patience, she suddenly realised that the black smoke was decreasing, slowly shaping into a crack that looked like a passage . And, when the black smoke decreased, it didn’t fill up the passage .

She was shocked and didn’t believe the scene before her .

It was the first time she was speechless from shock .

As the black smoke decreased, she finally saw Little Black, and also she knew the root of the cause .

Little Black opened its mouth, every time it inhaled, the black smoke went into its mouth, inhaling again, the black smoke lessened .

“This black smoke… . . was eaten by it… . . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Little Black in shock . She looked up to it once again . Although now it was sealed by Heavenly Dao and couldn’t use it’s powerful skills, it was still powerful in other ways .

For example, its teeth, and also how it could swallow this black smoke . All over the world, no one would have this ability .

Little Black seemed like it loved the black smoke, it made a kilometre big hole within a few minutes .

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Very quickly, it attracted many others’ attention .

“Look, the black smoke is decreasing!”

 “Eh? It looks like it! Did someone already find a solution?” Xue Chang Lin looked at that spot in surprise .

“Let’s go, we’ll go there and take a look!”

A group of excited people ran towards that direction, wanting to know who found the solution .

Sima You Yue heard them and knew it attracted their attention . Sensing the people who were getting closer, then looked at Little Black who was eating happily, she subconsciously ran over, carried Little Black and ran into the spirit pagoda .

A short while after they disappeared, a group of people rushed over, seeing the disappearing black smoke and emptiness, they were all puzzled .

Who was the one that found the solution?

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