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Chapter 1226: 1226

Third Mo was shocked from what she said, he leaped over with two steps, held her wrist and read her pulse, indeed, he couldn’t feel the movement of her spiritual energy . “How did it go missing? Are you injured internally?” He searched again and got back the same result .

She didn’t injure anywhere except for the fall just now when she got out, how could the spiritual energy go missing just like that?

“I was in seclusion when I came out, at that point of time, everything was still working fine . How did it go missing right after I came out?” It was outrageous to her, it was too strange .

This was too… . shocking!

“Don’t be anxious, we don’t know what happened to you too, let’s go ask Yin Lin . ” Third Mo continued, “He should know what’s happening . ”

“Yeah . ” Sima You Yue suppressed the fear in her and calmed herself down .

At this point of time, two people flew over from afar, stopped in front of both of them, bowed and greeted Sima You Yue, “Miss You Yue, our Clan Master asked us to fetch you over . ”

Sima You Yue recognised their uniform, it was almost the same as Yin Lin’s, knew that he sent people over, she remembered him saying that he would fetch her when she came out, nodded, she said, “Just right, I have something to ask him as well . Please lead the way . ”

Because it was him, knowing that she would be here when she came out wasn’t anything out of the ordinary .

They brought them and flew around an hour plus, they ended up at the mountain before when they were going into Immortal Land . Yin Lin stood on the mountain top, the wind blew along his silver hair and white shirt, the pale side face made him look as if could levitate and become an immortal anytime .

The little child who grew up into an adult was standing by his side, his eyes filled with worries .

Sima You Yue and Third Mo went over, having to see Sima You Yue, the little helper’s eyes shone with glee, looking as if she brought some hope .

Yin Lin turned his over, looked at her, smiled faintly, “You’re out . ”

“You don’t look good . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Cough——” Yin Lin coughed, the little helper quickly went up to hold him . He waved his hands, showing that he was fine, but his extra pale face didn’t seem like it .

Sima You Yue watched helplessly, afterall, she wasn’t that close to him that she could go up to him and treat him right away .

According to Wu Lingyu, whatever they got, they would have to pay for it, that is Heaven’s will, it wasn’t something that she could change .

“Did you predict anything that is against Heaven?” She asked .

“Immortal land had an unforeseen situation the last time, Master calculated, he didn’t think that injury would be that serious . It’s already been over a decade, it didn’t seem to get any better . ” the little helper answered .

“That serious? Is there no way to treat it?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“This is the cycle of Heaven . ” Yin Lin said faintly, he didn’t sound worried about his health .

But he sounded helpless .

“Since it’s the cycle of Heaven, then there should be a way . ” Sima You Yue continued, “It’s because you have a key opportunity and you have to pay a price with life, but also just like elements of wood, water, fire and earth, even if they clash with one another, there are also those that are in harmony . ”

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“That’s true, however it isn’t so easily attained . At least, this is not something that a common medical expertise can solve . ” Yin Lin said .

“At least there’s a way, then you can give it a try . ” Sima You Yue said .

Yin Lin smiled, changing the topic . Which Divinator of the past generations hadn’t had a taste of this before? But those things were so hard to find, they were mostly myth, and who could really find it?

As time went by, the will to search gradually faded .

“Let’s not talk about this, let’s talk about you . Didn’t you have something to ask me?” Yin Lin asked while smiling .

“You know?” Sima You Yue was slightly astonished, “Your health isn’t in good condition already, if you continue to divine, your health might not be able to hold any longer, right?”

“Since it’s something that has already happened, I just need to have a feel of it and I’ll know, it won’t cost me a lot . ” Yin Lin said faintly .

Sima You Yue glanced at the little helper, his face didn’t change, that means it was really fine .

“Then what exactly happened to me? Why is it all fine when I am inside, but when I get out, I can’t seem to use my spiritual energy anymore?”

“Because you gained too much . ” Yin Lin continued, “You’ve brought out a lifeform which would change the future, naturally, you’ll be punished by Heaven . ”

Sima You Yue was stunned momentarily, he actually knew about this as well? But she didn’t know if he was talking about Qing Yi or Devil’s blood .

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“Then can it be recovered?” She questioned .

If she couldn’t recover her spirit energy, then wouldn’t she be a waste?

“This can be naturally healed . ” Yin Lin continued, “This is only a punishment to you, not an intention to kill you . Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get out of Immortal Land . ”

“How long will it take?” Third Mo asked .

Sima You Yue was concerned with this question as well .

But Yin Lin shook his head and said, “I don’t know about this either, your life chart is too unusual, I’m predicting yours as how I usually predict others, I can’t get any more information anymore . If I insist on predicting more, I’m afraid this frail body of mine will… . ”

“Don’t predict anymore . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Since it can be recovered, then means it will be sooner or later . Even if I know it, I can’t make it recover earlier anyway . ”

Yin Lin laughed, she was indeed an extraordinary lady .

From the start, she was flustered, but after she knew the reason, she calmed down and was also able to see through this matter .

“Although I can’t estimate when you can recover, what I can tell you is that Heaven doesn’t look at time, but at will . Maybe you can use it tomorrow, or a few years . There’s no time restriction, it depends on Heaven . ” Yin Lin said .

“Then… is there any way to let it unseal for me earlier?” Sima You Yue asked .

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“You’ll have to find it out yourself . ”

Alright, didn’t matter if he was unsure or unwilling, after all, she couldn’t get anything out of him .

“The thing I entrusted you earlier, how did it go?” Yin Lin indeed stopped talking about that, he changed the topic by asking about the thing he entrusted her to do in Immortal Land .

“You mean the purest water?”

Sima You Yue took out a few bottles of water from Immortal land while she was travelling, looking for water and said, “Purest water, without any criteria, I don’t know what kind of water you want, so I brought out a few . ”

Yin Lin looked through, shaked his head, needless to say, all these waters weren’t the purest water he was talking about .

“Is that all?” He lifted his head and asked softly .

“So many of them, none of them is the one you’re looking for?!” Sima You Yue was somehow disappointed, she would bring back a bottle of water every time she saw one, she didn’t expect that none of them were the one he wanted .

“These waters indeed look clean . But it’s not the one I’m talking about . If you don’t have any others, then I can’t tell you about your Father… . ”

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