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Chapter 1247: 1247

“You Yue, you should know the identities of the ones who you killed on the street today?” He Chen Dong asked . “I do . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Are you worried?”

“I am . Of course I am . Both parties are huge and stable powers!” Sima You Yue said, “However, I’ve said this before . If anyone touches my Heartbreak Valley, we will definitely return the gesture!”

“Hahah seeing the way you are, you don’t look the slightest bit worried!” He Chen Dong saw that, although Sima You Yue said that she was afraid, why did it seem like her expression showed none of it?

“Can I take this as your high praise of me?” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

“You Yue, you can still smile? The Sage Pavilion and Wu CLan are not the average power . You offended both of them in a single moment, but you can still smile! You killed them in front of everyone, which is equivalent to a slap in their face . The other party will definitely find trouble with you . ” Xiao Hong said worriedly .

“Yeah, I’ll wait for them to arrive . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How could you…” Xiao Hong was anxious, “You didn’t bring anyone with you . If the other party comes to look for you, where will you hide?!”

“Hong’er is right . ” He Chen Dong said, “In Armament City, we can ensure your safety . However, once you leave this place, even if we appear, they may not show respect for us . ”

“Then I will have to trouble you, Uncle He, to take care of me during my days in the city . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Are you not worried for what will happen to you once you leave?” He Chen Dong saw how calm she was, “Why don’t you stay here for a while longer . Once we are done with this, I will get someone to send you back . They will still have to show some respect for the Armament Master Guild . ”

“Will I not implicate you and set you up against the other powers then?” Sima You Yue said, “Uncle He, I am already very grateful that you can ensure my safety during my days in this city . As for what happens later on, we can deal with it by ourselves . ”

“You Yue, the Wu Clan and Sage Pavilion have brought many people along with them . ” Xiao Hong said .

“One doesn’t need many people . It’s enough as long as we’re strong . ” Sima You Yue said, “However, if we really have to compare numbers, it’s not certain yet who the victor will be!”

They recalled that she still had the King of the rocs amongst her contracted beasts . If she amassed the bird clans, it was yet to be determined who had the bigger army!

“Alright then . We will now go to appease the other two powers to ensure your safety in the city . ” He Chen Dong rose to leave .

Sima You Yue stood up as well and bowed deeply to He Chen Dong, saying, “Thank you, Uncle He . ”

This was the most heartfelt address of ‘uncle’ that he had ever heard from her, and when He Chen Dong noticed it, he laughed loudly and left, taking the one lying on the ground with him .

He had come to this place first, and still had to placate the other two powers . Time was of the essence!

After sending off those from the Armament Masters Guild, everyone returned to the guest hall .

“I thought that you would need my help and that I could make you indebted to me . It seems that was unnecessary . ” Mo Yu sat on his seat, and he didn’t get up the entire time .

Sima You Yue wasn’t very familiar with the Jun clan, but when she saw the way he was acting, she guessed that they probably weren’t bad .

“If you insist on helping me, I can give you an opportunity to do so . ” Sima You Yue said .

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Mo Yu was speechless, when did he insist on helping her?!

How could he do something so shameless!

“You Yue, do you need the valleymen to come?” Wei Zi Qi asked .

“With Mo Yu around, why would I need anyone else . Am I right?” Sima You Yue smiled at Mo Yu, as if he really would help her .

“It’s all my fault . ” Bi Sheng was rather guilty, “I knew that I would bring trouble just by coming here . However, I just wanted to come and take a look . ”

This was a place that he had come to before!

Sima You Yue saw how self-depreciative he was being, and the rage in her heart had subsided quite a bit by now . “We long since guessed that you would probably have something to do here, but we never had the chance to ask you . We didn’t think that it would be to this extent . Alright, don’t feel bad anymore . This issue isn’t one that wouldn’t happen even if you didn’t go out . I promised you before that I would help you to avenge your hatred . Those weren’t empty words . ”

“But this isn’t the right time . ” Bi Sheng siad .

She had no spirit energy right now and wouldn’t even be able to protect herself in the case of any danger . If she got injured, he would never be able to face his brothers at the valley, and even less so himself .

She was like his family now, it was not the same as it was before .

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“Relax, with the big boss here, we’ll be fine . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Big boss?”

“It’s Mo Yu! He just has to wave his hand, and everything will be crushed . ” Sima You Yue explained .

“Hmph, you didn’t ask me for my opinion . ” Mo Yu said, “Am I someone who intervenes so casually?”

“Is that so? Forget it then . It’s better for me to think of something on my own . ” Sima You Yue said, “But I’ll be rather busy during this period of time, so you have to make the tea on your own . I initially wanted to tell you that if you helped me with this, then I would give you some tea leaves that you’ve never tried before, but it seems that it will not be necessary anymore . In any case, you won’t help me out . ”

Everyone was speechless . This threat was too straightforward okay, could she have a bit of tact? The other party was a huge influence in the ghost realm, could he accept this kind of threat?

However, the certain someone was beaming at Mo Yu, as if looking at him to wonder whether or not he would take the bait .

If it were anyone else, and if it were any other bait, Mo Yu would really not have cared for it . However, it just had to be the one that he had just acknowledged, and the bait was a type of tea that he had never tasted before . Although it was not even a thinly veiled threat, he just had to take the bait .

Who asked her to be someone that he acknowledged!

“I can ensure you stay alive . I care not for anything else . ” Mo Yu said .

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“Deal!” Sima You Yue slapped the table lightly and said happily, “Alright, Old Bi, you don’t’ have to worry anymore . ”

“But those people who hurt Old Bi back then, we can’t just let this go . ” Little Seven said .

“How could I let it go?” Sima You Yue siad, “But there’s no need to rush . We have to get ahold of more information first . Only by knowing your enemy will you be able to win a hundred battles . ”

“That’s right . ” Wei Zi Qi said, “How many of those people come, what type of people they are, how powerful they are, you have to find out more information about them . ”

“Isn’t this easy? Just let the bees do it . ” Little Seven said .

“Yeah, on the way back, I already released my bees . Even as Old Bi was telling us about what happened, my bees have already received the orders to scout for information . ” Sima You Yue siad .

“Yue Yue, you thought of that so early!” Little Seven looked at her with admiration .

She was just saying so . How was it possible for Yue Yue not to bother about Old Bi .

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