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Chapter 1246: 1246

Bi Sheng was silent and he didn’t speak . How was he supposed to talk about his feelings? To tell them of what happened that year?

“Old Bi, we already know that there’s something you’re hiding, but you shouldn’t not communicate with us . ” Little Seven said, “You don’t know how worried Yue Yue’s been about you . Once she knew that you didn’t return for two days, she immediately sent her bees out to look for you . Once you were being chased down, you should have contacted me…us!”

Sima You Yue thought about how he would have died if they had been a moment too late, and her expression paled with fear .

“Who are those people?”

“A few of them are from the Sage Pavilion, a few Wu Clansmen . There was one who was from the Armament Masters Guild as well . ” Bi Sheng said .

“Wu Clan? From the inner regions?” Sima You Yue said .

“Yeah . their power is a level higher than the Sima Clan . ” Bi Sheng said .

“Now is a good time for you to tell me about it, right? Does it have anything to do with the Armament Masters Guild?”

Bi Sheng sighed as he told everyone about what happened that year .

A hundred years ago in Armament Masters Guild, Bi Sheng encountered the youngest and the most beautiful elder, Shang Guan Wan Qing . Although they were enemies in the beginning, the enemy finally became a lover .

A romance was something that was supposed to be shared between two people . However,  when it came to them, it was something that involved everyone .

Although Ol Bi was strong,  it was based on his own talent . There was no powerful support backing him, while Shang Guan Wan Qing was born in a huge guild from the inner sect and was an elder of the Armament Master Guild too . It could be said that the two of them were unsuitable because their background was too far apart .

As such, whatever was happening between the two of them was faced with strong opposition from their clan . They definitely refused to allow them to be together and even came to blows .

The alchemist master guild wouldn’t agree to them being together either . However,  the president at the time was relatively open-minded and did not care much for what was happening between them . However, he didn’t step forward to do anything about what happened after that either .

Aside from these two places,  there was an even bigger barrier . Young Master Wu Qing, who was violently attached to Shang Guan Wan Qing .

Once Wu Qing knew that the two were together,  he sent a lot of men to chase them down . He didn’t expect that Bi Sheng would actually kill him, and the Wu Clan was temporarily drowned in sorrow . They swore that they definitely had to kill Bi Sheng and Guan Wan Qing .

Wu Qing had an uncle . He was an elder whose position was relatively high in the Sage Pavilion . He doted on him since he was a young boy . Once he knew that his nephew had been killed, it was an unpardonable sin .

That was well,  during that period of time, the couple was chased by the Wu Clan and the sage Pavilion . They even had to deal with the Shang Guan Clan’s interference .

Before Shang Guan Wan Qing had been killed, the Shang Guan clan had initially looked for her, promising her that they would let Bi Sheng go if she returned .

However,  the both of them had gone through so much hardships together . How were they to let go? Even if they were to die, they would die together .

However,   the outcome was tragic . Shang Guan Wan Qing had died,   and Old Bi,  though he had suffered grievous injuries, was rescued by those of Blood Fiend City and taken back . From there on, he had continued to live in the city . He would go out occasionally, but because of the poison in his body, had no choice but to return . ”

He remained this way till Sima You Yue arrived at Blood Fiend City and changed his life .

After they finished hearing his tale, everyone’s heart filled with rage and pain at what he had gone through .

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If he was a person with a strong backing, would he had been forced to go through this? The Shang Guan clan would more likely have been begging him to take her as his concubine .

“Who poisoned you . ” Sima You Yue asked .

“The Wu Clansmen . ” Bi Sheng said .

“The ones who came to kill you today were from the Wu clan and the Sage Pavilion . It seems that they have come to Armament City . ” Ouyang Fei said .

“What’s up with the people from the Armament Master Guild? Were they sent by the Guild?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Probably not . ” Old Bi said, “That person had quite a good relationship with Wu Qing and is also well acquainted with the Wu Clan . During this period of time, I’m guessing that the Armament Master Guild just doesn’t have the time to deal with this . This should be an individual act . ”

“Has that person from the Armament Master Guild died yet?” Sima You Yue asked .

Flowey produced a single flower, and spat out a person from inside . It was a manager from the Armament Master Guild . Because he was infected with Flowey’s poison, he was no longer completely lucid .

“Will he die?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Flowey has many different poisons . We’ll have to see which one he’s inflicted with . ”

“Not for the time being . He isn’t feeling too good, though . ” Flowey said .

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“The other two powers speak for themselves . What do we do with this one?” Bei Gong Tang looked at Sima You Yue .

As for the other two powers, in any case, their relationship with them was never good to begin with . In the Little Realm of Wenhai, when they had killed everyone in the sage pavilion, it was destined that both sides would be enemies forever . As for the Wu Clan, they had never encountered each other . However, based on what happened to Old Bi, the two parties would probably never get alone .

If that was the case, since the relationship had already been ruined, then so be it . It was inevitable anyway .

However, the Armament Master Guild was different . They were in their territory right now, and had come to congratulate their successor . Now that something like this had happened, was this not troubling the other party?

It was a good thing that she had a good relationship with Xiao Hong and He Chen Dong .

She saw the person lying unconscious on the ground and wondered how to deal with this person . She wanted to kill him, but it wasn’t too good either . However, she didn’t want to let him go just like that .

“This really is difficult!” She heaved a long sigh .

However, even before she could make the decision, someone helped to make it for her .

“Lady You Yue, the president is coming . ” A servant girl ran over .

Although this was the Armament City, and everyone was also from the Armament Master guild, they were currently living in this courtyard . Out of respect, they would notify them before coming in .

Sima You Yue glanced at the person lying on the ground then stood up and left .

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They just arrived at the courtyard when they saw He Chen Dong and Xiao Hong, along with a few other Armament Masters walk in .

“Greetings, Uncle He . ” Sima You Yue lightly bowed to He Chen Dong . she asked, “The great ceremony is tomorrow . Uncle He, why have you come here at this time?”

“I’ve come to take a look at your situation . ” He Chen Dong said, “I am already aware of what happened at the main northern street, are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine . ” Sima You Yue said, “Uncle He, please come in . ”

Everyone returned to the guest room . The first thing they saw was the manager of the Armament Guild lying on the ground . Then, they saw Mo Yu sitting on the chair, leisurely drinking tea .

“Uncle He, we were just discussing how to deal with this person . Since he is a member of your Armament Master Guild, we’ll hand him over to you since you are here . ” Sima You Yue and He Chen Dong were the leaders of their group . The one below wasn’t any one important, so she might as well hand him over to He Chen Dong .

“Although the person is from the Armament Master Guild, he acted of his own accord . No matter what the reason, it is unforgivable . Once we return, I will properly discipline him and give you an account . ” He Chen Dong said seriously .

Sima You Yue smiled . Based on the way he said it, she could tell his stance on the whole thing . As for what would happen after that, it would be easier to deal with whatever came .

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