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Chapter 1245: 1245

Mo Yu was cold to Xiao Hong . For every ten sentences she pelted him with, he only answered one . However, he had a lot of patience towards Sima You Yue and would take the initiative to talk to her . Even if Xiao Hong’s personality was rather loud and brash, after having interacted with him for around half a day, she was aware as well . Before evening came, she said that she had something on and left .

Sima You Yue saw her forlorn silhouette leaving and shook her head helplessly .

Although she would be sad for a few days, it was better than being hurt once she found out about his real identity .

In the later days,  Xiao Hong came less often . Everytime she came,  it would be when Mo Yu wasn’t around . The moment Mo Yu came, she would leave .

Sima You Yue was rather begrudging towards Mo Yu as she drank her tea . It was all because of him that she wasn’t able to talk well with Xiao Huang and had no time to ask her anything about that elder .

“You have already severely impacted my life . ” She complained .

After speaking a few days today, they had already gotten quite familiar . She knew about his identity . He was the first clan leader in the ghost realm to delegate roles to others . His strength was second only to the royal clan, surpassing Ghost Concubine’s maternal clan .

That was why Ghost Concubine kept trying to entice him . After knowing that he was recently obsessed about tea, she would go through all dangers to come to the human realm to prepare some quality tea for him .

He didn’t like owing anyone anything,   so he helped Ghost Concubine out with many things as well . To the eyes of others,   their relationship looked very good . However,  to Mo Yu, this was merely a mutual exchange .

This was something that he told her while they were drinking tea . When she found out that he wasn’t really on the side of Ghost Concubine, she became even more open .

Since Ghost Concubine could use tea to entice him to help, she would be able to use tea to draw him over to her side as well .

Mo Yu noticed that Sima You Yue would always act increasingly brazen with him and realised that she wasn’t afraid of him anymore . Otherwise, how would she dare to blame him?

The familiar way in which he brewed the concentrated tea, the graceful methods . It seemed far off from her abilities .

“How have I impacted your life?”

“How have you not? Xiao Hong won’t even play with me anymore . ” Sima You Yue said .

“She is the president’s daughter and will one day be the ceremony’s successor . She will naturally have to help . ” Mo Yu said disapprovingly .

“But I have things I want to ask her . Now she runs away faster than the wind whenever she sees you . You hurt her poor maiden heart . ”

“Better than harming her life . ” Mo Yu said, “I don’t like it when a person harasses me . It pushes my patience to its limits . That’s why you should be glad that she’s given up early . ”

Sima You Yue saw his expression and knew that he wasn’t exaggerating . ”

“What do you want to ask her?”

“It has to do with their organisation . You wouldn’t know . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then I really am not able to help you . ” Mo Yu said .

“No,   you can . ” Sima You Yue said,  “As long as you stop looking for me, I’ll be able to chat with Xiao Hong for an entire day . ”

After the roundabout chatter, she was just complaining about him making her drink tea for two days and didn’t want to accompany him anymore .

“Let’s stop for two days . It’s not like you’ll be leaving anytime soon . ” Sima You Yue said, “You have to give me some time to settle my own things . ”

Mo Yu saw that she was blinking rapidly at him,   as if she was asking him to hurry up and agree . He hesitated for a moment before saying,  “We don’t have to drink tea, but I want to accompany you . See what you’re up to?”

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“Because you said so yourself . I’m responsible for your safety . Only if I know what you are going to do can I properly guard you . ” Mo Yu said it matter-of-factly .

He would never admit it but after interacting for a few days, he had grown more interested in her . She wanted to see who was more powerful between her and her mother .

“…” Sima You Yue glared at him . Was this guy crazy?

However, she couldn’t persuade him otherwise, neither could she beat him in a fight .

And so she had no right to decide .

However, the good thing was that she wouldn’t have to drink anymore tea!

On the second day, since she no longer had to drink tea, she finally found Bi Sheng .

Then again, not really . It was through the information that she got through her scarlet bees that she managed to find him .

However, at that time, he was in a bad situation . He was currently being pursued .

Sima You Yue took LIttle Seven and the others… eh, Little Seven and the others took her to where Bi Sheng was being chased down . She saw that he was being surrounded by a few tens of people who were as powerful as he was, and it had also suffered quite a bit of heavy injuries .

“Damn, they dare to kill my Old Bi? Watch as this lady deals with you!” Little Seven and Bi Sheng had quite a good relationship . When she saw him injured, she was immediately enraged and tossed Sima You Yue aside and flew over .

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Little Dream and Flowey went along too . The other party wasn’t weak, and Little Seven was strong enough . However, adding an injured Bi Sheng to the mix was a little dangerous .

Qing Yi, Mo Yu and her stood there together . Although they did not form a protective circle, once the energy reached their area, it naturally dissipated .

This was the first time that Sima You Yue felt that standing with strong experts was such a good feeling .

On the other side, Little Seven and the others quickly got rid of the others . They killed some and left some alive . Those who were left alive were nestled inside Flowey’s little flowers .

Sima You Yue walked over and saw Bi Sheng eat some pills . Her face was solemn and she didn’t speak .

Bi Sheng saw her acting this way and knew she was genuinely angry . He opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say .

“Bi Sheng, who were those people and how did you end up fighting?” Little Seven asked with concern .

“Let’s talk again at home . ” Sima You Yue saw that there were quite a few people around them and thought about how this was the Armament City and it wouldn’t be good to question him in front of everyone .

As they left, she casually released a bout of fire . Little Birdie went to burn the bodies and casually took their interspatial rings .

Sima You Yue saw Little Birdie place the interspatial rings into her hand and pursed her lips .

Where did it learn that from?!

“If anyone wants to look for Old Bi, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be difficult to find where we’ve stopped over . ” She kept the rings away and casually said a word before leaving with the street with a group of people .

This sentence of hers was said for the ears of the one acting behind the scenes . She set these people on fire to show them that, since they dared to come over her people, she would deal with them such that not a single bit of them would remain!

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These were all powerful people, and they were just burnt to ashes in such a public place in front of everyone . It was so attention-grabbing . The one behind the scenes would definitely be angered to death .

When they returned to the courtyard they were staying in, Fatty Qu and the others came up .

“What happened? Are you okay?” Bei Gong Tang saw blood on Bi Sheng’s clothes and asked .

“It shouldn’t be anything major . ” Sima You Yue said, “Let’s talk in the guest room . ”

She walked two steps forward before stopping . She said to mo Yu, “Shouldn’t you be going now?”

“I think that I should stay and watch the show . ” Mo Yu said, “Who knows, you might need my help . ”

Help? Sima You Yue looked pointedly at him . She kind of understood what he meant .

“You can’t watch the show for free . ”

After saying this, she led everyone to the guest room .

“Old Bi, why didn’t you contact us? If I didn’t send my bees out to look for you, do you know what would have happened?”

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