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Chapter 1248: 1248

When they had pretty much finished their discussion, Sima You Yue was dragged away by Mo Yu again to drink more tea . She rolled her eyes at him, saying, “Mo Yu, the great ascension ceremony is tomorrow . Let’s just forget about it today . I have to properly think about how to deal with those people tomorrow . ”

“What is there to deal with . ” Mo Yu said disapprovingly, “They’re just a tiny group of bandits . ”

“In your eyes, they are tiny bandits . In their eyes, I’m the tiny bandit . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s not like I don’t have to deal with it just because I don’t want to . ”

“Didn’t He Chen Dong already deal with it for you?”

“The only thing Uncle He can do is to stop them from killing me during this period of time . It doesn’t mean that they will not make things difficult for me when they meet me tomorrow . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Just let the Jun clan deal with it . ” Mo Yu said .

“Is Jun Clan very powerful?”

“They’re still able to keep you safe . ”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier! Then I wouldn’t have had to think about tomorrow anymore . ” Sima You Yue said .

“So can you drink tea with me now?”

Trust this guy not to forget about tea!

“You said so earlier that you have tea that I have never tasted before . ” Mo Yu was strongly attached to tea .

“Since you can’t stop thinking about it, I’ll let you try some . This is something I’ve stowed away for a long time . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m telling you now, this tea tastes better the longer you steep it . From the time I discovered this tea till now, it’s already been a few years . I’ve never had the heart to drink it . I’ll let you drink it today . How about it, not bad is it?”

“What is this called?”

“Pu Er Tea . ” Sima You Yue said, “This tea is different from the tea you’ve drank in the past . You can take your time to enjoy it in a bit . ”

She took out a purple-lidded tea set . After pouring water in, she used a tea knife to cut off a piece of the Pu Er tea . Then, she waited for the water to boil . Once the water had boiled, she filled the cups till they overflowed, washed the tea, then poured it again . Then, she handed the tea over to him .

During this period of time, Mo Yu had seen her take out various types of tea sets . Now that he saw her take out this type, he felt like he had wasted a lot of good tea in the past .

It was a good thing that he had bumped into her in the human realm and she had allowed him to find out what the true ways of tea brewing were . Otherwise, he would never have found out the true essence of tea .

People like Ghost Concubine only knew how to find good tea for him . Compared to her, it really wasn’t anything much . Although she always wore her heart on her sleeve, it didn’t turn him away at all .

The others saw the two of them in the pavilion drinking tea and chit-chatting, and You Yue’s laughter would be heard from time to time, and secretly found it lucky that she knew how to brew tea . Otherwise, not only would she not have this new helper, her own life would be pretty miserable .

On the morning of the second day, Sima You Yue had to get up and clean up . By the time she opened her eyes, her first thought was to wonder how long this punishment was going to last .

She had to sleep everyday, and it was okay in the beginning, but she was staring to feel like it was a complete waste of time!

She sighed as she rolled around in bed . With a flip of her body, she got up and packed up the tent . By then, everyone had already gotten ready .

Because there were too many people and Armament City was relatively small, everyone had to walk to the large courtyard of the Alchemist Guild .

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It was initially supposed to be held in the Armament Master Guild, but there were too many people, so they had to change to a bigger location .

However, this courtyard wasn’t too far from where Sima You Yue and the others stayed . They arrived within half an hour of walking .

Sima You Yue and the others came to the outside of the main gates when they saw the Jun Clan’s Clan Leader walk in with a group of people . She glanced at him, but Mo Yu actually wasn’t around!

“Young Miss You Yue, what a coincidence . ” Jun Wei cupped his fists in salute to Sima You Yue in greeting and smiled .

“Clan Leader Jun, what a coincidence . ” Sima You Yue returned the bow .

He was already all the way at her door . This coincidence was really… coincidental!

“Since we’re all headed to the courtyard, we might as well go together . ” Jun Wei said .

Sima You Yue thought about how Mo Yu told her that the Jun Clan would help be her barrier against those people today, and figured that they had come here on his instructions .

“That’s great! Clan Leader Jun, please . ”

“Please . ”

It could have been due to Mo Yu’s instruction, but there seemed to be more amicable people who had come this time . They chatted with her on the way, and were not as cold as they were before .

“Why isn’t Mo Yu here?” Sima You Yue asked .

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“That guy . He said that he doesn’t like to watch the festivities, so he’s not coming . ” Jun Wei said, “We have to thank you, Lady You Yue, for taking care of him these two days . Otherwise, I would have been too busy these few days . ”

Sima You Yue heard the underlying meaning of his words, and secretly thought about how well he had absolved himself . She had to drink a few days worth of water, okay!

Just as they arrived at the courtyard, she could feel a dense wave of murderous intent surrounding them . She lifted up her head and saw a group of uniformed people bathed in killing intent, watching them .

Sima You Yue could recognise the uniforms . They were from the Wu Clan and the Sage Pavilion . What surprised her was that Nalan Lan was actually within the fray .

Based on her identity, how was she able to come and participate in this ceremony?

As for Nalan Lan, it seemed that her eyes were filled with even more hatred than before when she looked at her . It seemed as if she had killed someone important to her .

It seemed like the bees had sent back some information that was something like that . A lady had her heart set on someone, but he had been killed on the streets .

That lady couldn’t possibly be her, right?

Jun Wei saw Sima You Yue looked at Nalan Lan with puzzlement and said, “That is a holy daughter that the sage pavilion has just chosen . It sounds like she has carved her own path in the wonderlands so they made an exception to promote her . ”

“Her own path eh…” Sima You Yue smiled .

Nalan Lan’s path was not fully formed, where the most important ‘heart’ had flown into Han Miao Shuang instead . Whenever she thought about it, she wanted to laugh!

“It seems like she particularly hates you!” Jun Wei said, “Could it be due to the fact that two talented beauties cannot coexist?”

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“Clan Leader Jun, you overthink . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s just that I accidentally killed the person that she had her heart set on that day . That’s why she wants to throw herself at me to beat me up!”

“You killed someone she had her heart set on? Then she should indeed come and beat you up . ” Jun Wei agreed .

Heyhey, Clan Leader Jun, isn’t this already exciting enough for you?

On the other side, when Nalan Lan saw her, she secretly started to recount all her hatred towards Sima You Yue . She hated her even more than she did when she had exposed her cheating on Murong An .

If she wasn’t at this location, she would definitely have killed her on sight .

Her master had brought her to this continent and she had bumped into Mu Bai, who had come down from the Head Pavilion to patrol . From that time on, she had developed a crush on him .

All these years, she had diligently strived to grow stronger and cultivate just to enter the Head Pavilion and see him often . That was why she didn’t actively chase Sima You Yue down even when she knew that Sima You Yue was here .

However, she had killed the person she had set her heart on . And it was right when she had entered the inner sect only two months ago . She was clearly so close to her happiness . However, the moment she appeared, she shattered her dreams once again . Just like she did when they were young!

This Sima You Yue was simply the bane of her existence!

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