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Chapter 1220: 1220

After the surprise, there was laughter and disdain .

“How can a person have so many specialties? This little girl is not afraid of bluffing!” The person over there said disdainfully .

Sima You Yue did not bother to explain to these people . Whether they believe or not, it had no effect on her .

Xiao Hong stood up . “I really only know how to refine tools . The remaining four rounds were all for You Yue and you guys . ”

Those people were stunned again . Only two people came from the other party . Now one person clearly denied that, what else can they question about?

Although it was a joy for everyone to acknowledge his beloved girl, seeing the eyes of those men falling on Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu still wrinkled his brow .

Sima You Yue didn’t like this kind of high-profile occasion . She stood up and said, “President, Deputy Valley Master Tang, since this competition is over, you won’t be needing me for later? Then please allow You Yue to retire first . ”

She left with Wu Lingyu before waiting for their replies and disappeared from their sights a few seconds later .

“What a powerful blink!” Everyone sighed . At this speed, the average array master wouldn’t be able to match her! What was more, she also brought a person, which left them a deep impression .

“Unexpectedly, there is such a girl in the world, such a strong junior . It seemed that this Primordial Lands was not as backward as they thought!”

This was the thought that was in everyone from Feng Qi Continent . It was precisely because of this, their thoughts on plundering them receded .

No wonder Yin Lin said she was the key to resolving this crisis .

Sima You Yue took Wu Lingyu back to the camp . Because she was going to take part in the competition, everyone from Heartbreak Valley went to watch her match . There was no one at the camp and it was just protected by an array .

Wu Lingyu wanted to return to camp early to stay warm, but the power of faith in Sima You Yue’s body was restless . She had to sit down to regulate her breath to avoid losing control of the power of faith .

Sima You Yue was quite helpless . These people and their damn faith in her! She was almost killed by them!

Thinking of back then when she was joyous when she learned that she had the power of faith and think of the situation now . She had an urge to vomit blood at this unbearable annoyance .

Well, it was her own physique problem . She couldn’t blame it on others .

Although the physique brought her a lot of benefits . She felt as her strength grew, the power in her body became more and more uncontrollable . But Wu Lingyu had not told her a solution yet indicated that she had not reached that stage yet . To put it bluntly, it meant she was not strong enough to use that method!

When she opened her eyes again from her meditation, someone was moving outside . That indicated that she left, the other people also came back .

Wu Lingyu was beside her, leaning across the crouch as in a daze . He was probably contacting outside .

He felt her wake up . He softly asked, “Alright?”

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“Mm . ” Sima You Yue nodded . “Senior brother, I have a question for you . ”

“Say . ”

“How long do I need to solve my physique problem?”

Wu Lingyu saw fear in her eyes . He came before her and cupped her face in his hands . He kissed her lightly . “It’s okay . Wait till you have your foot on paragon rank . ”

“That means it’s still early!” Sima You Yue felt discouraged . “Can I wait until then?”

Although Wu Lingyu waited until then, her situation was different from him . He had the divine devil physique, and he had less things on him which also restrained one another . On the other hand, she might lose control when she’s not careful .

“Your situation is indeed more complicated than mine, but it’s okay . As long as you don’t use them, I won’t let you fall into danger . ”

Sima You Yue responded softly and stopped speaking . Even he also said to not use them, but one day if she encountered an emergency and used it by herself, would her life come to an end?

This recognition made her feel cold .

“You have me!” Wu Lingyu hugged her, stopping her from continuing her wild thoughts .

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Sima You Yue leaned her head on him . “Actually, I’m not afraid of death . I just can’t bear to part from you guys . ”

“I understand . ” Wu Lingyu said . “You have to promise me, no matter what, don’t use the power inside your body, especially the power of faith . ”

“Mm . okay . ”

The two leaned on each other . Soon they heard Ximen Feng outside calling for her .

The two separated . Sima You Yue adjusted her hair before going out with Wu Lingyu .

It turned out Liu Hai and Tang Yun came to look for her .

“You Yue, did you rest well?” Liu Hai asked .

Only then did Sima You Yue realize that a day had passed since the end of the competition .

“I just consumed some mental energy . It’s not very problematic . ” Sima You Yue said . “Vice President Dian, Deputy Valley Master Tang, what may I help you with?”

“It’s that way . There are other precious things in bet with the other party . We distributed some to Xiao Hong and some for you which we sent over . ” Liu Hai said as he took out some boxes . The treasures were in the boxes . The people of Heartbreak Valley couldn’t see what we’re in them .

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Sima You Yue accepted them and casually said, “You can just tell me and we could just pick them up . Why bother to come here in person . ”

“We also stopped by to see you . ” Liu Hai said . “If it wasn’t for you this time, we would be in trouble . ”

“I’m also from the Primordial Lands . In this situation, I should help . Besides, didn’t I get rewarded?” Sima You Yue beckoned them to sit down . She took out a tea set and water and made a pot of tea to treat them .

Counting Wu Lingyu and Ximen Feng, she took out five cups, poured each person a cup and held them in front of them with tweezer

Wu Lingyu and Ximen Feng had drank the teas she made, so they didn’t find it particularly novel . But it was the first time for Liu Hai and Tang Yun . The fragrance made them happy .

“Your tea is different from other places . This same tea had so much more delicate flavor . ” Tang Yun said .

Sima You Yue wondered how her own tea was similar to other places . This was the product of Spirit Pagoda . How could ordinary tea compare?

She chuckled .  When he finished, she poured him another cup .

“This tea is indeed better than the outside . ” Liu Hai praised .

“This was obtained accidently by You Yue . If Vice President and deputy pavilion master likes it, then You Yue can give you two pots of it . I hope you won’t disdain it . ” Sima You Yue laughed and took out two pots of tea for them .

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