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Chapter 1244: 1244

In the end, the two hadn’t yet set up their master-disciple relationship . Sima You Yue never really thought of making him her disciple anyway . She wasn’t the type of person who would accept someone as her disciple before even meeting them . This was just her way of stalling everything .

Later on, Mo Yu had promised that he wouldn’t do anything against her . He wouldn’t spread any news of her either . Finally, as he promised that he would protect her during this period, they finally came to an agreement .

Despite this, she didn’t know whether or not she could trust him . However, this was currently the best possible outcome .

“Since we have come to an agreement, can we begin?” Mo Yu asked .

“Alright!” Sima You Yue had managed to settle the other party and was feeling quite good . She took out the tea and water that she had prepared earlier and prepared a strong bout of tea for him while casually telling him about the important areas of focus during the production of the tea .

Mo Yu really enjoyed tea . That was why he paid a lot of attention when Sima You Yue explained it and memorised every single thing she said .

However,  everybody would make tea in their own way . Although she could tell him how she did it, it wouldn’t taste as fragrant as when she did it .

“You’ll figure it out after making it a few more times . ” Sima You Yue said .

Actually, the differences between them were minute . The average person wouldn’t have been able to tell . However, to those who loved tea, this was a very big difference .

That was why Mo Yu had never been satisfied with the way he did it . As such, he continued to practice from the morning . She was implicated and had to drink a lot of tea .

It was a pity that tea wasn’t filling . After drinking so much tea, she was still able to eat her lunch .

However,  seeing the way the other party was, it seemed like he wasn’t going to leave?

“Mo Yu, we’ve already been drinking the whole morning . Haven’t you had enough?”

“Nope . ”

“Then you can continue on your own . I have things to do . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What are you going to do?”

“It’s hard to labour on an empty stomach . I’m now an ordinary person who cannot use Spirit Energy . I’ll be weak with hunger if I don’t eat . ” SIma You Yue said, “So you can continue brewing your tea . I’m going to cook something . ”

“The things that you make,  are they even edible?” Mo Yu said, “Why don’t you go outside for a meal instead?”

Sima You Yue was stunned . This guy had a personality change?

It was a pity that she didn’t enjoy eating things from the shops outside .

“I prefer eating things I’ve cooked myself . If you want to go, remember to close the main door . I won’t see you off . ”

She hopped off the steps in twos and threes, heading towards her own courtyard . She really left Mo Yu behind without a care .

After drinking tea with him till the afternoon,   she was rather familiar with who he was . For someone as powerful as he was,  he wouldn’t randomly kill people . Since they had already come to an agreement and he hadn’t even finished learning how to make the tea, he wouldn’t care about her .

Of course the most important reason as to why she had run so fast was because, after drinking tea for the entire morning, she had long since needed to pee . It was just that the other party was male so she felt a little awkward to say so .

“Sigh,  it’s really so inconvenient to be without spirit energy . ” Just as she was coming out of the toilet with the sigh, she saw Mo Yu standing at the courtyard and got a huge shock . “What are you still doing here?”

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“Waiting for you . We can continue in the evening . ” Mo Yu said .

“Tea addict!” She quietly muttered a curse and headed towards the kitchen .

Mo Yu followed her in and saw the familiar way she cooked and said, “You actually really know how to cook . ”

“It’s like tea . It can be considered as a hobby . ”

“Yu Ke Luo didn’t know how to do this . ”

Sima You Yue’s hand froze as she turned around to look at him, “Were you very close to my mother?”

“Not really, we just met a few times . ”

“Oh . ” Sima You Yue turned around and continued . Since they weren’t close, there was no need to ask him anymore, “Oh right, do you want to eat together?”

If he wanted to eat as well, she would have to cook a bit more . Otherwise, if she didn’t prepare any for him when he wanted to eat, she wouldn’t be able to fill her belly .

Mo Yu sat down at the dining table . He was initially just waiting for her, but when he smelled the food she cooked, it did smell pretty good .

“You can give me a bit . ”

Sima You Yue initially planned to prepare five dishes . Since he wanted to eat, in order to avoid there not being enough food for her, she took out a whole entire duck more and made roasted duck . Then, she prepared another 1 . 5 kilograms of spirit beast meat and prepared three more dishes .

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It was a good thing that she still retained her divine senses and could cook a few dishes at once . That was why she managed to prepare seven vegetables, a meat dish and a roasted duck within an hour .

Mo Yu saw how quickly she prepared the meal and knew that she often cooked this way .

Others used their divine senses to cultivate, but she was special . She used it to cook .

Sima You Yue placed the completed dishes on the table and each of them held on to a bowl of rice and started to eat .

It was long since lunchtime and her stomach was already rumbling .

She had just eaten breakfast when he dragged her away to try his tea . She was so flustered that she forgot to eat her spirit pills, so she was ravenous right now .

This damned body of hers!

It was a good thing that her skills weren’t bad . Otherwise, she really didn’t know how she would survive this period of time .

Mo Yu saw how heartily she was eating and picked up his chopsticks to try a little .

He wasn’t a foodie, so he just planned to try a little bit . However, after eating the first bite, he never placed his chopsticks down again .

Although he didn’t eat quickly, he didn’t eat any less than Sima You Yue . For example, he ate half of that roasted duck . He also ate almost an entire kilo of the spirit beast beat . Not to mention that he ate around half of each vegetable dish .

When they finished eating, the plates on the table were already wiped clean .

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Sima You Yue looked pointedly at him . This guy obviously didn’t eat quickly, so how did he manage to eat so much? It was a good thing that she had long foreseen this and prepared a bit more . Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been enough for her!

She rubbed her belly . It seemed like she wasn’t full enough, so she took out a pill that Bei Gong Tang refined for her .

She saw Mo Yu looking at the pill in her hand and she shook it, saying, “It’s because you ate so much that I didn’t have enough . This pill is able to make up for that . ”

“You have pills, so why do you still need to eat?”

“To fulfill me, I guess . ” She kept the pill away, “Although eating pills helps, if I don’t eat, I always feel like my stomach is empty . Pills don’t have tastes either, so I don’t have any feeling when I eat it . I still have to eat . ”

“You’re such a foodie . You really are different from your mother . ” Mo Yu said .

Sima You Yue didn’t know that she was so different from her mother . Everyone kept pointing out the differences between them .

“Didn’t you eat a good half of it as well? You’re a foodie as well!” Sima You Yue said .

“Since we’ve finished eating, we can continue discussing tea . ” Mo Yu didn’t answer her question and stood up to leave .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips as he left . She kept the dishes into the spirit pagoda . Someone would naturally help her to wash them .

The two of them came to the pavilion again and Xiao Hong came shortly after . When she saw that Mo Yu was actually there, her eyes revealed joy and envy .

Sima You Yue sighed secretly . Oh Xiao Hong, if you knew about his real identity, would you still feel this way?

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