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Chapter 1271: Chapter 1271 - Follow the sign

Chapter 1271: Follow the sign

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Others didn’t pay attention to what Sima You Yue said .

What did a Young Lady know about? The power in the dark clouds terrified them . It was hundred times more powerful compared to the Monarch ranked lightning, why would it be useless?

Also, what was a Cloud Spirit? No one ever heard of it . Just because she said it was in lightning tribulation, did it have to mean that it was from the lightning tribulation? Although she had more experiences of lightning tribulations compared to others, still, she wasn’t supposed to use this method to deceive everyone .

Sima You Yue knew what they were thinking once she saw the look in their eyes, but she didn’t have the mood to debate with them over anything .

Stupidity originated by ignorance! She didn’t need to argue with these people .

She lifted her head and looked at those dark clouds, knowing that it was ready after accumulating enough power, she estimated the lightning would strike soon .

“We’ll see, hopefully it’s useful . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

If this didn’t work, then we would have to think of other ways . No matter what, we must bring down the black smoke .

While waiting, everyone was having a discussion with high expectations .

“It’ll definitely work this time!”

“Of course, this is lightning tribulation, it’s not like any other lightning!”

“Let’s see, it’ll definitely work . ”

“There won’t be a problem this time!”

‘While everyone was having high hopes, lightning finally striked, but it was almost the same as the previous time, there wasn’t any reaction after striking .

“There isn’t much power in the beginning of lightning tribulation . ” Those people said .

“That’s right, wait for it . ”

Sima You Yue also waited, to be honest, although she already knew the result of it, but deep down, she was hoping that it would work .

Everyone waited for a period of time, wanting to see if those people were right about it getting stronger later .

But till the end, it didn’t work . Although the few strikes at the back had a little effect, to Fair Eastern City which was wholefully wrapped up, this little effect was utterly inadequate measure .

This result made everyone on the scene feel dejected .

“President, why don’t you refine a high graded pill and try attracting Pill Tribulation . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

“Even arrays don’t work, will that little pill tribulation attracted by pill refinement work?”

Everyone had this doubt as well, even Xia Chang Tian and the rest .

“I can’t confirm it, but we’ll only know the result if you give it a try . ” Sima

“Alright . Today, I’ll show you how Tenth Graded Pills are refined!”

Xia Chang Tian took out the pill furnace and medicine ingredients and let Sima You Yue watch beside him, getting others out of the way, he checked the medicine ingredients once more and started to refine .

It was Sima You Yue’s first time seeing someone refining a Tenth Graded Pill, also the first time seeing Xia Chang Tian refining pill, so she looked carefully at every step and delicately understood every method he used .

Usually Alchemists didn’t like others to see themselves refining pills . Apart from those competitions, they would usually hide in their own house and refine pills alone, so it would be hard to witness someone who was more powerful than her doing pill refinement .

First grade to third grade were termed as common grade, fourth to sixth grade as medium grade, seventh to ninth grade as advanced grade, tenth to twelfth grade as overlord grade .

Between ninth and tenth grade, there would be a wide gap that was hard to cross over, but once stepped over, it would be of a soaring quality .

Tenth grade pills were enough to attract pill tribulations, so they could only wait for Xia Chang Tian to finish refining pills .

Although Xia Chang Tian always looked unreliable, without Gao Hong Zhi’s restrictions, he looked like he would soar up the sky .

Despite that, he was serious when he refined the pill, that dignified look made him look like a different person .

Indeed, guys who worked earnestly looked the most handsome! Sima You Yue sighed in her heart during the intervals of free time .

They kept refining from day to night, eight hours later, this furnace of tenth graded pills were finally done successfully .

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When they were congealing the pill, the dark clouds in the sky coagulated, it indeed attracted pill tribulation .

Sima You Yue stood aside when the tribulation cloud was almost done, then she saw Xia Chang Tian throw the pill into the dark clouds immediately after taking it out from the furnace .

Pill tribulation noticed the trace of pills and striked it accurately . The pill dropped into the black smoke and then the pill tribulation striked into the black smoke . Lightning strikes continuously and the dark cloud disperses rapidly . With this speed, it was as if it was rushing .

“Look, the lightning opened up a hole in the black smoke . ” Xiao Hong cried out while pointing to the spot where the pill tribulation striked .

Everyone looked over, they saw a piece of missing black smoke, it looked as if someone took a bite on the black mushroom .

The lightning that Fang Ming attracted with the array wasn’t of no use, it was because it immediately recovered after a part of the black smoke was striked and dispersed . But this time it didn’t, the hole looked like it was fixed, the black smoke didn’t dare to expand that way .

“Looks like this method works . ” Xue Chang Lin said .

They had already tried so many methods, this was the only effective one .

“But this method is impractical . ” Although they found a way, Xiang Yang’s facial expression didn’t look good . “It will be good if the condition is common, but tenth grade and above pills need to be refined to guarantee every pill tribulation, this isn’t some vegetables on the street, and it’s not a medicine ingredient that we can pick on the floor . It is easier said than done to refine pills that are tenth grade and above . Furthermore, only a small hole will be made each time . ”

Xiang Yang’s words made everyone who was cheering, quietened down .

What he said was right, this method was only suitable for small scale, it was impractical to use this method on Fair Eastern City as it had a big area .

“At least it proved a point, it is only effective by using lightning tribulation with Heavenly Dao . The common lightning won’t work . ” He Chen Dong said, “Since we now know this point, we’ll work to find a better way . ”

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“That’s right . We’ll think of a way to attract lightning tribulation, at least it’s better than being at a loss . ”

Although this method was hard .

Sima You Yue stood aside without speaking . Anyway, she had dark spiritual energy in her body now, she wouldn’t dare to casually attract Heavenly Tribulation . If they really had no other ways, then she would try again .

 Ximen Feng somehow knew what she was thinking, tugged on her hands and said, “Don’t causally take initiative . If you attract the Heavenly Tribution, you’ll undoubtedly be striked together . You have that kind of energy now, it’s restricted by Heavenly Tribulation . Nobody will know if you will still be alive if lightning tribulation strikes you . ”

Sima You Yue laughed seeing Ximen Feng’s worried eyes, patted the hand that was tugging on her and said, “Don’t worry . I’m not silly, I won’t casually take the initiative . The Elders will think of a way . ”

Ximen Feng then let go of her when she said that .

Everyone stayed there for two days . They had more than a hundred people, but not one thought of any idea, so they went back temporarily .

But, also because of these people, the news of Fair Eastern City spread like wildfire, in a short period of time, many other forces rushed over .

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