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Chapter 1225: 1225

Xiao Hong lay on the bed naked as per the routine . After a year of treatment, the pimples on her face disappeared, her skin went back to how it was, fair and tender . The swell on her body was also dissolved, even the muscles on her body went back to how it was . But her energy wasn’t dispersed, she even felt that her power became stronger than last time .

Sima You Yue came to the bed side and said, “Today we’ll be going into the follow up treatment, every needle needs to be poked into the big acupuncture points on your body . In this process, you’ll need to trust me unconditionally, as long as there’s a little conflict, it won’t get the result of the end treatment . Do you understand?”

“All right . Do it, I won’t move . ” Xiao Hong looked at her with trust .

After interacting with her for so long, she finally understood her, and also believed that she would treat her to recovery .

“Then I’ll begin now . ”

Once Sima You Yue started needling, the mood in her heart would be thrown to the side, all her focus would be poured on Xiao Hong’s body .

Xiao Hong was still a little nervous deep down, especially when Sima You Yue poked those important acupuncture points . If it wasn’t for her trust in Sima You Yue, it would be hard for her to be unable to move .

All the needling in the past only needed half an hour to an hour, but this time they spent almost two hours, when it ended, her face was full of sweat .

She wiped her sweat, told Xiao Hong that it was done, then went to clean the silver needles .

Xiao Hong put on her clothes and said, “The chilliness last time seemed to lighten a lot, my body felt less stiff and my body felt warmer . ”

“You didn’t sort out your channels from the start when you started to practice your moves, that led it to how you were . Wait till your body fully adjusts then it will recover naturally . ” Sima You Yue continued, “What we did before for so long was to help adjust the various systems in your body, we’ve only started the highlight just now . ”

“Sorry for the trouble . ” Xiao Hong continued, “You treated me without asking for any reward, and it even took so long, I don’t even know how to thank you . ”

“Who said I didn’t want any reward?” Sima You Yue kept the silver needles, turned around, looked at her and said, “Your father gave me quite a lot of benefits . ”

“My father gave you? What did he give you? How come I didn’t hear you mention it before?” Xiao Hong was shocked .

“Your Father wants to love you in a low profile way . ” Sima You Yue made fun of her .

“You don’t have to hide from me . ” Xiao Hong continued, “But even so, I should thank you . ”

“Sure, I’m not someone who will refuse . ” Sima You Yue said smilingly .

“I’ll go back and think about it, how to thank you to show my sincerity . ” Xiao Hong said in seriousness .

“I’ll wait . ”

“I’ll make a move first . ”

Xiao Hong left, Sima You Yue who was busy the whole night went into silence, her yearning poured out like water .

Hey, better get something to do .

She muttered in her heart, then she took out the Armament books from spirit pagoda that Shi Chen got .

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There were some similarities in refining weapons and pills, at least the fire control in that aspect was almost the same .

She had seen Fatty Qu refining weapons, and also she had knowledge about armament, that was why it was easier for her to read these books .

Also, the books she read now were the basic books, for example, the book she read now was introducing different kinds of mines and some raw materials for armament .

With that, armament was different to her .

Refining pills, she had the memories of two of her past lives, it wasn’t difficult for her to remember those medicinal ingredients .

With the Beast Tamer Masters insight which Wu Lingyu gave her, everything was a shortcut .

Array Master, she had a super high talent, and an Array Master that Wu Lingyu found for her .

Seeker Spirit Masters, although with a book named u003cOrigin of Seeker Spiritu003e, that one didn’t need to memorise any raw materials .

To add all up, Armament was the hardest to her, the worse problem wasn’t the cultivation after, it was the accumulated basic knowledge in the early stage, the cognition of the raw materials . Only after passing this stage, the cultivation behind would be easy for her .

The days after Wu Lingyu left made her feel like she missed out something, even when her everyday life was the same as before, she left empty, she could only gather all her attention when treating Xiao Hong .

But, very quickly, this was gone too .

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The treatment she gave Xiao Hong ended after a few months, He Chen Dong and Xiao Hong showed thanks to her, inviting her to Armament Master Guild after getting out, and left with Armament Master Guild members .

The only thing that could gather her focus was also gone, she walked around with the big ground leisurely .

Seemed like the few years after was her most leisure time, she only had to walk with them and snatch the opportunity when they had the chance, without any chance, she also didn’t read any books, she just swayed around and became much more relaxed .

She used to be busy everyday in the past, now that she had leisure for a few years, instead, she wasn’t used to it .

So, when she saw a place for people to cultivate, she decided to stay in seclusion . After leaving a way to contact, Ximen Feng brought others to continue on their journey .

The place to cultivate was an entrance of a dormant volcano, Sima You Yue set up an array at the entrance of the cave and leapt into it .

She looked around, the elements of the fire were abundant, suitable for her to cultivate .

She looked for a position and started diving into cultivation .

After cultivating in no time, she didn’t know how long she had been staying there, she was awakened abruptly by the power of Immortal land closing up .

She removed the array and flew into the air, felt an energy sweeping passed her body, followed by a spatial tunnel appearing on top of her head and sucking her in .

Sima You Yue felt dizzy, she couldn’t help to shut her eyes, when she heard herself falling on the floor, she was already outside .

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“Who is this? How did she fall on the ground?” A voice came through from her head, she lifted her head to look, she saw Third Mo with the smile that deserved a beating .

“Why are you here?” She got up from the ground and dusted the dirt away from her dress .

“Just nice I came out from there too, didn’t think that I’ll fall with you . I heard a lot about you inside, it’s a pity we didn’t meet inside . ” Third Mo said .

“I thought you didn’t go!” Sima You Yue continued, “You’re always unpredictable!”

She rubbed her own arm then stunned . Her face changed and quickly read her own pulse .

Third Mo sensed something wrong from her facial expression, he stopped smiling and asked, “What happened?”

Sima You Yue looked at him with a face full of shock .

Third Mo never saw her like that in the past after reuniting, he too got anxious .

“What exactly happened?”

Sima You Yue’s body swayed and said, “I can’t adjust the spiritual energy in my body anymore… . ”

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