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Chapter 1224: 1224

Sima You Yue noticed his heavy expression, it seemed like something happened . But he didn’t say, so she didn’t ask because it was pointless asking here .

But recently he had been in a daze for longer periods of time, even in the day . It seemed like it wasn’t easy to settle what was happening outside!

She walked over, held his hand and accompanied him .

After a while, he stopped as he tightened his grip on her hand and asked, “How was it?”

“It’s nothing . Although there was a little bit of a problem, but needling wasn’t hard . ” She smiled, giving it a thought and decided to ask, “Is it very problematic there?”

“More troublesome than I estimated . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “It seems like Lou Shi Tian figured out something, recently, they have been massacring people from our side . Afterall he is the current Devil Emperor and the forces with him cannot tolerate weaklings . Our members aren’t gathered fully, so we have lost many people . ”

“How then?”

“We’ll let them delay it for now, if it doesn’t work, then we’ll think of another way . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “If this continues, I might not be able to complete this Immortal Land journey with you . ”

“You can go out earlier?” Sima You Yue felt she asked in vain after she asked, he could even contact the members outside, it would be easy for him to get out .

“I can’t for now, but this won’t be difficult for it!” Wu Lingyu said .

Sima You Yue knew what he was talking about, with that scary thing’s existence, she felt relieved .

Although she knew he might leave earlier, she didn’t expect it would be this fast to separate . After walking and stopping all this while for less than a year, he told her that he needed to leave .

They knew each other’s strength, so they weren’t worried, but they still didn’t bear to .

She also thought about going with him, but she couldn’t leave Heartbreak Valley members alone, furthermore, Xiao Hong’s illness wasn’t fully treated, she couldn’t leave just like that .

Both of them left the team, they couldn’t let the others know about this .

“Be careful when you go there . Don’t make me worry here . ” She leaned in his embrace and warned him in a soft and gentle voice .

“For you, I won’t let anything happen to me . ” Wu Lingyu hugged her, he didn’t bear to leave her, but the other side couldn’t be delayed anymore .

“You better practice what you preach, if I notice anything missing when you come back, I’ll be angry . ”

“Mm, I’ll let you check naked . ” Wu Lingyu said in all seriousness .

“… . ” Sima You Yue punched his chest, “Vulgar . ”

“Let’s quickly find your parents, then we can be married earlier . ” Wu Lingyu said while resting his chin on her head .

“If I go out this time, I might contact the Sima clan . I’ll go and ask Yin Lin then, see if I can get my parents’ whereabouts . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But Mother will still have to Ghost Realm . ”

“Hey, that’s unbearable . ” Wu Lingyu sighed .

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Although he knew she was still young, she still needed to do many things, but he felt time was moving too slow and it was hard to wait . “When I go back, I’ll get Ghost Realm’s members to try if they can check your Mother’s whereabouts . ”

“Thank you . ” Sima You Yue nodded, “But even Cousin and the rest can’t find out, can your members?”

“I’ll only know the result when I go back . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “Wonder how’s the development of those who stayed in Ghost Realm . ”

“I hope we can get some good news . ”

With that, they could get married earlier . Alright, she admitted, she too wants to get married .

Both of them dazed for a while, Wu Lingyu said unwillingly, “Alright, I have to go . You too, take care of yourself here . ”

“I will, don’t worry . I won’t let you worry too, right?” Sima You Yue smiled while getting up from his embrace .

Wu Lingyu pinched her cheeks . He loves this side of her, understanding and smart, knowing how to treasure her life for others .

“I’m leaving . ” He kissed her lips and left unwilling after a while .

” Go, they must be worried there . ” Sima You Yue released him and took a step back .

This was the longest time they interacted, from Immortal land to here, so many years, she was used to having him around . Now that he left, she was not used to it .

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Wu Lingyu had the same feeling, but the other side couldn’t wait anymore, so he had to be callous, getting the devil beast to tear apart a tunnel and flew in .

Sima You Yue saw how the space was torn apart and seeing it closed up, separating them .

She sighed in her heart, this time he really left . She stood there blankly a while, calming down herself and then went back to the camp .

Heartbreak Valley members saw two people going out but only her coming back, they roughly understood . They thought he left the big team only, but what they didn’t know was that he already left Immortal land .

“Will he be fine leaving alone?” Ni An Yi said as he saw Sima You Yue’s mood being dull .

Dai Yi who was beside him slapped him on his back and said, “When did you start to show interest in him?”

“I’m just worrying for Boss . You see, there’s no more smile on Boss’s face . ” Ni An Yi said .

“Holy Son left, of course Boss will be sad for a while . But with Boss’ fighting spirit, she will recover quickly . ” Shi Chen said .

“Hey, we haven’t met any big opportunity this one year, it’s always small scale ones . ” Ni An Yi said .

“It’s fine having the small scale ones, we already got quite a lot from the start . ” Shi Chen on the other hand was more positive .

“That’s true . ”

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Xiao Hong walked over from far, greeted everyone smilingly, then went into Sima You Yue’s tent .

Ni An Yi and the rest saw her passing by, how could that elegant figure be the same strong girl as the one in the competition?

“Boss’s medical expertise is indeed powerful, that ugly girl can also be treated into a fairy!” Ni An Yi sighed .

“Then do you want to try and let Boss treat you?” Dai Yi asked .

“Me? I’m so outstanding and elegant, why would I need to be treated?” Ni An Yi rubbed his chin narcissistically .

“We’re talking about your brain! But seeing you like this, I doubt Boss can help you in any way . ” Shi Chen left and turned around back into his tent after speaking .

“Third Brother is right . ” Dai Yi patted Ni An Yi’s shoulder and went back too .

Ni An Yi blinked, he came back to senses after a while, they scolded him while beating around the bush!

Xiao Hong went into Sima You Yue’s tent and said when she saw her feeling down, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine . Come . ” Sima You Yue took a deep breath, stood up and took out the silver needle, set up the spirit barrier and said . “Let’s begin . ”

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