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Chapter 1219: Chapter 1219 - I Refuse

Seventy Five did not believe it . How could someone less than fifty win against him?“I spend more time than you, but my rank is also higher than you . We are looking at rank not time . Don’t because of your age that you can distinguish this . ” He said confidently .

“I said that you have a seventh grade common pill . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“That’s right!” Seventy Five raised his chin proudly as being able to reach rank seven at his age was already an impossible feat .

His face showed complacency when Sima You Yue didn’t reply to him . This little girl must have been frightened by himself, so she didn’t speak .

It seemed that this little girl was quite pretty . What Yue was she called?

He wanted to ask her name when Sima You Yue took one of her newly refined pills from her table and threw it over .

The pill was still warm after it was taken out of the furnace .

“Seventh grade advance pill?!” Seventy Five opened his eyes wide in disbelief . Was he hallucinating?

After Sima You Yue finished refining, she never showed the pill, so everyone didn’t know what rank was her pill she refined .

The Alchemist Guild was not anxious . She could already refine an eighth grade pill . Wasn’t it too easy to bully a slag?!

But other people couldn’t accept this result especially those from Feng Qi Continent . They were already shocked by her age . Now they thought about it . Those who dare come to the immortal land weren’t average people?

However, a seventh grade advanced alchemist was less than fifty!!! This was too difficult to accept!

Sima You Yue watched as Seventy Five stared at her in disbelief as if he didn’t want to admit she refined the pill herself . Her face sank and said coldly, “Everyone’s eyes saw it . Do you think I can still cheat? Or do you want to say that the temperature of the pill is deceptive?”

When she said that, seven five was speechless . His face flushed red .

Yes, how could she cheat in full view? Everyone saw how she refined it . If she didn’t refine it herself, wouldn’t others be able to see it?

“Are you done looking? If you are, please return my pill . Then retreat to the back . I still have an upcoming contest!” Sima You Yue said .

Tang Yun stood up . “Everyone has seen the final result, pavilion master Chen, what do you think?”

The faces of the people on the opposite side were as dark as they can be . They actually lost two games in a row?

However, the result was so obvious that they couldn’t do anything about it .

“Let’s go to the next round! What are we competing in?” He said darkly .

This was admitting that Sima You Yue won this contest .

Tang Yun looked at Sima You Yue . “What do you want to compete in?”

“Arrays . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Pavilion Master Chen, did you hear that? You Yue said arrays . ” Tang Yun smiled and cupped his hands to the other person .

“You still want to compete? You don’t need to rest?” Ninety Two who was an array master said when he saw Sima You Yue appear on stage . “You can send another person, so that not to say, we’re bullying you . ”

“Hah! Do you think you’ll defeat us?” Sima You Yue retorted . “How do you want to compete in arrays?”

“We’ll each set a trapping array and let each enter the other’s array . Who leaves first wins . ” Ninety Two said .

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue readily agreed . Then the two took out the array stones and fiddled with them .

The speed of the two people was very fast . It seemed that they were very familiar with trapping arrays .

However, Sima You Yue’s speed was still faster . She finished for a while before Ninety Two finished .

The two looked at each other . They walked to the opponent’s array and activated the arrays .

Ninety Two’s expression changed the moment You Yue’s array was activated because it was an array he had never seen before!

Most of the array masters of Feng Qi Continent were dumbfounded . There was an array that they had never seen before . How could this continent have this kind of array?

They watched how Sima You Yue broke the array and then they saw how clueless Ninety Two was . Everyone knew that the result was already set .

The people of Primordial Lands were ecstatic . If they won this round, that meant they have won completely! From now one, the people of Feng Qi Continent would no longer be able to plunder them as before . They would also have priority when they encounter opportunities!

They had thought it was a tough competition, but they didn’t expect to win it so easily!

After a while, Sima You Yue walked out of the Ninety Two’s trapping array while Ninety Two was still scratching his head and ears in the array, unable to find a way .

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“Pavilion master Chen, we don’t need to continue with the last two rounds?” Tang Yun said .

With three wins in five rounds, Primordial Lands had completely won . It didn’t matter whether they won the subsequent rounds .

The people of Feng Qi Continent did not respond for a long time . Fortunately, they still have a sense of shame . They were not shameless on the point of refusing to acknowledge it . So after struggling for a while, they admitted the final result .

“You won!” Pavilion Master Chen unwilling announced .

He was the leader of the Feng Qi Continent and if he admitted it, that meant the entire Feng Qi Continent acknowledged it .

After Sima You Yue waited for the announcement, she came before the dragon trapping array and closed it, releasing Ninety Two . With a wave of her hand, she collected her array stones .

“Thank you!” She said to Ninety Two, then she turned and walked back .

Ninety Two’s face was ugly . He originally thought he would win, but he didn’t expect that he would have no power to fight back with the opponent . Moreover, the opponent was not yet fifty . What qualifications did he have to be called a genius in the future?

He drifted back to his camp without the high spirits or triumph he felt before . He was like a frozen eggplant .

“Since the results have been released, there is no need to continue . Pavilion master Chen admitted . ” Liu Hai said .

The people of Primordial Lands cheered . The result is really exciting!

“Wait a minute!” Ninety eight called out . “Although the competition is over, I still want to compete with your seeker spirit master . ”

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Sima You Yue who walked halfway paused before turning to the other party . “I refuse . ”

Then she went straight back to her seat .

The whole scene fell silent in an instant, not only the people from Feng Qi Continent but even those from Primordial Lands were stunned .

She was also a seeker spirit master? Damn, was that really human?!

Such a young alchemist, array master and now even a seeker spirit master, was she really human?

“I want to compete with your beast tamer . ” The last person said .

“I refuse . ” Sima You Yue sat in her seat . “The competition is over . I think I am eligible to refuse?”

The whole scene became deadly quiet . Some people even suspected that they had auditory hallucinations .

She was also a beast tamer?!!!

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